What’s new in the Bardeen world

Update July 3, 2024


TL;DR: With this release, we’re introducing three new integrations with Salesloft, Smartlead and Fireflies.ai! Plus a couple of new always-on triggers to automate your workflows with Lemlist and Zoom, much better enrichment actions, and enhanced formatting support with Gmail.

New features

Introducing our brand-new integration with Salesloft

Prospecting just got easier than ever with Bardeen. With our new integration with Salesloft, you can now chain together and fully automate the whole workflow. Extract leads from LinkedIn, then enrich and add them to an email cadence in just seconds! Or better yet, add automatic qualification and personalization steps too, and let our AI do its magic to make sure that your funnel is always full.

Available actions are:

  • Create or update a person in Salesloft
  • Add a person to a cadence in Salesloft

Yet another new integration with Smartlead

Another release, another new integration! Bardeen now can integrate with Smartlead, enabling you to streamline all your prospecting and outreach efforts. Whether it’s adding new leads to campaigns, tracking sent emails, or even creating notes and tasks in your CRM based on email results, Bardeen has got you covered.

Available actions are:

  • Add or update a lead in a campaign in Smartlead
  • When an event happens with an email in Smartlead: track sent, opened, clicked or replied emails

Streamline your meetings with Bardeen and Fireflies.ai

We’re adding another powerful capability to our post-meting automations portfolio: integration with Fireflies.ai. Use Bardeen as your own personal assistant who can read, analyze and extract anything from your meeting transcripts in seconds! Some ideas where our AI shines are:

  • Qualify sales leads using your own custom criteria based on their answers during a call
  • Create action items after a meeting and share with the whole team
  • Summarize the call and add tasks to your CRM

The integration can work with both existing and new meeting transcripts. So either use Bardeen to process and analyze your past meetings in seconds, or create an automation that starts each time when a new transcript is available in Fireflies.

Available new actions for Fireflies.ai:

  • Find transcripts in Fireflies
  • When a new transcript becomes available in Fireflies

A new trigger for our Lemlist integration: When an activity happens in Lemlist

Tracking and acting on your campaign results in Lemlist just got way easier with Bardeen! Now you can trigger workflows whenever an email in Lemlist is clicked, opened or replied. Ever thought how cool it would be to fully sync your Lemlist campaigns with HubSpot by updating your contacts and automating tasks and notes? You can do that now with just a couple of clicks.

New always-on trigger for Zoom: When Zoom transcript becomes available

Just like with Fireflies.ai, now Bardeen can work with Zoom transcripts too. Leverage the powerful capabilities of our integrations and AI to take your post-meeting workflows to the next level!

Some ideas to get you started:

Enhanced formatting support in Google Mail integration

Bored of plain emails? Format away! We’ve added markdown support to our Google Mail integration. It is now possible to add links, and format text by just providing plain markdown, so that your automated emails will look more awesome than ever.

Formatting is supported in the following actions:

  • Create draft email
  • Reply to email

Click here to learn more about markdown syntax.


  • Company enrichment action now supports search by name and location, in addition to domain.
  • The "HTTP GET'' action can now use credentials from the browser (this only affects playbooks and autobooks running locally).
  • The Bardeen Enrichment command "Find a person’s email address" has been deprecated. Instead, we added a general command to “Get a person’s data” which returns a lot of info about your contacts, including the email address.
  • Improved the reliability of Microsoft-related always-on commands.
  • Suggestions in the Explore page got way faster thanks to using GPU where available.
  • "Find email addresses in text" action is stricter and more accurate now, and rejects invalid email addresses better.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Airtable that caused the “Get table” action to return duplicate data.
  • Fixed a bug in Google Mail where empty draft messages were sometimes created.
  • Fixed “When label is added to email” action for Google Mail to also work for system labels like Sent, Draft or Spam.
  • Fixed an issue where playbooks that use conditionals with actions with optional inputs (e.g. “Create a draft email”) would result in incorrect behavior.
  • Fixed "Find distinct items" action when comparing text, in some rare cases. Also, the action now can operate over any type of data, including tabular, textual, or numeric.
  • Prevented infinite loops when both sending and tracking emails.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Bardeen failing to load results for failed Autobook runs without any error message.
  • Corrected the “Update records” action for Airtable integration. Now, existing rows are properly updated.
  • Resolved some issues with the “Upload to Dropbox” action.

Weekly onboarding sessions

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Update June 11, 2024


TL;DR: Streamline your sales workflows like a pro with Bardeen! Automate prospecting and lead qualifications with our new native enrichment commands, seamlessly add leads to your campaigns in Lemlist, and stay on top of your sales funnel with HubSpot tasks and notes!

New features

New commands to create, edit or find tasks and notes in HubSpot

New Release Alert! We've added new commands to our HubSpot integration for automating your tasks and notes. You can now streamline your sales workflows with Bardeen like a pro - get ready to work smarter, not harder. From instantly creating HubSpot tasks from your emails to adding meeting notes and next steps to your contacts and companies, Bardeen got you covered.

New HubSpot commands introduced with this release:

  • Create task in HubSpot
  • Update task in HubSpot
  • Find tasks in HubSpot
  • Delete task in HubSpot
  • Create note in HubSpot
  • Update note in HubSpot
  • Find notes in HubSpot
  • Delete note in HubSpot

Find data about your contacts and companies with our new native enrichment actions

You asked and we’ve listened: with this release, we’re introducing a heavily requested set of powerful actions - native enrichment commands baked right into Bardeen! Now you can instantly get enriched data about your contacts, leads and companies, or find the email address of a LinkedIn profile: all you need is a Bardeen account.

Here are all the commands available right now:

  • Find a person’s email address by name
  • Find a person’s email address by name
  • Get company info from domain
  • Get a person's data from email address

To use them, start building a new playbook and add commands from under the “Bardeen Enrichment” group. Or, even better, use the Magic Box and ask the AI to build the whole workflow for yourself!

New integration with Lemlist: automatically create and update leads, and add leads to your campaigns

Prospecting just got easier than ever with Bardeen. With our new integration with Lemlist, you can now chain together and fully automate the whole workflow. Extract leads from LinkedIn, and enrich and add them to a campaign in just seconds! Or even add automatic qualification and personalization steps too, and let our AI do its magic to make sure that your funnel is always filled.

New always-on trigger: when Microsoft Teams call recordings becomes available

With this new always-on action, you can automatically get your call recordings from Microsoft Teams as soon as the call is over. Share recordings, summarize discussions, create action items and much more with Bardeen’s integration with Teams!


  • Need step by step guidance? We now have detailed tutorials for every Playbook and Autbooks to walk you through running your automations!
  • All URLs are now scraped using the same window. You can unminimize this window to see the progress. This change prevents the window from interrupting your work.
  • The background scraper is now more reliable and won't miss any pages or stop working due to waiting too long for a response.
  • If you try to scrape a web page without entering a URL, a better message will provide details of how to resolve the issue.
  • We've made general speed and reliability improvements to the tool.

Bug fixes

  • When scraping web pages, the “Stop” button now fully stops the scraping process.
  • Fixed an issue where shared playbooks were not visible in the user's account when the original user changed the playbook.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Scraper when Enter would not submit a form.
  • Fixes an issue where many Dropbox files in a Playbook or Autobook result failed (or took too long) to render.
  • Fixes an issue where Google Drive Always-on commands would not detect changes after about an hour.
  • Fixes an issue with the Always-On commands turning off for Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Mail.
  • Fixed an issue with getting the recording of a specific Zoom meeting.
  • Fixed an error opening playbooks with Google Sheets in the builder, if the sheet was deleted or renamed.
  • Fixed an issue with Snov integration that would sometimes cause a failure with the “Find email from LinkedIn” command.
  • Fixes an issue where users could not access certain files in Microsoft OneDrive and Excel.
  • Fixed an error when opening certain playbooks generated by Magic Box.
  • Fixed an issue with searching for Salesforce users.
  • Creating a company in HubSpot now properly adds the phone number provided.

Weekly onboarding sessions

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Update May 6, 2024


TL;DR: This release brings a much-requested feature to the scraper: formatting the extracted text with regular expressions, new always-on commands, as well as a bunch of under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes.

New features

New scraper feature: Modifying extracted text with regular expressions

Tired of cleaning up your scraped lists manually? Removing that pesky “sqft” suffix from “1,200 sqft” each time you create a list of properties in a spreadsheet? Now, you can configure the scraper to skip it entirely and extract only the data that matters. We’re introducing support for regular expressions in the scraper - an incredibly powerful way to fine-tune and adjust the format of exported text to fit your needs.

To apply RegEx formatting to the extracted fields:

  • Click the three-dot menu of an extracted field in the bottom bar of the scraper;
  • Select Edit;
  • Expand the Lookup setup (advanced) section;
  • Type in the RegEx that you want to apply to that field.

RegEx provides impressive capabilities when it comes to adjusting and formatting text, ranging from very simple to incredibly sophisticated. Some easy-to-use and popular RegEx patterns that you can apply are:

  • To extract data from a full address: 4701 Amrock Dr., Johnstown, CO 80534some text
    • \d{5,}: Extracts the Zip address (80534)
    • .?, .?, ([A-Z]{2}): Extracts the State (CO)
    • (?<=,)(.+?)(?=,): Extracts the city (Johnstown)
    • ^(.*?)(?=,): Extracts the street address (4701 Amrock Dr.)
  • To extract value that comes after a word:some text
    • (?<=From).+: Example: (From $500.000)
  • To extract a number with delimiters:some text
    • [\d.,]|-: Extracts 3-5 from 3–5 Beds
    • [\d.,]|-: Extracts 2,447–3,779 from 2,447–3,779 sq. ft.

You can learn more about regular expressions here.

Two new Always-On commands for Google Drive

We’ve added two new Always-On commands for Google Drive: When Google Drive file is created or modified, and When Google Drive folder is created or modified.

“Always-On” means that your Autobooks run in the cloud, instead of on your local machine. This ensures that your automations will run always - even if your computer is off or asleep. No more waiting around for your automations to kick in - they’re as reliable as ever, even when you’re not there.

New always-on command for Google Calendar: When an event is created or updated

Another new always-on command introduced with v2.53.0 is for Google Calendar. Now you can kick start workflows when an event is created or updated in your calendar. Want to get all information about meeting participants as soon as you accept the invitation? With Bardeen, it’s now easier than ever.

New action: Get a webpage from URL as PNG

With this new action, you can get screenshots of webpages in the background, without interrupting your current work or switching to a new browser tab.


  • OpenAI actions that use GPT-4 now use GPT-4 Turbo, with support of much larger prompts.
  • Cloud triggers with local scrapers are now supported when using Microsoft Edge.
  • Bardeen AI assistants can now be edited right from the builder.
  • Fixed conditionals when referring to data from an action placed in between the action that produced the filtered data and the conditional itself.
  • The “When scheduled event occurs” trigger can now be configured with hours and minutes too.
  • Autobook statuses (Pending, Enabled etc.) will now update correctly in the UI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with API rate limits in the Github integration.
  • Fixed an issue with long URLs in the results screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the builder that would allow users to save while having missing required inputs in some cards, leading to non-functional playbooks.
  • Fixed an issue with suggested docs not appearing for Google Docs actions. Google Docs must be reconnected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Email Assistant disregarding the profile of the person being reached out in some situations.
  • Fixed mapping fields from the "Get tabs" action.
  • Fixed adding values that are not textual in textual inputs.
  • Enhanced error messages for some edge cases.
  • Fixed an issue with accessing shared playbooks with some scraper models.
  • Fixed an issue with returning the URL of files uploaded to Dropbox.
  • Fixes an issue where field mapping would appear twice when opening an existing card in the Playbook builder.
  • Fixed an issue with Notion not handling dates correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where the "Download as" for OneDrive would fail when choosing certain file extensions.
  • Fixed turning on autobooks under certain conditions.

Weekly onboarding sessions

If you have questions about getting started with Bardeen, now you can join the team in a live Q&A session. 

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Update March 28, 2024


TL;DR: Tons of speed, stability and performance improvements, plus a bunch of shiny new Always-On commands that run in the cloud so you don’t need to keep your computer running to get things done.

Introducing Bardeen version 2.46.0: the smooth sailing update! 🚀

We've been hard at work behind the scenes to fine-tune your Bardeen experience, and we're thrilled to present our latest release packed with a bunch of new features, bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements. With this release, we've made significant improvements under the hood to pump up the performance and to reinforce the foundations to make sure Bardeen runs quicker and smoother than ever. Here's what's fresh off the development deck:

⚡️Introducing "Always-On" Triggers!

We’ve got some exciting news on a feature you’ve all been waiting for!

If you’re a Bardeen user, you’ve probably noticed that Bardeen’s Autobooks only run when you have your computer on.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that "Always-On" triggers in Bardeen are officially out of beta and ready to keep your automations running while you sleep!

What does Always-On mean?

These new commands are a game-changer for keeping your automations running seamlessly. “Always-On” means that both the logic that triggers Autobooks, and the Autobooks themselves, run in the cloud, instead of on your local machine. This ensures that your automation will run even if your computer is asleep. No more waiting around for your automations to kick in - they’re as reliable as ever, even when you’re not there.

Available Premium "When" Commands:

When website data changes

We’re introducing a new Always-On command that detects website changes and runs in the cloud! This set-and-forget command works regardless whether your computer is off or in sleep, and watches websites for changes to trigger any flow that you can imagine - like updating a Notion page, sending emails or notifications in Slack and a multitude of other actions, all in real time.

When email is received in Gmail and When label is added to email in Gmail

Apart from greatly improved stability and performance of these triggers, both of these commands now also run in the cloud, which means that you don’t need to keep your computer on to start autobooks:

When row is added or updated in Google Sheet

This command activates when new rows are added or updated in a Google Sheet, and like all other always-on commands, it keeps running in the cloud to start your workflows instantly when a change is detected in Google Sheets.

Other always-on commands introduced with this update are:

When HubSpot company, contact, deal or product is created

These triggers watch Hubspot for new items and trigger a workflow as soon as the items are created. From sending notifications in Slack about new deals to enriching and qualifying new contacts, these new triggers will integrate seamlessly into your workflows to streamline your processes and ensure that you’re on top of your selling game.

When Zoom recording is available

Executes as soon as Zoom meeting recordings are ready. Whenever you want to share your recordings automatically with all attendees, or archive them in Google Drive, or send them in email, this is the trigger to pick.

When Airtable table changes

Triggered by any modifications in an Airtable table. 

When Notion database record is added or updated

Starts workflows when a change is detected in Notion.

When a scheduled event occurs

Kickstarts your workflow according to a custom schedule that you can define in the settings - like every weekday at 9 AM, or on the first Monday of every month and so on.

We plan to keep updating Bardeen with more “Always-On” triggers, and, as always, your ideas and expectations are crucial to us. Join the conversation on our community forum and help shape the future of Bardeen!

Background scraping

We’ve added a new setting to your scraper models that would allow the scraper to run in a normal browser window, but behind the currently opened web pages. Previously, the scraper would try to get the data from a minimized window and, in some cases, would fail to do so because of limitations on some websites - like getting a list of reviews from Google maps and so on. Now, you can disable this so that the browser window doesn’t get minimized, but it also doesn’t get in your way because it’s behind your current windows. This setting is available for both new and existing scraper models - you can easily modify your existing scraper models by opening the scraper settings and disabling the “Use minimized window for background scraping” switch. 

New output fields with the Clearbit integration

Clearbit integration now returns a ton of new data when enriching a company - like industry, revenue, country, state, tech stack and much more.

Seamless switching from single-item to list scraping

Switching from single-item scraping to list scraping is easier than ever. If you started building your scraper model with Single page setting, but realized that it doesn’t work for what you have in mind, you can seamlessly set your model to get you lists of data instead of a single page.

New authentication flow for integrations

We’ve completely redesigned the flow of connecting to your apps from Bardeen to ensure a smoother and more integrated experience.

Sharing your Playbooks and Autobooks with your team

Now you can easily move your Playbooks to a team space from the Magic Box search results:


  • Improved the stability and performance when working with very large Google Sheets.
  • The Scraper got smarter. Now, when building a flow with the wrong URL, it will warn you that you need to select another URL to scrape.
  • Updated the names of some Salesforce commands so that they reflect the actual functionality better - creating or updating records.
  • Improved error message when attempting to use Bardeen scraping or PDF functionality on certain pages that are restricted by the browser, such as the Chrome Web Store.
  • Magic Box got much smarter and does a better job at suggesting playbooks and autobooks, as well as selecting the right scraper template to use.
  • Extracting the body of a richly-formatted (HTML) email obtained from Gmail will now discard all formatting and return only text. If you want to preserve the formatting, use the "HTML body" option.
  • OpenAI and BardeenAI actions can now be used for Always-On autobooks.
  • Scraping web pages in the background is now much more stable.
  • Enhanced a lot of native scraper models (for LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter and so on) so that the returned data is more accurate and free of any issues.
  • General improvements of in-app warnings and error messages.

Bug fixes

This release focuses on fixing stability and performance issues: now, Bardeen will run and perform better than ever. A ton of bugs were squashed. Some noteworthy issues that are fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with connecting Bardeen to personal Google accounts.
  • Eliminated several issues with conditional actions: now, your playbooks with multiple branches of actions should run more smoothly and without errors.
  • Fixed an issue with finding Google Drive files and passing them to the next action, e.g. sending a Drive file on Slack.
  • Fixed an issue of some Trello boards and cards not showing up in Bardeen.
  • Fixed a rare issue with the Clearbit integration sometimes failing to enrich a company.
  • In some cases, the Hubspot integration would fail to get contact info; this is now fixed.
  • Fixed a rare issue with creating records in Salesforce when the input data was too large.
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented Gmail autobooks from running when receiving a large number of emails at once.
  • Fixed an error with custom HTTP GET and HTTP POST actions.
  • Fixed some issues with column names when downloading tables from SmartSuite and Airtable.
  • Fixed various errors that sometimes caused the "Create table from text" action to return no results.
  • Fixed the "Convert text to speech" action not working in some cases.
  • Fixed creating all-day events with the "Create event in Google Calendar" action.
  • Minor issue fixes in Asana integration.
  • Lots of other bug fixes.

Weekly onboarding sessions

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Update Dec 7th, 2023


TL;DR: We are excited to announce the launch of Bardeen for Teams Beta to support collaborative automation needs and released custom field support for Salesforce.

New Features

Bardeen for Teams Beta 

Welcome to the beta version of Bardeen for Teams. You can now collaborate effectively with your teams on automations and share playbooks with ease. Bardeen for Teams also allows company admins to centralize billing and manage workspace users. With Bardeen for Teams Beta, your team can streamline processes, boost productivity, and improve workflows like never before.

Custom field support for Salesforce

We now support adding data to your custom fields in Salesforce.

Click on the “Add column” button in the “With additional data” section to add data. 

New videos to learn automation use-cases

1. Fill Out Forms Automatically (Without Code)

2. Step-by-stem guide to Alex Hormozi's cold-email outreach strategy

Weekly onboarding session 

If you have questions about getting started with Bardeen, now you can join the team in a live Q&A session. 

Sign up here to get started with Bardeen. 


Improved credit visibility throughout the product

Each playbook now provides an estimated credit usage, promoting transparency and allowing for better credit management and planning.

Added ability to edit shared scrapers

You are now able to edit the scraper model that has been shared with you.

Click on the small pencil icon within the builder to open the scraper editor. For your own scraper models, all your playbooks will immediately use the latest version. If you share your playbooks with others, their version won't change unless you share the playbooks again.

If you modify someone else's scraper model, your changes won't affect the original. Instead, we'll create a copy of the model for you.

Account deletion improvements

If you decide to delete your account, you can now do so without contacting our support. Log into your account and go to Settings in the top right corner.

Click on "Delete Account", then type in "delete" to confirm. Please note, this action cannot be reversed!


Bug fixes

- Enhanced table data stability and resolved integration issues for Google Sheets, Airtable, and Notion.

- Fixed all known Trello issues related to retrieving Trello objects and creating new ones

- Fixed inconsistent text returned by "Get selected text"

- Fixed several issues in ClickUp and Slack.

Update November 16, 2023


What's new Bardeen?

Get your popcorn ready, cause we have packed the releases of October and September into a single article.  We have game-changing updates like new integrations, a new Classifier (?!) and many platform improvements.


First up, we've got a new Apollo integration that's going to make life easier for sales folks and CRM users. It lets you grab contact info straight from LinkedIn and other places, and even adds contacts to your email campaigns in one go. We also added our SmartSuite integration, an up-and-coming work management platform, with exciting integration possibilities.

Our most exciting new feature is the ability to classify data with AI. You can now build your own classifiers with Bardeen, or use OpenAI commands for quick classifications. Other features include the ability to add dynamic data to your scrapers to fill inputs or forms, and a way to split names! We’re also opening up a beta for always-running automations.

We've made neat improvements too. Our Pipedrive integration had an update and we've added a way to download tables as CSVs from your playbook results. Also, check out the new look of our Magicbox!

As usual, we prioritized squashing bugs to make sure everything runs smoother. From fixing stability issues to tweaking integrations and commands, we've got you covered.

It seems like a lot, but certainly, diving into these updates for yourself will be worth a read. There's a lot to explore and try in Bardeen, and we think you're going to love what you find!

📰 Announcements

Advanced CRM and Enrichment Capabilities with Apollo Integration 

We’re happy to announce our newest integration with Apollo, a game-changer for salespeople and anyone managing a CRM.

This integration can look up contact information from LinkedIn profiles, or other scraped data sources. For example, if you get their name and company, you can look up their email address and other things about them in the Apollo database.

On top of it, you can also use the integration to add your Apollo contacts to your email drip campaigns. This means you can save a profile, get their contact information from Apollo, and add it to an email sequence all in one flow!

If you want to learn how this integration works and how to leverage it for your sales processes, check out these YouTube videos:

🎦 How to enrich your CRM using Apollo (HubSpot, Sheets, Airtable, and More)

🎦 Full Apollo Tutorial: Data Enrichment, List Building, Outreach

And make sure to explore our list of pre-built automations in our catalog!

SmartSuite Integration to Elevate Your Business Workflows!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of SmartSuite to our integration ecosystem, unlocking new avenues to enhance your business workflows.

SmartSuite is a work management software that’s changing how businesses handle workflows. It provides a unified system that simplifies task management, making it easier for teams to stay on top of their work without getting lost in the shuffle of emails, chats, and spreadsheets. 

Are you new to Smartsuite? We recommend this playlist to get started.

What does this integration mean for you?

We've rolled out new commands for creating and getting SmartSuite records, comments, applications, or solutions. 

These are designed to help you reduce your manual entry and automate workflows when using Smartsuite. You can combine these with other features on Bardeen, like our scraper or AI commands, to create powerful automations.

Look back to our integration launching event

We recently co-hosted a webinar with Smartsuite, introducing the integration, Smartsuite, and how to use the integration to automate a Sales CRM.

🎦 Eliminating manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration

Try your first CRM Automations!

During the event, we shared useful automations templates to optimize a Smarsuite CRM. You can find them in our community here:

🎁 Smartsuite CRM + 6 Bardeen Automations for a Sales CRM 

Your feedback has shaped this integration!

Released a few weeks ago, we've fine-tuned this integration based on your valuable input, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs.

What fields can you access and create in SmartSuite with Bardeen?

Currently, Bardeen facilitates access to various field types in SmartSuite, including:

  • Text fields
  • Link fields
  • Dropdowns
  • Multi-selection dropdowns

This integration is just the beginning! We're continually working to expand our capabilities, ensuring you have the tools to optimize your workflows in the most effective way possible. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our community.

Introducing "Always-On" Triggers for Beta Testers!

We're excited to unveil our first "Always-On" triggers in Bardeen, a game-changer for keeping your automations running seamlessly, even while you sleep! 

This advancement means your Autobooks now run in the cloud, ensuring they're active regardless of your local machine's status.

What's new with Always-On?

  • Cloud-Based Automation: Your autobooks trigger and run entirely in the cloud.
  • Non-Stop Automation: Operate even when your computer is off or in sleep mode.

An important consideration is that this feature is in this beta phase, only certain "When" commands and scraper functionalities are available.

Available Premium "When" Commands in Beta:

  • When Airtable Table Changes: Triggered by any modifications in an Airtable table.

  • When Rows are Added to Google Sheet: Activates when new rows are added to a Google Sheet.

  • When Zoom Recording is Available: Executes as soon as Zoom meeting recordings are ready.

We're searching for Bardeen advocates and beta testers to explore these new features.

Want to Join the Beta Testing?

To participate, reply to our community thread with “Count me in!” and mention which premium “When” command you're keen to test.  We'll provide you with exclusive access and further instructions.

Your ideas and expectations are crucial to us. Join the conversation on our community forum and help shape the future of Bardeen's "Always-On" triggers!

🌟 Features

New classification possibilities with Bardeen AI

We've added new groundbreaking features to allow users to classify data with Bardeen using AI. These are the 3 main features you need to know about.

Bardeen's native Classifier Building Tool (BYOC!)

Have you ever needed to go through loads of data and manually label it? Going through emails, leads, products, and thinking… there should be a faster way!

After months of previews and development, Bardeen is officially launching Build-Your-Own-Classifier (BYOC). 

This is an AI Classification building tool, where you can build your own AI assistant to classify data as you would. 

It can be linked to your scraped data or information from your apps to classify leads, properties, companies, etc… You can build your custom classifier through a guided flow, and train it exactly as you would normally label your data. You set it up once and can reuse it in countless ways.

You can now find a new "Bardeen AI" tab in your App, where you can create your first classifier by going through this flow:

1. Picking a pre-build classification use case or building your own

2. Training your classifier with sample data

3. Refining your responses

4. And boom... you'll give birth to a new unique classification action.

You can use this custom classifier inside any of your automations. This means it's not a one-time thing, but rather a new tool that you can plug and play into your systems and automations.

This is one big step further from other standard GPT classification tools since you can link it to your own scraped data, train it as you would, and run your classifier with a human-in-the-loop. 

This is Bardeen’s proprietary technology, you can read more on this research paper from Arth Bohra, the creator of this feature.

Here are some examples of how it has been used:

Artem trained a classifier to identify applicants

Dan Leeman on how to classify and save important emails.

And I know what you're thinking... are there any templates?

Well, yes, indeed!

Bardeen's pre-trained AI Classifiers are now publicly available!

This exciting launch comes with a list of pre-made templates to classify your emails and leads automatically. 

A game changer for sales!

These are among our first batch of automations, now available for anyone to try:

Email classifying automations:

1.  Classify and save desired emails to Google Sheets

2. Classify and send important emails in Slack

Lead Classifiers:

1. Qualify and enrich leads from a Google Sheet

2. Qualify leads from newly received emails and save them to Google Sheets

3. Qualify leads from LinkedIn search and save to Google Sheets

Get classifications generated by OpenAI

Last but not least, we have released a "Get classifications generated by OpenAI"  command to classify data for you using OpenAI’s technology. It can be linked to your scraped data or information from your apps to classify leads, properties, companies, etc...

You can find this action among our OpenAI actions. To run it, you need to fill in 4 arguments.

  1. For text - input the data you want Bardeen to classify
  2. Intro classes - Create the options you want AI to classify and describe what each option means.
  3. Context for the model - Give context to Bardeen on what the process is about.
  4. Using model - Pick the OpenAI model you want to run this on. Ex: GPT3, GPT4, ChatGPT...

Here's an example if you're classifying companies from LinkedIn.

We recommend this YouTube tutorial to learn about this action: How To Use AI For Lead Qualification At Scale.

What’s the difference with Bardeen’s classifier?

While this command seems more straightforward, it takes longer iterations to get the expected results. It’s also a one-time setup that can’t be reutilized in other automations. Bardeen’s classifier allows you to train your classifier and refine the outputs, making sure the quality is higher.

Add dynamic inputs to Bardeen’s scrapers 

We've introduced dynamic inputs for our scraper, a feature long awaited by many users.

This means that the scraper now allows you to fill forms or inputs with "dynamic" values.

To activate this, create a scraper model and click over input fields, choose the “Input” option.

Then, you have two options to fill in the values.

  1. You can fill the inputs on the builder, and field map data from previous actions or fixed content.
  1. Or you can use “ask me every time” and input your values when you run the playbook.

This feature allows greater possibilities and flexibility over your scraping, allowing you to input forms before scraping, logging into websites, or filtering databases.

Share your thoughts and comments on this feature in our community!

New command to split full names

We’ve added a new action, "Split person name", which extracts a first and last name from a full name. This is very useful for formatting your scraped names.

Before this, you would need to use “split string” and other workarounds. This action makes it easier to get the output and also supports capturing the middle name, suffix, and Spanish last names.

🚀 Improvements

These improvements are tailored to enhance the stability, efficiency, and user-friendliness of the software, ensuring a better overall experience for the users.

Upgraded Pipedrive integration: we’ve added field mapping for custom properties!

We have upgraded our Pipedrive integration to add support for custom properties. This enhancement elevates your CRM experience by allowing more personalized and detailed data management.

What does this mean? Now you have the new ability to map data from Bardeen's actions (like the scraper) into Pipedrive's custom properties, you gain greater flexibility in how you handle CRM data.

Download CSV from table results

Responding to user feedback, we've added improvements to how we display table results.

Table results from playbooks now include a "Download" button to download the content as CSV. This will make it faster to get that information if you’re running a quick scraper.

Do navigate to URL command is back

It’s once again possible to use the “Do navigate to URL command”. This allows you to navigate to a specific tab on your browser.

This is useful, for instance, when you want to run a scraper on an active tab and you want Bardeen to search among your tabs and navigate to the one you need to scrape.

Background scraper in debug mode for better support

Get better help on your scraper cases! We’ve introduced background scraping in “debug mode”

“Scraping data in the background” now has the option to scrape in “debug mode”.  Use it when asking for help from Bardeen’s team on your scraper.

When activated, it’ll output a file with valuable data for Bardeen’s team to assess your case.

You can then ask for help at support@bardeen.ai or our community.

See the following loom video for more details.

Automation settings are now displayed in the automations

If a Playbook has saved settings (when you click on “remember”) now it is visible instantly with the saved value on the Playbook card.

GPT3 Turbo now available for custom prompts

We've added the recently released gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct model from OpenAI, which provides equivalent outputs to the GPT3 model, but faster.

Scraper building - Pick which page you want to scrape

We’ve made usability improvements to the scraper. 

Now, when creating a scraper from the Scraper tab, you’ll be asked to pick which page you want to scraper.

Improved loading times

We’ve made improvements to Bardeen when loading from scratch. It is now faster to load and consumes less memory doing so.

A new look on the magic box

The Magicbox - Bardeen’s search and AI prompting feature- now has a new and more visually appealing look.

Enhanced field mapping to migrate data between apps

We improved field mapping on a specific case when you want to migrate data from one app to another. 

Previously, it was not possible to utilize the "ask me every time" feature when migrating data from Airtable to Google Sheets and specifying the relevant tables.  This improvement allows users to automate table data migration between applications.

🐛 Bug Fixes

Stability fixes:

  • You will no longer get ugly “RPC Timeout errors” if you take longer than 60 seconds to connect your apps when activating a playbook.
  • Removed error pop-ups for "Try refreshing your current window or restarting your browser" when you’re loading Bardeen on a slow network or for the first time. Now, if you have a slow network, you’ll be able to access Bardeen while your automation suggestions load.

Commands fixed:

  • We fixed the rendering of QR codes generated by "Create QR Code", ensuring they are displayed correctly.

  • We refined Apollo’s “Enrich Organization” command, making sure it got the proper results. 

Integration fixes:

  • We have fixed Affinity Authentication Issues, making sure the connection process is reliable.

  • We fixed the cases where the same connected app needed to be activated more than once.

  • We fixed certain automations that required access to unrelated apps to the automation. (E.g. a playbook about email that unexpectedly requires Google Sheets work).

Update Augusts 31, 2023



An exciting month for Bardeen! We teamed up with "You Probably Need a Robot" for a cool AI productivity event and, heads up, our CEO will be taking the stage at the INBOUND conference next week.

 On the features front, we've rolled out the GPT-4 Plus model, improved meta description extraction, introduced advanced scraper settings, and added an action to add contacts to HubSpot lists seamleslly. We've also fine-tuned Bardeen by merging some Google Sheet actions, improving Magicbox's suggestions, and making background scraping faster. 

Among our fixes, we had to deprecate some Twitter actions because of API changes. On the bright side, our error messages are now clearer, especially when you're reconnecting. Check it all out in this release!


A Deep Dive into AI Productivity: Event Recap

This month we co-hosted a fantastic event titled "5 Essential AI Tools for Your Productivity Belt" with You Probably Need a Robot. Led by the brilliant minds of Jordan Mykleby, founder of 'You Probably Need a Robot', and our very own Ivan Escobar, Head of Community at Bardeen.ai, the session was full of insights on how to leverage AI to supercharge daily productivity.

Apps To Expand Your AI Toolbelt

  • Bardeen.AI: Unlocking the power of AI to automate and streamline everyday tasks.
  • Gamma App: Transforming the art of presentation-making to tell compelling stories.
  • Bearly.AI: Revolutionizing reading and writing with deep, insightful summaries.
  • Chat GPT: Mastering the art of prompting to produce exact writing outputs.
  • Canva: Leveraging AI algorithms to turn plain text into stunning designs.

Key Takeaways

  • How to enhance your writing powers with ChatGPT
  • Designing like a pro using CanvaAI's capabilities
  • Researching at double the speed with Bearly.ai
  • Crafting captivating slide decks effortlessly with Gamma App
  • Automating tedious data entries with Bardeen
  • Showcasing the power of Bardeen AI automations
  • Streamlining meeting workflows like never before

If you missed the live session or want to revisit the goldmine of insights, we've got you covered. 

Catch the event recording to witness firsthand the transformative power of AI. For those keen on diving deeper, the event slides are available as well.

A Deep Dive into AI Productivity: Event Recap

Exciting news! Our very own CEO, Pascal Weinberger, will be speaking at the renowned INBOUND conference, powered by HubSpot, next week. His session, titled "AImpact: Using Artificial Intelligence to Scale Your Startup," is a must-attend for anyone keen on harnessing the power of AI automation for business growth.


Introducing the GPT-4 Plus model! Perfect for longer outputs 🤩

Experience a deeper level of AI interactions by leveraging the power of Open AI's 32k model, which you can now find inside the OpenAI actions, and select “GPT-4 Plus”.

When to use it?

This model is powerful enough to run big operations with Bardeen, which needs to process many characters. For instance, if you prompt OpenAI to read an HTML with the standard model, you might run into a limit, because ChatGPT 3.5 has a context length of 4.096 tokens.Instead, this model has 32k tokens, being able to process longer prompts.

Meta Description Extraction

The scraper can now extract meta descriptions seamlessly, a data point useful for data collection and analysis. Find the “Meta Description” option from the Special Fields drop-down menu, in this way, they will extract the page's meta description.This can be useful if you’re extracting page information from a bulk of URLs. Now, besides the scraped fields, you can get their meta descriptions seamlessly.

Advanced Configuration for “Ask me every time” Arguments

As an advanced feature, it is now possible to customize certain parameters of automation inputs ("Ask me every time") for the scraper.

This will add a greater level of customization when designing and sharing automations.

It allows 2 main possibilities

1. Automations can be created without a scraper model, and the user will create it when it runs.

2. Magic Box will get better automation drafts and work even if we don’t have an existing scraper model for a page.

Video demo

How to use it

If you’re creating a scraper automation and set the model as “ask me every time”:

You can now input the URL for the model. Now, when you (or whoever has the automation) runs it, they’ll see this, and be guided to create a scraper model for that page.

“Ask me every time” to fill in tables

Table inputs - required in actions like Add Row to Google Sheet - can now use “ask me every time” and be filled when running a playbook.For instance, here I decided to fill in the spreadsheet values when I ran the automation:

Once I run it I’ll see this:

This is useful for apps that require a lot of manual input, like creating leads on Salesforce or tasks at Clickup.

Add Contacts to HubSpot Lists

Enhance your CRM workflows by adding contacts directly to specific HubSpot lists without switching between platforms. Find the new action to “Create Hubspot contact” in the builder, on the Hubspot integration.


Consolidated Google Sheet actions!

We heard you! The "Add rows to Google Sheets" and "Add rows to Google Sheet Tab" were confusing in their differences. We have consolidated them into one action, “Add rows to Google Sheets”, making the Tab optional.

We’ve done the same for "Update rows in Google Sheets" and "Update rows in Google Sheets Tab".

Magicbox Enhancements🪄

We've updated our suggestion algorithms in Magicbox, ensuring you get even more accurate and helpful automation suggestions to streamline your tasks.

Improved page load detection for background scraping and reliability.

We have improved the page load for pages that are scraped in the background, sometimes scraping used to start before the page has been loaded successfully, especially on slower networks. This means it’s no longer needed to specify the custom delay in many scraping automations. We have also made few improvements into general execution logic. We have also made few improvements into general execution logic, so can also expect your deep scraping automations to run more reliable.

Bug Fixes

Deprecating broken Twitter actions:

Unfortunately, recent changes in Twitter API broke most of the actions that Bardeen supported. We have no choice but to remove those actions from Bardeen. Going forward Twitter integration will only support creating a new Tweet. If you are trying to extract tweets, you can do it with our Twitter scrapers, which can do the same. Explore our Twitter scrapers and +20 existing automations here.

Clearer Error Messages when reconnecting integrations:

Error messages for integrations that need to be connected again were improved. We’ve added clearer descriptions, helping you understand and resolve issues faster.

Update August 11, 2023



This month’s highlights are improvements in Airtable commands, improved scraper model suggestions, and bug fixes in Magic Box, and Salesforce.

New Features

Sales Use-cases

Bardeen has expanded our sales use-cases to include LinkedIn and Company Research.  Here are some of our favorites:


We are hosting an event on August 17th called  “5 essential AI tools” to teach the Bardeen community how to better use UI to power their workflow.

New videos to learn 🚀  automation use-cases

  1. How to Automate Manual Tasks in Salesforce
  2. Summarize and send emails to Slack


  • Scraper model now shows the most active tab as the top suggestion
  • Creating playbooks that automate actions between Hubspot and Salesforce can be done from Magicbox
  • Field mapping expanded to playbooks that use "Merge all tables," "Delete duplicates," or "Get all unique items”
  • "Get page as PDF" command now allows users to specify the name of the file to be created
  • Update and Add commands in Airtable take the same inputs as the Google Sheet command
  • Text in Builder UI is more reader-friendly, especially for actions with multiple and missing inputs
  • Users can now scrap outside the container more consistently
  • Users can now use ‘focus’ as an action taken by the scraper for a given input
  • You can now correctly re-run playbooks from the history of previous runs
  • Users will see more detailed information when there is a problem with a credit charge
  • Builder has a new sidebar


  • Duplicate Salesforce Contacts are not created when using lead generation playbooks
  • Salesforce, HubSpot, and Calendly now always show up as choices in the onboarding flow
  • Adding records to Airtable that are Dates, Numbers, or Currencies now works correctly
  • Fixed bug that would block playbook execution when a Google Sheet in the playbook is empty
  • Google Sheets error messages are more helpful to users
  • Fixed issue where the playbook would break after scraper suggestion from Magicbox
  • Fixed running several Magicbox playbooks that falsely said the playbook was not compatible with the current version of Bardeen
  • Fixed UI bug in user settings where the page kept on reloading
  • Fixed icons in the errors tab of the Activities popup
  • Fixed "Get image generated with OpenAI" action
  • Extracting the day of the week or the month of a date value within a playbook now works correctly 
  • Fixed the appearance of Airtable actions in the builder
  • Fixed a bug where users can't finish creating a playbook in Builder with the enter key after specifying a playbook name
  • Fixed errors that occurred when saving inputs to playbooks from the catalog
  • Fixed an issue where a playbook is sometimes not saved or renamed
  • Fixed playbook error that reported negative summary length
  • Community FAQ now points to the correct community link
  • Fixed an issue where scraper snapshots could not be pushed to the cloud
  • Fixed a bug where the playbook sharing modal would close when you clicked into the input for "video link”
  • Fixed pagination issue in scraper
  • Fixed error when sharing a scraper playbook would reference a previous version of the playbook 
  • More descriptive scraper errors when there is an invalid URL
  • Youtube comments are now consistently scraped

Release Notes v2.25.0



This month’s release contains one major feature (the ability to have Bardeen auto-suggest scraping models).  Otherwise, we resolved bugs and improved performance in multiple areas including Salesforce, the results produced by Magicbox, and the UI for displaying and purchasing Bardeen credits.

New Features

Scraper Model Suggestions

You can now use auto-generated suggestion scraper models to scrape a web page in addition to still being able to create your own mode for scraping. 

Our model looks at the page and intuits object types that you are likely looking to scrape, and makes it much easier to use.  You can extend and build on top of the model generated by Bardeen to further customize how you scrape the data.  We also have over 100+ scraper models that you can use as a starting point for your scraper.


We recently migrated our community from Slack to Discourse to provide a better user experience for community members.  Discourse provides a couple of key advantages – here are my favorite three:

  1. Getting help.  Discourse provides a better format for getting help and asking questions to both people in the community and at Bardeen to ensure you quickly figure out and resolve any issues you might have.
  2. Vote on ideas / bugs directly in Discourse. Instead of reporting your issues and ideas on a separate platform (we used Canny), you can now upvote others' ideas or bugs to prioritize them in Discourse. Everything is centralized in a single platform and is shared directly with the Bardeen team.
  3. Learning about Bardeen.  Like any new skill, learning about the automations takes practice.  Discourse provides a great knowledge base of valuable resources curated by Bardeen’s team. 

Find out more in the community! We will officially only be using Discourse by the end of July for our support platform.

Note: unfortunately we will be disabling Tweet fetching actions due to Twitter’s pricing model. You will still be able to use our other Twitter actions, like posting tweets as well as following user profiles.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Menu button and slider components have new UI
  • Users can now buy bulk extra credits:
  • Magicbox provides better search results for Salesforce integrations
  • Fixed errors in Salesforce and Hubspot integrations that prevented creating some playbooks 
  • Fixed an issue where we were not differentiating between extra credits and regular user credits
  • Salesforce o-auth flow, Get and Create actions now work more consistently across edge-cases 
  • Fixed Create HubSpot company action
  • Fixed amount due calculation
  • Fixed bugs with Create Salesforce Lead action 
  • Create Salesforce Lead action now requires a company as an input to ensure successful execution
  • Matching and search terms are now optional for all Get Salesforce actions 
  • ChatGPT playbook links now work when opened up anywhere, not just when clicked in the browser
  • Changed Calendly action name from Find to Get’ which returns the user’s currently active scheduling link.  Find was only appropriate for a user with multiple links, and restricted building more complicated playbooks on top of the initial Calendly action
  • Error messages no longer appear if the user deleted a playbook that was highlighted
  • Fixed a bug where clicking "Ask me every time" in field mapping didn't do anything

Update June 8, 2023



This month’s release contains 3 major features (the Bardeen ChatGPT plugin, and integrations for Calendly and Salesforce) as well as some important improvements & fixes.

New Features

Chat GPT Bardeen Plugin

Instead of having to go to the Bardeen extension, you can now create your favorite Bardeen commands directly from Chat-GPT. 

Suppose you want to summarize the contents of a website and save the summary into a Google doc.  You can type into Chat-GPT “summarize the contents of the current page and save the results into a Google doc,” and Chat-GPT will recognize the relevant automation, and create a link for the appropriate playbook. Check it out below:

To get started, make sure you have a Chat-GPT Plus account and are using GPT-4. You can then add the Bardeen plugin as shown in the animation below: 

Salesforce Integration

Today we’re introducing our integration with Salesforce. You can seamlessly create and get Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities using Bardeen from websites like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Product Hunt without switching context. You can easily store your Salesforce data in tools like Notion, Airtable, and Google Sheets. We’ve attached a list of the current Salesforce actions for reference.

To get started, add ‘Salesforce’ as an application in Bardeen (feel free to refer to the visual below).

Now you can proceed to use the Salesforce automations. Our favorites are creating Salesforce contacts from a Linkedin profile, and creating Salesforce accounts from Crunchbase company data.

Calendly Integration

We’ve built an integration with Calendly that allows you to share a single-use booking link, as well as “get” all of your events, and filter by whether or not they are active. 

Here is a sample workflow: Get my currently active Calendly event -> then generate a single access link for that Calendly event.  You can also combine this with our email automations to allow you to send a Calendly link depending on a trigger. For instance, the trigger could be an email with the word “interview,” and in response, Calendly could send a link out for your “interview” event.

Clearbit Company Enrichment Action

We’ve added a new action to our Clearbit integration that allows users to enter the URL of a company and have Clearbit fetch associated information about the company ranging from the Crunchbase handle to the number of Twitter Followers (see full list below):

See the animation below for a demo of the playbook of Clearbit enriching data on the company Trello:


We are rolling out our premium version of Bardeen globally. The Pro plan includes new AI actions, advanced scrapers, and premium integrations with OpenAI, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more! See our pricing page for more information. If you are using an existing paid integration, you will have a month of additional usage before being asked to pay for Bardeen Pro.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added ability to select elements outside the list container when scraping
  • Added ability to extract text from a Google doc in addition to HTML
  • We now allow you to preview a playbook without enabling the integrations used in the playbook
  • Added ability to see all arguments in the playbook builder and adjust the values of some fields without erasing the values of others 
  • “Never Stop” is now the default setting when a repeated schedule is selected for the automation
  • “Never stop” only shows up as a condition if a repeated schedule is selected for the automation
  • The page picker now shows up consistently when active tab scraping from the extension tab and when clicking on "Create new scraper" from the extension tab
  • Improved accuracy of the image-to-text parser from Google Drive images, and HTML
  • Improved progress reporting for Open AI commands that analyze a large amount of text
  • Fixed column name suggestions and displayed field mapping for Google Sheets actions that operate on a specific tab in a sheet
  • Fixed typo in Notion command where ‘Retrieve users from Notion’ was shown instead of ‘Retrieve pages from Notion’
  • Fixed an issue where Autobooks could not be activated due to the toggle being stuck in the ‘off’ position
  • Slack playbooks no longer incorrectly show the Calendar icon for the recipient 
  • Fixed an ‘RPC Impossible’ error when using a scraper action while the extension is open in a new tab. Now a dialog is shown to select the tab to scrape

Update May 1, 2023


This release is like a box full of magic 🪄🎁 (pun intended).

We've packed in so many exciting features and possibilities – from re-creating how automations are built, to much-awaited features and AI possibilities… this release is a candy store for our users.

Reading this will boost your Bardeen skills and get you up-to-speed on Bardeen’s possibilities.

Here’s the overview:

🗞️ Announcements:

  • Bardeen was featured on Forbes for streamlining workflows.
  • Introduction of Bardeen Pro Plan with access to deep scraping, always-on Autobooks, premium integrations, priority support, and exclusive pro automations.
  • Magic Box AI assistant for automating repetitive tasks with one-sentence prompts.
  • AI Automation Workshop with live workshop building automations with the Magic Box.

⭐ New Features:

  • It's now possible to use Magic Box to create automations that use Bardeen's scrapers.
  • Ability to update and iterate prompts for Magic Box automations.
  • Ability to update or add a row in a Google Sheet.
  • Ability to input relative dates in automations.
  • Introduction of GPT-4 model for more advanced language processing capabilities.
  • Sort pinned and custom Playbooks by last used.
  • Page-specific or generic scraper models are now available.


  • New welcome modal in Magic Box builder for first-time users.
  • Improved execution of Magic Box automations with field mapping.
  • Subscription configuration improvements.
  • Upgrading/downgrading subscription and notification for free trial ending.
  • Ability to upgrade account with less than 20% credits.
  • New possibility to get names from emails in Gmail integration.
  • Branding message added by Bardeen.ai to resources, with an option for paid users to disable.
  • Smoother scraper flow with saved steps and renamed button.

✅ Fixed issues:

  • Repaired actions including image-to-text command.
  • Fixed "Ask me every time" commands when non-required.
  • Fixed table conversion issue.
  • Integration fixes for OpenAI, Hubspot, and Google Suite.
  • Subscription fixes for access and credit calculation.
  • Performance fixes for Autobooks and stability fixes for decoding special characters.

🗞️ Announcements

Bardeen featured on Forbes

We are thrilled to share that Bardeen was featured by Forbes as “the ultimate superglue in a workflow full of productivity apps”! Our team is proud to have been featured in Craig Smith's article, highlighting Bardeen's ability to seamlessly integrate with other productivity tools, making it the ultimate solution for streamlining workflows.

This piece goes over our latest Magic Box launch, some of our history, user stories, and a glimpse into Bardeen's vision.

Read the full article here. 

Introducing Bardeen Pro plan

We’ve recently introduced the Bardeen Pro Plan! With this new tier, you'll have access to amazing features that will take your productivity to the next level. 

Users will be able to upgrade their account to access deep scraping, always-on Autobooks, and premium integrations like OpenAI, Hubspot, or Clearbit. You’ll also get access to priority support and exclusive pro automations that will help you automate even more tasks.

We’re deploying this new plan gradually to users all around the world. Because of this, some users might have earlier access than others.

Read more about Bardeen Pro and the premium features you can use on our Pricing page.

We’ve also added many new frequently asked questions to the most common inquiries about pricing.

Introducing our pricing plans is a process, and we’re open to learning from our user’s thoughts. We’re open to suggestions and questions on our Slack Community.

Magic box is here! Prompt automations to reality

At Bardeen, we're all about making automation accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

That’s why we’re so excited for the release of the “Magic Box”, an AI assistant that can automate repetitive tasks with a one-sentence prompt. It allows you to type what you want to automate, and Bardeen will create a custom automation for you, like a no-code consultant.

How to run it?

1. Enter the workflow that you want to automate

2. Click on the “Let our AI assistant build it for you” button

3. Magic!🪄 An automation draft will be built for you. 

No coding required, intuitive and fast.

No need to overthink how the automation needs to be built, just input what you need and Magic Box will do the rest!

See our latest Youtube tutorial to learn how to make the best out of this feature.

You can also browse some popular examples on our Twitter announcement.

AI Automation Workshop

To announce the Magic Box, we hosted a live Bardeen Happy Hour, where users and team members met to discuss the Magix Box. On this occasion, we introduced the Magic Box’s features, and popular use cases and did a Q+A round with Giovanni Campagna - head of AI at Bardeen - and a live workshop building automations with the Magic Box.

Stay updated on our community happy hours on our Slack Community Announcements.

If you missed this session, do check our Youtube Channel, where we upload our community events.

⭐ New Features

Create automations using Bardeen’s scrapers!

Our scrapers are now available for anyone to use!  The Magic Box now allows you to build Playbooks that use scrapers from our catalog, as well as your own scrapers. 

This means you no longer have to build complex scrapers, you can leverage Bardeen-built ones, and make the automation creation process 10x faster.

The best way to know which Bardeen scrapers are available is by browsing through our official automations catalog.

Updating Magic Box prompts

It’s now also possible to update and iterate your prompts to get the automation you’re looking for!

This is a useful feature so you can try multiple prompts to get the ideal version of the automation you’re looking for. You can also provide feedback to Bardeen if your automation wasn’t built as expected.

GPT-4 Model now available

We’re introducing the most advanced Generative AI model inside Bardeen to allow users to use Open AI's GPT-4 inside their automations. As a user, you can expect more accurate and advanced language processing capabilities with this new model.

Do consider that users will spend more credits when running automations with GPT-4, unlike other models. The credit spent is 1.5x the cost of GPT3 and 15x the cost of ChatGPT (default), so do think twice before upgrading your model.

We recommend users try the outputs of other models before setting GPT-4 as the default, to avoid unnecessary overspent of credits


Sort Playbooks by Last Used

You can now sort your pinned and custom Playbooks based on when you last used them. This new feature will help you quickly find the Playbook you need, especially if you have a lot of them. Just keep in mind that the sorting will only update after running Playbooks, so you won't see any changes immediately.

Scraper advanced features: creating page-specific or generic scraper models

This update introduces configurations to allow a scraper to be page-specific or generic models, not just domain-specific ones. These are new advanced features that will allow scraper builders to customize their data extraction to different page layouts.

Demo video

Update command for Google Sheet

We've added a highly-anticipated feature to Bardeen - the ability to update or add a row in a Google Sheet. This allows you to keep your Google Sheets up-to-date with the latest information, eliminating the need for manual updates. With this new functionality, Bardeen.ai opens up countless automation possibilities, enabling seamless data updates from both the scraper and your integrated apps. 

Input relative dates like “tomorrow” or “in one week”

We’ve listened to our user’s request, and It’s now possible to input relative dates (like “today”, “in one week”, etc…) into your automations. This means that you can now specify dates that are relative to the time the action is run. Just type the date you want as a text and Bardeen will do the rest!

This makes the automation building more intuitive and also adds an extra layer of possibilities to run your automations relative to the dates you specify. This is particularly useful for Meetings and Productivity use cases.

For example, you can filter all events today by typing "today" in the start time of "Get calendar events" and "Tomorrow" in the end time. Example Playbook.

And for Autobooks, you can use relative dates, and they will be run relative to the time when the Autobook triggers. For example, you can create an automation that every day creates an event for “tomorrow”. Example Autobook.


We've made many improvements that will make your experience even smoother! 

  • Welcoming users to the Magic Box

We've added a new welcome modal in the Magic Box builder, which will provide first-time users with a warm welcome and helpful tips to get started.

  • Magic Box automations now come with field mapping!

We've improved the execution of Magic-Box-created automations that use field mapping. This means the automations will be created with field mapping already. 

Try it by prompting “scrape LinkedIn profile to Notion”

  • Subscription configuration improvements 

We made multiple changes to our subscription settings.

  • Users can now access their customer portal to visualize and modify their subscriptions. This will allow users to conveniently change their payment details, cancel their plans or visualize invoices.

  • Upgrading/downgrading subscription:

    The customer portal will also allow users to adjust the amount of available credits in their current subscription. This change will give you more control over your subscription and allow you to easily upgrade as needed.

    As of right now, if you need to downgrade, you’ll have the option to contact support and we’ll support you on this.

  • We’ve added a notification for users when their free trial period is ending.

  • Show previous invoices

    Users who have canceled their subscriptions can view their previous invoices at the bottom of the subscription page.

  • Upgrading option when you’re running out

Users can now easily upgrade their accounts when they have less than 20% of their credits remaining. They'll also be able to see the payment due before making the upgrade. This will make the upgrade process smoother and more transparent for users.

  • Get names from emails

We’ve added a new possibility to our Gmail integration to get the names from the emails. This will make it easier for you to customize emails and extract names from your emails. This will be a useful input for use cases like automatic email replies.

  • Added branding to Bardeen-created resources

Bardeen.ai will now add a "Created with ❤️ by Bardeen.ai" message to any resources generated by the platform, like new pages, emails, or Slack messages. Additionally, paid users will have the option to disable this message if they prefer. 

  • Improved scraper flow

We’ve made the scraper creation flow smoother, by saving users some extra steps once they’ve created a scraper to turn into a Playbook. 

Once you’ve created a scraper, you’ll automatically get drafted automation with the scraper you’ve created. Also, when you select a scraper from the “Scraper” tab, it will open a Playbook in the builder with the scraper action specified.

Finally, renamed the "Save Template" button to "Automate" on panel model creation for easier navigation. 

  • “Ask me every time” on conditionals

We've added a highly requested feature to use "ask me every time" variables inside conditionals, so you can input the comparison you want once you run the automation. This also allows giving extra flexibility for users to share Playbooks with conditionals.

If you’re not familiar with this command, the Merge Text tutorial will help.

  • Access your Google Drive file data

The file name, type, size, and URL are now accessible on files returned by Google Drive actions, even if the file type is not specified explicitly. This will make it easier for you to access and work with your files.

  • Improved Hubspot integration

We’ve improved the Hubspot integration to add more fields to the Company actions. These are the new fields you can access:

  • Annual revenue
  • City
  • Country
  • Description
  • Ideal Customer Profile Tier
  • Industry
  • Is public
  • Number of employees
  • Postal code
  • State/Region
  • Facebook company page
  • LinkedIn bio

✅ Fixed issues

We've made some fixes that will improve the app’s performance, and reliability and reduce the number of bugs. While most users won't notice a difference, these fixes will ensure a smoother experience overall. 

Repaired actions:

  • We’ve renamed our image to text command to “Get text from image or PDF”. Use it to extract texts from your files or images, which can be helpful for students and researchers.
  • We’ve made fixes to make sure that "Ask me every time" commands can be set up as non-required and skipped when running automations. This allows advanced automations to be more customizable.
  • We've fixed an issue where tables were being converted to text incorrectly.

Integration fixes:

  • We've fixed a bug where deleting an integration would fail and show an error message. Users should now be able to delete their integrations without issues.
  • Fixed OpenAI actions for premium accounts when processing more than 1000 tokens at once.
  • We fixed some bugs in our OpenAI integrations that were causing significantly worse quality results due to bad prompts. 
  • We're temporarily removing the GPT-4-Pro model from user options because we don't have complete access to it yet.  We don't want to expose users to incomplete features.
  • We've fixed the “Create HubSpot Ticket command”, ensuring that tickets can be created successfully.
  • We've made some fixes to our Google Suite integrations, making sure the process of uninstalling any of these integrations is smoother and doesn’t run into error messages.

Subscription fixes:

  • We have resolved an issue with users not being able to access their active Bardeen subscription. Now they should be able to access their subscription details from the subscription & billing settings.

  • We’ve made fixes to the calculation of available credits, to make sure users have a reliable and transparent calculation of their credits.

  • We’ve fixed a bug where you would see the "Trial Ended" pop-up appear after closing an onboarding video. First-time users shouldn’t run into this anymore.

Performance fixes:

We've fixed an issue where Autobooks were sometimes appearing multiple times in "My Autobooks". Now, even if you have a slow network, we make sure there aren’t any misplacements regarding Playbooks/Autobooks.

Stability fixes:

We've made a new bug fix that will translate special characters in results to more intuitive forms. This means that users will no longer see symbols appear. In this example, &#3z will be converted to an apostrophe '.

Update March 31, 2023


Bardeen has been busy with many exciting updates! In the recent anniversary automation contest, we saw the community come together to showcase their skills, and we announced winners. We’ve also released new AI content and added +30 new AI automations to our catalog.

Among our new features, we’ve announced a new integration with HubSpot, allowing users to automate and manage their marketing and sales activities with HubSpot actions. Bardeen now stores automation results in the History Tab, so they are easily accessible whenever needed. Additionally, users can now specify the tab/sheet in Google Spreadsheet when adding data using the "add rows to Google Sheet Tab" action.

Several improvements have been made, such as better recommendations based on users' onboarding experience, increased OpenAI token limits, and refined navigation on the onboarding. The app has also refined the text produced by the "Get text from HTML" command, improving a range of AI automations and AI-generated scraping.

In addition to these updates, we have fixed bugs and made improvements to integrations with Google Calendar, Notion, and Snov, ensuring better reliability. We’ve also removed annoying browser notifications.

Overall, these updates represent our interest to continue growing in the AI space, while adding new features and keeping the platform free of bugs.

🗞️ Announcements

Anniversary contest winners! 🥳

To celebrate Bardeen’s anniversary, we held an automation contest with our community, where users showcased their favorite automations to participate in for awesome prizes!

Our community members blew us away with their creative automations, so we've built a Wall of Love that features all the participants, so anyone can browse around automation ideas!

We announced the winners directly on our Slack Community and social. 

The winner of the 🤯Most Impressive Use Case went to Amit Sarda for his automation on "how to find freelance gigs on LinkedIn".

He used Bardeen scraping, and Airtable to build a Softr app from the collected gigs.

Check his post here

And he even made a YouTube video about it (Extra effort👏)

The winner of the Highest Engagement Post went to Giacomo Melzi for his automation on “how to save all the people that commented on any LinkedIn post to Google Sheets.”

Check his post here

Thank you all for sharing your automations with us!

Make sure to join our Slack Community so you don’t miss out on more Community activities.

New AI content getting baked

Be sure to keep up-to-date with our new videos and AI automation content!

Here are some recommendations for you:

  • 🐦Twitter: Chat GPT-4 is out: here are 12 concrete examples that you must be aware of.

    Fun fact: this became our top-performing tweet!

New AI Playbooks available

We’re focusing on AI automations, and we’ve created +30 new AI automations in the catalog!

Check them in our catalog:

Explore Playbooks | Automations with YOU in the mix.

Explore Autobooks | Triggered automations with your favorite apps

⭐ New Features

New integration: Hubspot!

We are excited to announce the new integration with HubSpot, which allows our users to create automations on their CRMs with HubSpot commands.

HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that helps businesses grow with software products for marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations.

This integration will allow users to create, delete, or get Hubspot's companies, contacts, deals, and products. It also enables them to trigger automations when any of these are created.

With this new integration, users can take advantage of Bardeen’s scraping, AI, and integrations to automate and manage their marketing and sales activities in a breeze.

Automation results: always available!

Playbooks and Autobooks results will no longer be deleted when you restart the browser.

This means that your automation results will be securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them, in the History Tab.

You no longer have to worry about losing valuable data due to a browser refresh or your computer turning off.

Picking Google Sheets tabs!

We’ve added the highly requested support for Sheets (aka Tabs) inside Google Spreadsheet! This allows you to add data to Google Spreadsheets while specifying the tab/sheet. 

To do so, you can try our new action to “add rows to Google Sheet Tab” and select the tab where you want to save your data.


  • Better recommendations after onboarding

We've improved the “Explore” tab of the app with higher customization. Now users will see more relevant automations based on the use cases and integration they’ve chosen during their onboarding experience.

  • More OpenAI tokens for free users!

We have increased the default OpenAI token limit for free users by 5x, allowing them to access more features.

  • Make seconds the default time format

We've set up seconds as the standard when entering any time in the app. This will make it easier to set up delays into your automations.

  • Improved navigation for the onboarding

We added nice navigation buttons to make it easier to onboard new users!

If you're already using the app, take a tour to make sure you're not missing any important features!

  • Improved descriptions for values in the builder

The descriptions of values from previous actions were improved, making it easier to access values from actions in the builder.

This is particularly useful when you have a Trigger (Ex: When I right-click on a website), and you want to access data from the trigger (Ex: The selected link).

  • Improved HTML-To-Text 

We’ve refined the texts produced by Get text from HTML command, which will lead to better quality outputs for automations that use current page content.

This will improve AI automations like:

✅ Fixed issues

Repaired actions:

  • We’ve removed the “Scrape HTML” command, as it was confusing users. We will be bringing this back in the future.
  • We've fixed an issue with our "Get email from OpenAI" action that caused an error if the output length was not specified.

Integration fixes:

  • We’ve fixed an “Assertion failed” error that Notion users had reported.

  • We've fixed an issue with our Google Calendar integration that prevented some users from being able to use it. This bug caused a “Guarded Exception: 'Google Calendar'” error message when attempting to access the Calendar’s information.

  • We've improved the reliability of our Snov integration by reducing the errors when accessing data from certain profiles.

  • Fixes an issue where users integrating to Google Calendar ran into an error message: “Guarded Exception: 'Google Calendar'”. We’ve fixed this and ensured the Google Calendar integration is successfully integrated.

Results fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where results from certain Playbooks were disappearing after restarting the app. 

Autobook fixes:

  • Automatically disable failing Autobooks.

    We've fixed an issue where Autobooks with persistent errors were restarting too frequently, and affecting the users with repeated errors. Now we’ve made it so that if an Autobook has failed recently, it will be automatically disabled.

Stability fixes:

  • We’ve removed all annoying browser notifications when extensions are disabled. You should not get these notifications again:
  • We have improved the account deletion process to ensure users no longer experience errors when deleting their accounts.

Update March 6, 2023


Bardeen recently celebrated its first public launch anniversary and launched a contest where users shared their favorite automations on social media for a chance to win amazing prizes. The platform has also started hosting monthly Community Happy Hour events, featuring presentations, networking opportunities, and Q&A sessions. In February, the events covered AI Automation and Bardeen’s first anniversary. We’ve also released an ultimate AI Automation guide featuring 10+ no-code AI automations, a list of 1,000+ AI tools, and 250+ marketing prompts you can use in your AI tools .

Furthermore, Bardeen has added new features to the platform. Our new features include an Affinity integration, which allows users to find, manage, and close more deals using Bardeen’s automations and AI features. Bardeen has also added an AI-powered web scraping feature that extracts information from web pages while leveraging the power of generative AI for summarization and reasoning. This feature not only makes scraping more accessible than ever (you just need to name the things you want extracted and we will take care of the rest), but it also allows for higher-level entity extraction (such as summarized content of the webpage).  A guided tour has been introduced for new users to help them get started with important features and OpenAI commands have been updated and simplified for ease of use.

The platform has introduced several improvements for the user experience, including automatic Playbook scraper updates, a new scraper menu design, improved Playbook search with AI, faster Notion database loading, improved Airtable authentication, and many performance improvements.

Fixes and stability were also a big part of this release. The most important fixes include the "When a scheduled event occurs" trigger and the Airtable integration fixes. Occasional errors that occurred after resuming Bardeen from inactivity have been fixed, as well as the "ProgressiveSession Not Found" error. Lastly, deleting an integration no longer displays an error message.

🗞️ Announcements

Happy birthday Bardeen!

Bardeen celebrated its 1st anniversary since launch!

Check our anniversary website

Watch Bardeen’s Anniversary video

As part of our anniversary, we announced a contest for users to share their favorite automations on social media, participating to get a full year of Bardeen Pro, 1-1 automation consulting, and limited edition swag.

The contest ended on Feb 28 and we got many amazing participants. Here are some of our favorites:

We’ll announce the winners on March 7, on our Slack Community and social media.

We are so grateful for all of the community’s support this year.

It's been an incredible journey and we can't wait to see where it takes us next!

Bardeen community Happy Hour events

To get closer to our users, we have started a series of Community Happy Hour events, hosted by our Head of Community, Ivan Escobar. We plan to have one monthly hangout on the most relevant topics, and we encourage users to participate. Each event will feature a main presentation, networking opportunities, and a Q&A session about Bardeen.

In February we hosted two community hangouts. 

Watch the recording here

The first one was about AI Automation, where participants could learn about the various ways AI automations can be used, featuring automations for sales outreach, job search, productivity hacks, and building automations with custom prompts.

Our second event was celebrating Bardeen’s first anniversary, where participants could learn about Bardeen's history and accomplishments after one year of time-saving. Attendees had a chance to network with other attendees, listen to the CEO, watch testimonials, and hear from community members like Ignacio Velasquez and Carl Ritchie, among others. The event also included the announcement of an automation contest with amazing prizes.

Watch the recording here

Automation guides

We've released the ultimate AI Automation guide!

Within less than 48 hours, over 300 no-code and AI enthusiasts have signed up to receive it, so they can take advantage of these superpowers and automate their daily tasks using Bardeen and OpenAI. 

Skip the commenting and getting it here directly (little perks of reading the release notes 😉).

⭐ New Features

New integration: Affinity!

We’ve added an integration for Affinity.co, a powerful relationship intelligence platform designed for dealmakers and venture capitalists.

With this integration, users can now easily find, manage, and close more deals by accessing Bardeen’s automations and AI features.

The integration includes a variety of actions such as getting data from persons, creating and deleting persons, getting organizations, and creating and deleting organizations. 

We also added the ability to create Autobooks that will trigger when a new Person, Opportunity, Organization, or List is created in Affinity. 

These features will enable dealmakers to save time and effort by automating their sales and deals operations.

AI-powered web scraping!

We have added a new command that makes it possible to scrape websites using AI!

You no longer need to create a scraper manually. Instead, you can specify the columns with the data you want to have extracted from the page and Bardeen will take care of the rest!

This feature will save users a lot of time and effort and make web scraping more accessible to everyone.

Guided tour for new users

We have introduced a guided tour for new users right after the initial onboarding. This is a sequence of tooltips that will introduce them to important features such as Playbook and Autobook. 

It will also direct them to the Help Center, where they can find more information and get assistance whenever needed.

AI commands updated and simplified

We’ve made significant updates to our OpenAI commands, by adding a variety of new commands and removing many old commands. We’ve combined related commands into single commands (all types of text generation, all types of email generation, etc.), making it easier for users to find the right command and edit it to their use case.

Deprecated commands include:

  • "Get Code Of"
  • "Get Explanation Of"
  • "Get Question About Input"
  • "Get Schedule Of"
  • "Get Recruiting Template Of"
  • "Get Correct English Of"
  • "Get Correct German Of"
  • "Get Essay About"
  • "Get Joke Of"
  • "Get Song Of"
  • “Get Tweets in the Style Of."

New actions that have been added include:

  • "Get Outreach Email," which sends a business email based on the criteria and options selected.
  • "Get Grammar Correction," which corrects grammar in any language.
  • "Get Text for Topic," which generates any kind of text the user wants based on the options they choose.

Users can now edit their OpenAI Prompts by adding context to the model to help it write a response, adding examples of what they want their text to look like, choosing how long they want their email/text to be, choosing the style of the text (e.g. sad, happy, formal, optimistic, exciting, polite, etc.), and selecting what kind of email/text they want to write, among other things.


  • Automatic Playbook updates 🔃

With this improvement, users no longer need to remove and add scraper models to the builder each time they update their scraper model.

Instead, Playbooks will be automatically updated when users update their scraper model.

We will start gradually rolling out this improvement to the users in the upcoming weeks.

  • New scraper menu design ✨

Users will now experience a new design on the Scraper Panel. This update will not only improve the overall aesthetic but also make it easier for users to edit and delete their scraper templates.

  • Copy Playbook improved📋

Previously, the shared URL would be copied to your clipboard when opening the sharing automation modal. We changed it so it only happens when you click "Copy & Close."

  • "Coming Soon" tagline

This improvement adds a "coming soon" tagline to the app when a feature or integration isn't yet available.

This helps to set expectations for users and informs them that the feature is in development and will be available soon. This way, users can look forward to upcoming updates and improvements to the platform.

  • Visualize your default integrations

We have made it easier for users to view all the apps they are integrated with, especially the ones we integrate for them by default like OpenAI and DeepL.

  • Scraping in the background for wrong links🔗

With this improvement, a URL picker will now appear if a user provides a single URL with the wrong domain (not matching the original one).

This helps users to minimize mistakes and ensures that the scraper can accurately gather the data needed from the correct domain.

  • We’ve improved Playbook search with AI🔎

Previously, the app only matched the Playbook name, making it difficult to find specific Playbooks. With improvement, the search functionality now extends to the description, commands, and categories, making it easier to find the right Playbook.

But that’s not all! We’ve also added AI recommendation models to search, and now it will take into account the user's history on the platform, as well as their query. The result is a more personalized search experience that suggests Playbooks relevant to the user's needs and interests.

  • Faster Notion database loading 💨

With this improvement, users can expect much faster results when searching for a full or partial database title. This means less time waiting for the database to load, and more time spent on important work.

  • Improved Airtable Authentication🔌

We have also added support for the latest and greatest authentication based on OAuth2. This means that you can now integrate with Airtable using your user credentials like any other app, and you no longer need to search for your API token in Airtable.

This new authentication method will also cause Airtable accounts to automatically disconnect, and users will need to authenticate to Airtable using their Airtable credentials. This is a major improvement that will make the integration process smoother and more secure.

  • Access columns with empty titles in Google Sheets

We have made it possible to access columns with empty titles in Google Sheets. These columns will now appear as "(Empty)" in the dropdown menu, making it easier and more convenient for users to work with their data.

  • Faster calendar event inputs.

With this improvement, the suggestions of calendar events will appear significantly faster, allowing users to schedule appointments or events quickly and efficiently. 

  • Sending HTTP POST Request with Table of Records

It is now possible to pass a table of records to the "Send HTTP POST request" action. This will save users a lot of time and effort by allowing them to automate this process instead of manually entering the records individually.

✅ Fixed issues

Repaired actions:
  • We made a fix for the "When a scheduled event occurs" trigger. If you tried to select recurring events like "every month on the 3rd Monday," it would prevent the whole Autobook from starting. Now, it works as expected.

Integration fixes:
  • We’ve fixed the Airtable integration, which was previously running into errors because of a new authentication method Airtable introduced.

    We already finished the new authentication method, and it was already released (more details in the Features section).

    Now you should be able to integrate to Airtable using your user credentials, like any other app, and shouldn’t run into any more issues.

Results fixed:
  • We fixed a problem with the Download button in Autobook's results. Previously, clicking on it did nothing, especially when getting images from OpenAI. Now, it works as expected.

Bardeen AI fixes:

  • We also fixed an issue where value suggestions in the autocomplete inputs still show up. This could be confusing, so we made sure only relevant suggestions appear.

Stability fixes:
  • If you've ever experienced errors after Bardeen restarts after inactivity, we've got good news! We fixed occasional errors that would appear as error messages.

  • We have fixed the "ProgressSession Not Found" error, which was previously displayed in various contexts. This error should no longer appear, and users should not encounter any issues related to this error. 

  • We have also fixed an issue that caused a red error message to be displayed on the settings screen when deleting an integration.

Update February 1, 2023


We're excited to announce a new update to Bardeen that includes new features, improvements, and fixes. First off, we were nominated for Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards for "Product of the Year", among other categories. We launched Bardeen AI, a new set of features to turn Bardeen into your own AI assistant, and added 12 new AI Playbooks to the automations catalog.

Bardeen has introduced two new actions in their OpenAI integration to generate texts from custom prompts, and to get ranked data based on chosen criteria. We also added new actions like a “Split string” command which allows users to split a text string given a separator.

Notion users will be delighted to try the new “Find Notion users” action to map users to a Notion database. Further, it’s now possible to use “Find Notion pages” to get data from the page’s relationships, rollups, formulas, and default fields.

We’ve improved the app by redesigning the scraper's interface, making it easier for users to extract information from websites. In addition, we included a Hover command so users can scrape hidden information from websites. We’re also introducing allowing users on the free plan to run 10,000 tokens per day, a restriction that will be lifted for premium users. Lastly, we redesigned the settings tab.

Bug fixes were also key for this release, fixing actions on our Coda, Notion, Google Drive, Google Docs, and OpenAI integrations. We have mitigated app timeouts and errors that we’re blocking user’s experience, fixed the builder and scraper functionalities and improved the platform’s stability for a smoother user experience. 

Overall, the update makes Bardeen more user-friendly, reliable, and appealing to a wider range of users.

🗞️ Announcements

Bardeen nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards

We feel incredibly honored to have been nominated in Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards, a yearly event giving recognition to the top-ranking products within Product Hunt.

This acknowledgment follows our team’s efforts to launch 3 thrilling projects last year: Bardeen 2.0, The Notion Automation Hub, and The Dream Job Hub.

We were nominated to be “Product of the year”, alongside some of the most innovative tools on the market, such as Notion AI and ChatGPT. We were also nominated in the “SAAS” and “Best Product Demo” categories. 

You can see the winners here. 

We didn’t make it to the podium this year but are humbled to have participated, and genuinely grateful to the Bardeen community for their support during the nomination and voting process!

Their enthusiasm and encouragement showed how strong the automation community can be. If you’re not a part of Bardeen’s community yet, join here.

Bardeen AI publicly announced

As we teased in the last release, we publicly launched Bardeen AI, a new set of features to turn Bardeen into your own AI assistant.

We announced new possibilities like creating personalized outreach messages, summarizing long articles, creating action items from meeting notes, and more.

You can join the waitlist for the new features at https://www.bardeen.ai/ai

⭐ New Features

New OpenAI Playbooks

We are excited to announce the addition of 12 new AI Playbooks to our Automations catalog! These playbooks will help you maximize the power of AI automation in your work or business.

These new playbooks provide step-by-step guides on how to best use AI automation to achieve your goals.

Each playbook includes detailed instructions on setting up, running, and modifying an AI automation. 

Try them out!

New OpenAI actions: prompt anything and get ranked data

We continue adding new AI possibilities to Bardeen. 

  1. We’ve added a new action to “Get Text Generated by OpenAI”, which allows users to tap into the power of OpenAI to input custom prompts and get unique and creative texts.

    You will be able to customize your messages to the intended tone, and even adjust the temperature of the response, so you can create powerful and creative automations.

    This action will provide you with the same degree of flexibility as inputting a prompt into ChatGPT, with the advantages of combining it with other features like scraped data or integrating with your apps.

    A simple example is using OpenAI to "Generate a short story" to create a unique and captivating narrative.

Pro-tip: to create powerful prompts, you should first master how to build custom texts using “Merge text”. Watch this tutorial.

  1. We introduced a new action in our OpenAI integration to “Get a recommendation”, which ranks a list of items based on the criteria you input.

    This will enable you to rank data from your apps or scraped data based on your chosen criteria. You will be able to rank a Twitter account’s tweets (like Elon's) based on how polemic his tweets are.

    This will allow you to rank data from your apps or scraped data according to your chosen criteria. You can start by could ranking Elon’s tweets according to how polemic his tweets are!

How would you leverage this action to automate your workflow? Share your most creative ideas in our Slack Community or on Twitter!

Split string command

Based on our user’s feedback, we’ve released a “Split string” command.

This action allows you to easily split any text into parts, based on any given separator, like a comma (,).

Here’s an example of how you could separate a coma-separated text with multiple names, into individual elements.

New notion action: find users and add them to a database

We have added a new addition to our Notion actions arsenal! Now, with the help of a new action to “Find Notion users”, you can find users and add them to a Notion database.

This way, you can ensure that the right people get assigned specific tasks within your automation workflows.

Hover with Bardeen’s scraper

Some websites hide information behind a mouse hover. This used to be a limitation to scraping many websites… until now.

Our new Hover command allows users to scrape hidden information from websites.

You will find a new Hover action when you’re creating a scraper template. Here’s what it looks like:


A completely redesigned Scraper builder!✨

Our scraper hasn’t been abandoned! We’re excited to announce a whole new redesign of the scraper’s interface.

Introducing a sleek new look for our scraper's interface!

This redesign makes it easier than ever to navigate and extract the information you need from websites.

Try it out now!

New list Scraper:

New single-page scraper:

A completely redesigned Settings tab!✨

If you’re familiar with the old Settings tab, you will not miss it when you see this redesign.

Now, this minimal layout contains:

  • Account Tab, where you can log out, delete the account or select your consent to get emails.
  • Apps Tab, where you can add, reconnect or delete apps.
  • Dev tools, for special cases where you need to import playbooks.

OpenAI integration now allows users in the free plan to run 10.000 tokens per day.

So, how are these tokens measured?

Bardeen counts plain space-separated words that are processed by AI.

This means a 1 token = 1 space-separated word that goes through our AI actions.

These restrictions will be lifted for our pro users.

if you’re using Bardeen’s free plan, run tests on your automations with fewer sentences rather than longer-form content. That way you can save tokens to run the important automations.

Now here are a couple of improvements that Notion fans will enjoy!

Now you can access data from Notion’s relationships, rollup, and formulas!

You can now get data from those properties in your Notion automations.

This can be useful if you’re fetching data from a “projects” database but want also to get data from the related “tasks”.

You can also get data from default properties on Notion pages, like “Created By”, “Created time”, “Last edited time” and “Last edited by”.

When you run Notion automations, you can now input different data types into a property.

This means you can now map a text to a URL field.

✅ Fixed issues

Repaired actions:

  • We have fixed the "When a website changes" trigger.
    Before, this it would run the scraper every time it was run, even if there were no changes to the website. Now it’ll only run when the scraping result is different from the last run.

    Use this to trigger automations when data changes on websites. Here’s an example use case.

  • We have fixed an issue accessing fields from a Coda table. You should now be able to access the fields of Coda table rows without any issues.

We have fixed unexpected behaviors occurring with the following actions:

  • "When a row is added to Google Sheets"
  • "When a row is added to or changed in Google Sheets"
  • "Get table from image"
  • "Get table and data from image"
  • "Get social media links of event participants"

This improvement will make it more convenient and reliable for you to use these actions in your automations.

  • We have fixed the filtering feature of the "Find Notion pages" action. You should now be able to find Notion pages and filter them accurately

  • We have added a new fix that allows users to access files from their Google Drive and use them in other actions within your automations, making it more convenient for you to work with your files.

  • We have changed the "add text to document" feature in Google Docs. It will no longer accept arrays as input. This means that when you use the feature, you will need to provide plain text instead of an array of text elements.

  • We have fixed an issue where the "Get Table Column" command was not returning any results. This means that when you use this command, you should now receive the expected results and be able to access the data in your table columns as intended.

  • We have fixed an issue where the file name of an image generated with OpenAI was not displaying correctly when clicking "Download." The file name should now display correctly.

  • We have fixed a bug in Gmail's "Create draft email" action. The emails created using this action should now properly appear in Bardeen. 

Builder fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue where users were encountering errors when trying to set the frequency of a scheduled autobook. 

  • We have fixed an issue where it was not possible to input a number without selecting from a dropdown. This means that you should now be able to input numbers directly and hit enter, instead of clicking them from the dropdown.

Integrations fixed:

  • OpenAI integration is now enabled in all user's apps by default and no longer needs to be activated. Find it on the apps bar when creating an automation.

  • We have fixed an error that was occurring when the Notion search response took too long or didn't fetch Notion databases. Notion search should now be more efficient and accurate.

  • We have removed duplication of rows when field mapping data from Google Drive to Notion. This means that users should no longer see multiple copies of the same row when transferring data between the two platforms.

  • We have fixed the DeepL integration, allowing users to run translation automations without any limits.

    Here’s an example of how to use DeepL integration:

  • We have made improvements to our scraper making it more responsive to different screen layouts.

  • We have fixed an issue where users encountered issues when erasing the name of a scraper field. This should now work as expected.

  • We have fixed some scenarios where the “click pagination” and “click” operations in the scraper didn’t work.

Stability fixes:

  • We have mitigated app timeouts and errors that we’re blocking users’ experience. These manifested as “Waking up” errors, “Refresh the extension errors” or an empty app. These problems should now be resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience they could have caused.

  • We have fixed an issue where users were unable to skip optional “ask me every time” arguments when running automations. Now you should be able to skip any optional arguments when running automations.

  • We have fixed a problem with browser notifications that appear when an integration needs to be reconnected. These notifications should now be more clear and less disruptive, allowing you to reconnect the integration more easily.

  • We have addressed a problem where users were receiving error messages about rate limiting too frequently. This should now happen less often and allow a smoother experience.

  • We have fixed an issue where Bardeen was failing when running multiple triggers at the same time. This should no longer be the case and you should be able to run multiple automations with the same triggers without any issues.

  • We have fixed the equality (comparisons in conditionals. This means that when you use conditional blocks in Bardeen, any equality comparisons you make should now work as expected. This will make it more accurate and reliable when making decisions based on conditions.

  • We have fixed some cases where users were required to reload the extension. You should no longer need to reload the extension as frequently as before.

Update December 24, 2022


This is a big release! We’ve done a deep integration with OpenAI, made Bardeen easier to use, added new bite-size tutorials directly into the product, and made the search experience much better.

Overall, Bardeen is faster and more responsive. We’ve also polished our scraper and improved the integration actions. 

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

🗞️ Announcements

New Year Resolutions Hub

We’ve just launched the New Year Resolution Hub, a free Notion template for new years resolutions, planning, and reflection.

It'll help you make the best out of 2023. And, of course, start the year on a high note with your manual tasks automated!

This template contains exercises, pre-built databases, learning resources, and automations that will make sure you will actually execute to accomplish next year’s goals.

Embedding automations into your daily life will you a lot of time throughout the year, but it’s hard to keep up with it and stay accountable. That’s why we’ve created a New Year’s Resolutions channel inside our Slack community.

New possibilities with AI

The future of work is here — and AI powers it.

We believe that AI will play an essential role in automating our workflows, so in 2023 we are building an AI assistant that will help you automate the manual work.

To get early access, sign up here: 


Bardeen is now compliant with Google’s New Extension Standard (Manifest v3)!

We’re excited to announce that Bardeen is now MV3 compliant! This means that we’re up-to-date with all of the latest Google extension policies

We want to thank our users for their patience as we released this. Building the MV3 version of Badeen has been a massive undertaking that slowed down the release of other features.

Now we’re back on track and excited to share our latest features with the community!

⭐ New Features

New actions supported by OpenAI

We’re adding some AI actions that will feel like magic! 

Each one unlocks new possibilities for your automations! You can generate images with text, craft personalized outreach messages, get organized data from texts, generate tweets, and so much more. These actions will make Bardeen feel like your personal AI assistant. 

How would you leverage AI to automate your workflow? Share your most creative ideas in our Slack Community or on Twitter!

  1. Create images based on a description.

You can create AI-generated images based on a text description. This allows you to create realistic images of objects, people, or scenes from text descriptions.

To use this action, go to the builder and add the “Get image generated by OpenAI” action to your automation. The AI engine will then generate an image based on your description.

Try it with this automation!

  1. Get structured information from text

Imagine you have a long piece of text, and you want to find all the people, places or action items. You can get all of this information extracted with a click of a button. It’s fast and accurate.

To use this feature, add the “Get entities recognized by OpenAI” action. 


Try it with this automation

  1. Classify text

This action allows you to classify text by its sentiment. This can be really useful when you're trying to analyze customer feedback or social media posts, for example.

To use this new action, simply select the 'Get sentiment analysis' action when creating an automation. Enter the text that you want to analyze and run your  automation! The results will classify the text with a sentiment (positive, mixed, neutral or negative) using AI.

Here’s an example use-case analyzing the sentiment from a bunch of Tweets from a profile.

Try it with this automation

  1. Answer questions 

This action allows you to ask questions about a given text and receive answers from the AI. 

This can be helpful when you're trying to find concrete answers from an article or finding information from scraped data.

To use this action, use the “Get answers from a paragraph” action and input your question. When you run the automation, the results will display the answer to your question.

Here’s an example answering a question from the contents of an article.

Try it with this automation

  1. Finding action items from a text

This action will allow you to find tasks from any specified text, like meeting transcripts or emails, and save those tasks into your favorite apps like Notion, Calendar or Asana.

To use this action, use the “Get action items” action and input the text. The AI will search the action items, which you’ll be able to see or save directly into your apps.

Try it with this automation!

  1. Generate a tweet similar to other tweets

You can use this action to create Tweets based on the chosen texts. It is mainly intended to creating Tweets similar to your own account or other profiles. This will facilitate brainstorming Tweet ideas!

Use this feature by adding the “Get tweets generated by OpenAI” action into your automation. 

Improved Bardeen’s Scraper

We’ve made Bardeen’s scraper easier to use.  You can now move back and forth between different steps when you're setting it up. 

We’ve also added the ability to cancel the scraper's creation flow at any time.

Check your Autobook history

The History panel now includes your Autobook trigger history.

New learning section of the app

Find articles and tutorials right from the app! We’ve added new bite-size tutorials so that you can build automations even faster. 

The section contains getting-started tutorials, step-by-step guides, and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Now, all actions are searchable in the playbook builder, even if the app is not integrated yet.
  • The first time you ever get a result, we'll show a tooltip to indicate where you can find your result's history.
  • We changed some of our Scraper interface for better usability.

Here’s the before and after.

  • We also improved the app's responsiveness to different window sizes. This means you can now open the app from smaller screen sizes.
  • We’ve updated our OpenAI integration. Actions are now limited to 10,000 words per day in the free version.

  • Changed the interface when you get reconnecting issues.
  • Playbooks from Bardeen’s Catalog which you have saved can now be found in the "My Playbooks” section in the search bar.

This way, if you save a playbook from the catalog, it will appear on the search bar.

  • We've updated multiple scraper models and their automations.

We've recently updated playbooks for Product Hunt, Facebook, Indeed, and Zillow.

We're in the progress of fixing Google and LinkedIn's models.

  • Fill your Notion database with scraped numbers.

You can now update your Notion database fields with scraped numbers directly. Before, you’d have to convert them from numbers to text.

Here, for instance, we get the number of likes from Elon's tweets and save them directly into a number field in Notion:

  • We've improved the login experience to make sure you are never stuck when logging into Bardeen.

✅ Fixed issues

Repaired actions:

  • We fixed the “When I right click” trigger so it doesn’t generate any duplicate menu options.
  • Made fixes to the text-to-speech command, which allows you to convert any piece of text into an audio format.
  • We have improved the Merge tables commands to clarify their distinction.

    These actions will help you transform data from the scraper or your apps.

Builder fixes:

  • You should now be able to properly delete fields when doing field mapping in the automation builder.

Integrations fixed:

  • Integrations that are not properly authenticated will be removed from your configuration, instead of asking you to reconnect them. This will remove all browser notifications asking you to reconnect to your apps.
  • Made fixes to the SMS integration.
  • Made fixes to the Whatsapp integration.
  • Made fixes to the Telegram integration.
  • Fixed a frequently manifested OpenAI “API issue”
  • Fixed shared Jira Playbooks, which were not opening properly.

Scraper fixes:

  • Fixed issues on the Scraper's pagination on websites with click pagination like google.com's search results
  • Fixed issues when using pagination on list scrapers.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to scrape data on Gumroad.

Stability fixes:

  • Corrections were made to Smart Suggestions, which were not displaying correctly in certain cases. This tab will show you recommended Playbooks based on your browser usage.
  • Now, even if Bardeen is inactive for an extended period, none of your automation's progress should be lost. If you reopen Bardeen, all changes will be kept.
  • Resolved a frequently manifested “Interactive compiler session not found” error that appeared in the automation Builder and when launching Playbooks.
  • Fixed an issue related to Bardeen restarting and waking up. Bardeen should now re-appear immediately after being asleep, and no more errors should be seen in the builder when Bardeen restarts.
  • Fixed some scenarios where users lost their Playbooks from the interface.
  • Turning Autobooks on and off should not cause any duplicates or complications. Additionally, Autobooks should run automatically when starting the app.
  • Fixed multiple scenarios where Bardeen would fail to start correctly.
  • We also fixed scenarios where Bardeen would crash or restart.
  • Fixed cases where the network appeared to be disconnected when it was working.
  • Fixed a scenario where results were not shown if the last command of the Playbook was “Get current page as PDF”.
  • Fixed issues when restarting the app after deleting an integration. 
  • Fixed a bunch of issues making Bardeen's new MV3-compliant version more stable.

Update October 12, 2022


Since the last release, we have introduced the Bardeen Ambassadors and created an Automation Challenge to save time by running daily automations. Our new features include the public release of Playbook Configuration, a new Gmail action, and extra functionalities for the “Merge text” action.

We made improvements on the copy for Playbook Configuration, the search experience, Twitter actions, Autobooks results display, Smart Suggestions, among others. Finally, we fixed a bunch of issues on the builder, our integrations, Playbook Configuration, and sharing playbooks.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

🗞️ Announcements

  • We completed our first Timesavers Automation Challenge

We created the ⏰Timesavers Automation Challenge to help you save time and get rid of your manual workflows. 

We share with the participants an automation every day for 5 days, with instructions on how to build and run the automations.

Automations shared were related to common workflows like Meetings, Emails, and Personal productivity.

Members can access the Timesavers Challenge OS to manage their automations, they get participation badges and other benefits. Most active participants earned themselves Bardeen t-shirts!


You can still check and run the automations from the challenge from the Timesavers Challenge OS. You can also participate in the next challenge by joining the #timesavers_challenge channel in our Slack community.

  • Introducing the Bardeen Ambassadors!

We want to empower the most passionate and experienced Bardeen users to 1) grow their careers, 2) their audiences or 3) their businesses, while they teach and share their learnings with others. 


Bardeen Ambassadors share Bardeen inside their organizations, support the community, participate in our initiatives and share their learnings with others.


We'll support ambassadors 1) building an audience with Bardeen's support or 2) making business out of Bardeen, plus they will access member benefits.


We already have announced 4 of our ambassadors in our Slack Community, which are leading the conversation on the use cases they are experts on.

You can check more details and sign up here.


👍 New Features

Public release of Playbook Configuration!

This is a new feature that makes Playbook running way easier.

We announced this feature previously with Early Access, and we’re now happy to release it to all of our users!

What does this mean?

This feature changes how pre-built Playbooks are run!

You can now fill in the inputs needed to run pre-built Playbooks, with no need to edit them, making it muuuuch easier 🙂.

This also means that you can:

  • Easily set up and run Playbooks or Autobooks from the Catalog
  • Build sharable Playbooks that are easier to run for others
  • Choose which inputs on a Playbook you want to be fixed, or which ones you want to be asked every time.
  • Map the fields from your database when you run a Playbook, instead of complex editing.
  • And many other exciting new features…

We’ve also added a Gmail action to create email drafts.

You can use it to run powerful automation like “Compose an email draft using OpenAI”.

We’ve added new functionalities to the “Merge texts” actions, so you can customize how texts will be merged.

You can learn how this action works here:

We added 2 new options to this action.

  1. “Replacing missing values with”

This can be used to avoid errors when there are missing values, and replace them with standard text.

Here’s an example:

  1. "When multiple values are encountered”

With this option, you can specify how will the texts be merged in case there are many values.

Here are 2 ways you can set this, and what their results look like:

  • “Produce one string (text) for each combination.”

  • “Produce one string (text) for all combinations”


Here’s an example of what running “Copy Linkedin profile to a Notion database” looks like.

  • As you can see above, we've added a tooltip guide when you run automation and remember the inputs.

  • In addition, it’s now easier to find your automations and public automation from the catalog. 

When you search for automation you will find a new grouping.

  • You will also find a new search experience on Playbook Configuration’s inputs, which makes it easier to differentiate between values and Bardeen actions.

  • Playbooks are now highlighted when you "save and run" them from the Explore tab.

This makes it easier to find them once you’ve added them to “My Playbooks”.

  • We’ve improved the “Find Tweets” actions so you can find Tweets from a specific topic or an author. 

Here’s an example of getting “notion” tweets from “@bardeenai”.

  • You can now type the name of the integration in the builder action search bar to activate it.

  • You can now check Autobooks’ activity and see the results from the whole automation. Before, you could only see the trigger.

    This is useful to check if your automation is actually running as expected.

This is what it looks like:

  • We’ve also made improvements to the Smart Suggestions tab.

    For pages like Notion, you can get dozens of Playbook recommendations, which slows down your app.

    We’ve fixed this so you’re only shown 9 at a time, making it smoother to browse around.

  • Finally, we’ve made accessing Playbooks from the catalog much faster, even with a slow Internet connection.

✅ Fixed issues

  • We’ve introduced a limit on how many OpenAI actions users can run. You can now run 20 requests per day. This might change later with our pricing packages.
  • Shared Playbooks will no longer keep previously configured inputs. When you share automation, the inputs will automatically be reset.
  • Playbooks are now highlighted once again when you "save and run" them from the Explore tab.
  • We fixed an issue where Autobooks could not be activated after resetting their inputs.
  • Fixed the "Pin It" button in shared Autobooks pages so it saves it into "My Autobooks" tab.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues on Playbook Configuration, making it ready for the public release!
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Autobooks were created when running automation multiple really fast.
  • Fixed an error that showed when starting Bardeen: "Bardeen engine was called before initialized".
  • Fixed issues with “When website data changes” trigger so it only triggers on new scraped results.
  • Fixed scheduled Autobooks with “When time of day is” trigger, so you can create automation that runs at fixed times of the day.
  • Fixed issues when fetching Asana tasks.
  • Fixed Twitter triggers to track new followers.

Additional resources

Here are some of our new Youtube videos you might like.

For productivity junkies!

For Notion fans!

Update September 13, 2022


In this release, we’ve improved Notion and OpenAI integrations, our search bar, and made a few interface improvements to the scraper. We also fixed interface issues in the Builder, cleaned out old commands, and improved the Playbook Configuration, which will soon be available for all users. We’re also happy to be featured on Notion’s connections.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

Featured on Notion

  • We're now featured in Notion's new feature:🔌Connections

Now Bardeen will be 2 clicks away from any Notion user!😍

Here's a tutorial on how to use the Notion integration.

You can also get the Notion Automation Hub for inspiration on pre-built automations you can use to start optimizing your Notion workspace.

It includes use-cases for work and life, resources and free Notion templates to test your automations.


  • We’ve made Notion commands (and other database tools!) more customizable when you run them.

    We have enabled the Notion commands (“Update or add to Notion” and “Create Notion page”) to trigger field mapping when you run them.

    This will allow you to map fields from the Playbook to a custom Notion database when you run it, and make it easier to share with your team.

    You can give it a try using the Add job entry to Notion Playbook.

  • We updated our OpenAI commands to use the newest and best models from OpenAI. 

Try it out on the Get a summary of the current page using OpenAI Playbook!

You can make a cool summary of a blog, like this one: Notion + Twitter Integration | The 7 Top Automations

OpenAi integration page.

  • Improved search bar experience for much higher speed.

  • We updated the copy for the scraper button “Add special fields”, thanks to user’s feedback.

This feature lets you access special fields that can’t be scraped out of the page, like the Current Date, Page Link, Meta Image and more. From here you can also add a custom delay on your scraper templates.

Learn more about Bardeen’s scraper on this tutorial: How to use Bardeen scraper


  • We fixed issues on Playbook Configuration, that was not visible in certain Playbooks. This is a new feature that aims to make Playbook running way easier.

  • Fixed an issue on the builder where field mapping was automatically opened instead of the data input.

    You should be able to access field mapping this way:

  • Fixed an issue on Playbook descriptions where categories were not visible.

  • We removed old commands from existing playbooks, like “Last data” or “Tabular data”, you’ll find fully-updated playbooks in our automations catalog.

Update August 30, 2022


In this release, we’ve improved the app loading time and made significant UI changes to make Bardeen more intuitive. We’ve also made fixes on Playbook Configuration and introduced changes to the scraper.

Finally, we came together in Greece to plan for the next set of features and execute like crazy.

This was  Bardeen’s 5th company offsite in 📍Naxos, Greece! 🇬🇷 Here’s what we were up to:

  • Made a playbook catalog sweep🧹 to make sure all automations are working and are intuitive.
  • Movie night!🎬We went through interviews with our users together. And like every good movie there are joy and pain. We are working on the latter.
  • Bugs bashing 🐛🔨 and UI blocker sprint. Some of the updates✨ are featured on these release notes!

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.


  • Significantly reduced the app’s opening time when you have multiple playbooks.
  • We’ve renamed many UI parts in our application to make them easier to understand.
  • Various small UI/UX improvements based on your feedback. 


  • We fixed significant interface issues on Playbook Configuration. This is a new feature that aims to make Playbook running way easier.

You can start using this feature by activating it this way:

  • Scraper: it’s now required to add a name for your fields so you can save them. If it’s not specified, we’ll create an auto-generated name. Video Demo.
  • Fixes an issue causing background scrapers to freeze when fetching images.

Update August 16, 2022


In this release we’ve enable editing the “ask me every time” arguments, we’ve improved the Notion integration and fixed multiple bugs.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

New features

  • Edit your Playbook’s “Ask me every time” arguments

Whenever you add an “Ask me every time” argument on your playbooks, you’re can now able to edit it to fix it’s details..

This new argument editing modal allows users to:

  • Adjust the argument’s details
  • Find out where that argument is used
  • And even delete it from all occurrences


  • Improved the Notion integration so it can more reliably create multiple row entries with one request.
  • Various small UI/UX improvements based on your feedback. 


  • Fixed multiple issues on the Snov.io integration.
  • Fixed bug where it seemed you had saved Playbooks even if you haven’t added any to your Playbooks/Autobooks‍.

Update August 9, 2022


In this release, we’ve added FAQ’s and a pricing page to the website. We’ve added a Smart Suggestions tab to help you discover automations, based on your work. Also, we made it easier to run scraper Playbooks, made interface improvements, and fixed multiple bugs.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

New FAQ section!

Many of our users run into similar issues.

So we've built an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on our website, where you'll find solutions to your problems, a bit faster🙂.


Next time you're in a rush to solve something, make sure to check if it's an already existing question!

If you don’t find the answer, you can share it on the #ask-and-questions channel on our Slack Community, or reach out via email.

Wondering about pricing?

We understand pricing is a common question and concern in our community, so we’ve launched a Pricing page to answer all your questions about it.

Access it here.

New features

  • New tab added for smart Playbook suggestions!

The hardest part of workflow optimization is figuring out what to automate. Bardeen flips the script, where automations come to you! With our Playbook suggestions, we'll help you discover automations that save you time" 

We’ve added a new tab for Playbook suggestions. Our suggestions use artificial intelligence to understand your workflows and find relevant Playbooks. When we have Playbooks for you, a notification badge is added to the Bardeen extension icon. You will find that suggestion in the "Smart Suggestions" tab.

So make sure you have your app pinned so you don’t miss any automation suggestions!


If you don’t want to get suggestions, you can turn this feature off from the options menu.

  • You can now specify in which tab to run a scraper Playbook.

Whenever you run a Playbook with a “Scrape in active tab” action on a different website from where the scraper model has originally been created, you’ll be able to choose where to run it.

You can select between your active tab, other tabs, or specify a custom link to run it.


  • Renamed the "Compose Table" button to "Map Fields".
CleanShot 2022-08-09 at 16 21 16

  • Added a link to the FAQs in the help button.
CleanShot 2022-08-09 at 16 20 32
  • Overall UI improvements. 


  • Fixed issue where you could add multiple Snov.io integrations.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted Playbooks still re-appeared in “My Playbooks”
  • Fixed issues when using the “Get screenshot of page snippet” action.

Update August 2, 2022


In this release we’ve added a Snov.io email discovery integration, made interface improvements on Playbook Configuration, and fixed multiple bugs.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

New Email Finder Integration: Snov

Many of our users need to reach out to people they don’t know yet.

They might have found someone’s LinkedIn profile, and now want to connect. But LinkedIn is pretty spammy and it’s hard to express an idea in 300 characters. This issue happens across founders, sales, marketers, recruiters and job seekers.

Warm outreach is best by email, and manually finding a person’s email is, let’s say… quite difficult.

So we’re excited to share Bardeen’s new integration to Snov.io, a cold outreach automation platform with powerful email discovery tools.

As requested on Canny, this new integration will allow you to find validated emails from social media links, names, or domains.

This will open up many possibilities for recruiters, sales people, growth hackers, founders and essentially anyone who emails… to make outreach easier.

To top it off, it can also be combined with Clearbit’s functionality to enrich data out of emails.

Share your best ideas for this feature on the #showcase channel on our Slack Community!


  • Improved the HTTP GET/POST actions response, so output data is displayed properly. Loom explanaition.
  • Improved the “Remember Inputs” usability on Playbook Configuration. Demo video.
  • We’re working on making Playbook files more efficient and therefore the overall loading process a lot faster and more bandwidth efficient.
  • Minor UI improvements in Playbook Configuration.


  • Fixed a bug for Notion scheduled autobooks, reported by a user.
  • Fixed the scraper to prevent errors being thrown when building scraper models.
  • Reduced the size of Playbooks and Autobooks to avoid performance issues.
  • Fixed a bug where the login view is promoted more often then needed. 

Bardeen Featured: Openview’s Newsletter

This week Bardeen was featured on OpenView’s newsletter!


This coverage features a complete video review of Bardeen.

You can subscribe to OpenView’s newsletter here.

Update July 27, 2022


In this release, we're launching The Dream Job Hub to help job seekers improve their chances of success! We've added a couple new Playbooks related to job search, added features to improve user experience,  and added a “Get page as HTML” action.  We’ve also added suggestions for your scraping Playbooks and fixed multiple bugs.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

Launching The Dream Job Hub

When there is an economic recession, finding a job can be a challenge. Securing a new job requires patience, determination and the willingness to adapt to new working conditions and processes. 

Yet, so much of what we do while searching for a job are manual workflows, like browsing jobs or tracking companies.

Because of this, we’re building the ultimate hub to provide job seekers a system to optimize they job search.

Download it here.

This resource will be your step-by-step guide and system to improve your chances of landing your ideal job.

It provides automations and templates to optimize manual workflows on apps like LinkedIn, Google Jobs or Crunchbase, and saving data into Notion, Coda, Airtable or Google Sheets.

New Playbooks for job search

Thanks to the hub, we’ve added docens of new Playbooks and Autobooks to our public catalog. These are built arround Job Searching workflows, like getting data from LinkedIn jobs, companies and contacts, into the main database apps available on Bardeen: Notion, Coda, Airtable and Google Sheets.

New playbooks include:

  • Saving jobs from main job portals, like LinkedIn and Google Jobs
  • Saving contacts from LinkedIn
  • Saving companies from LinkedIn
  • And many more workflows…

We want to build this hand-by-hand with our community! Make sure to drop your ideas or feedback on the template on our Slack Community!

Is Bardeen a Soonicorn?

This week Bardeen was featured on Unicorner, a newsletter that delivers a 2-minute rundown of an up-and-coming startup to your inbox every Monday morning.

This coverage features an in-depth analysis on why Bardeen is an up-and-coming startup, a summary of our team and traction, and available job opportunities to join the team!

Read the full issue here.

New Features

  • We added a help button for fast access to key resources, like videos, tutorials and the Slack community. Next time you feel lost, here’s some options that might help you.
  • Now you can decide if you want to save a Playbook when you run it for the first-time.

    If you save it, you can rename it and find it on “My Playbooks”.
  • As requested on Canny, we’ve added a new action to “Get page as HTML”.

    This opens the possibility to access the HTML content from a single URL, or a list of links.

    This enables powerful Playbooks that can find emails on almost any website, or find and navigate to specific links from a website, like “contact” pages.

Share your best ideas for this feature on the #showcase channel on our Slack Community!

  • When running a Playbook that scrapes data on the wrong tab, you’re now suggested a correct tab where to run it.


  • As flagged on our Slack community, we fixed an error when scraping Tweets into Notion.
  • Fixed a Bug for Notion datetime field processing reported by a user
  • “Try it” buttons on the website will no longer pin a Playbook to “My Playbooks”.
  • Fixed “Add rows to Google Sheet spreadsheet” issue when adding new columns.
  • Fixed long URL’s breaking the interface.
  • Fixed Autobooks asking you if you want to remember inputs. These checkboxes were removed.

Update July 19, 2022


In this release, we’ve launched early preview access to Playbook Configuration, which will improve how pre-built and shared automations are run. We’ve added more customization for scheduled Autobooks and fixed a bunch of bugs.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or our user community.

Early access to Playbook Configuration

We’re about to launch a feature that will change how pre-built Playbooks are run! We’re opening up demo access for this feature to all of our users (one of the perks of reading the release notes 😉). You can activate it this way:

Here’s what you need to know about this feature.

Right now, many Playbooks in the catalog need to be edited to work properly for your specific use case.

Take this one, for instance, that saves all the Click Up tasks to Notion. 

For this to work you need to:

  • Open the builder of that Playbook
  • Select your notion database for tasks
  • Map the fields from Clickup to Notion
  • Save and run it

And if you're new to Bardeen, this can be challenging to do right.

Therefore, we're releasing a new way to fill the inputs needed to run pre-built Playbooks, with no need to edit them. Muuuuuch easier :) 

  • Easily set-up and run Playbooks or Autobooks from the Catalog
  • Build sharable Playbooks that are easier to run for others
  • Choose which inputs on a Playbook you want to be fixed, or which ones you want to be asked every time.
  • Map the fields from your database when you run a Playbook, instead of complex editing.
  • And many other exciting new features…

If you give it a try, we appreciate your feedback on this new feature! You can share them the #suggestions or #bugs channel on our Slack Community, or our Contact form.

New Features

  • Introduced field mapping for  when you run a playbook using Notion

    When building a Playbook that creates Notion Pages, you can set it up to “ask me every time” on the database where you’ll save the information.

    This could be because you want to share the Playbook, or because you have multiple databases and might need to choose between them.

    You set up your field mapping with the fields you want to send, and once you run it, you will find a new field mapping interface, that allows you to map the fields from Bardeen to your Notion database in the most precise way.

    This allows any user to build sharable Notion automations that can easily be set up by the people who receive them.

Share your best ideas for this feature on the #showcase channel on our Slack Community!

  • Deeper customization options for your scheduled Autobooks.

    We’ve introduced customization options for  “when a scheduled event occurs” triggers, so you can specify how often the automations run, and when they stop.

    This is useful if you need to run your Autobooks on specific days of the week, like only on work days.

    To do this, you just modify the "When a scheduled event occurs" trigger and “use commands”. One of the suggested options is running it only on weekdays.


  • Fixed the apps filter when you search for playbooks: Video.
  • Fixed on the scraper: when saving a field it opened up the advanced options: Image. Now when you click enter, it saves the field.
  • Fixed the scraper not being clickable when used from a divided screen: Video.

Update July 12, 2022


In this release we’ve made it possible to use the “Ask me every time” command when field mapping data from your apps. We’ve added a new action for Google Sheets, some user interface improvements and bug fixes.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or in our user community.

Celebrating our community!

We’re excited to share that Bardeen’s community has grown to 1,000 fellow automators on Slack!

In our community you can connect with other automators, discover new use-cases and get faster support. It also has ongoing participation from all the Bardeen team, so you can get to meet us 😉.

Feel welcome to invite anyone who could benefit from this community to automate their boring work! They can join on https://bardeen.ai/slack

“Ask me every time” now works in field mapping

If you’re familiar with field mapping, you’ll be excited to know that you can now use the “Ask me every time” command when mapping data between your apps.

This means you can now participate even further in the automation process, by answering questions every time you run a playbook, and having those inputs directly saved into your apps. 

For instance, we have a Notion database at Bardeen, where we log our FAQ’s before they are published.

With this update, we’re now able to create FAQ’s from anywhere into Notion, by filling 2 fields: question and answer.

This way we’re able to create a new FAQ in a matter of seconds.

Share your best ideas for this feature on the #showcase channel on our Slack Community!


  • As requested by our community members, we added a “Clear Google Sheets” action that allows you to wipe the contents from a spreadsheet. You can customise it to preserve the first row.

    This action is useful if you need to overwrite a spreadsheet with new or updated data.


  • Improved how you set up table composition.

    If you need to map data from your apps databases in a custom way, you can do it by clicking the “Compose table” button. Here’s an example with Notion:


  • Fixed an issue where field mapping was hidden from mutiple apps like Notion, Google Sheets or Aritable.
  • Fixed the “Get screenshot of page snippet” action. It allows you to take a screenshot of a piece of the page. You can combine it with other actions to save the image on a database, send it on Slack, etc…

Update July 7, 2022


In this release we’ve made several usability improvements and bug fixes.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or in our user community.

Featured Video

Bardeen was featured this week by OpenView’s PLG123 show, the series that brings VC perspectives on all things startups, B2B SaaS trends, and product-led growth companies.

This is Blake Bartlett's review and introduction to Bardeen.

It’s the perfect video to share with your friends!😉


  • Improved the “Add rows to google sheets” command. Now you can add multiple columns when doing field mapping

Fixed a bug where 2 tables displayed when clicking on the “Change back to single-line input” button.

  • Added small interface improvements when building a scraper model template.

Introduced the ability to click out when selecting fields.

Simplified the interface on the number of rows for list scrapers.


  • Fixed issues with deleting Playbooks that are added from the “Explore” tab.
  • Fixed the "Get table column" action and improved its usability in the Builder.

  • Fixed the "Get table in Airtable" action not working for tables named with special characters (e.g. "🤖")

Update June 28, 2022


In this release we’re adding an updated Twitter integration, multiple small usability improvements and bug fixes. We’re also announcing a new Notion template resource.

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or in our user community.

Launching the Startup School OS

If you’re entering the startup ecosystem, YC’s Startup School is the best place to learn.

That’s why, in time for the start of the new cycle of Startup School, we’re shipping the Startup School OS, a supercharged Notion operating system to organize and automate your learning experience.

It allows you to organize, manage and keep the progress of the program, all with time-saving automation.

If you’re not familiar with the startup scene, this is a great example on how you can apply Bardeen’s automations on a Notion workspace.

Improved twitter integration

We’ve rewritten out Twitter integration to update it with the latest version of the API (V2). Here’s the available actions for this integration.

This includes the exciting new action “Create Tweet with Text”, which introduces great possibilities for content creation.Here’s one: create Tweets from a selected text with a single right click.Share your best ideas for this action on the #showcase channel on our Slack Community!

Improvements 👌

Builder rearrangements for better usability.

Now you can edit the name from the builder directly.

Now you'll be able to save and close your playbooks in 1 click.

Now you can cancel your playbooks when in progress.

Now you can add links to “Files and media” fields on Notion. This is particularly useful to get scraped links into Notion.

Small usability changes and rearrangements on the scraper.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed the Google Mail authentication flow. 
  • Fixed the ability to edit field mapping on playbooks.
  • Improve UI writing and error messages.
  • As requested on Canny, we fixed the "Find Notion pages" action that failed when filtering with checkboxes.

Update June, 2022


Bardeen empowers you to automate workflows with you “in the loop.” With this release, you can customize “ask me every time” variables and make them optional.

We’ve also polished the UI, added new commands, and fixed bugs. 

Lastly, we’ve met in person in Croatia to plan our next sprint, features, and the future of Bardeen. 

Let’s take a closer look at version 2.2.4. 

💡️ Pro Tip: get a real-time view of everything we are working on in our roadmap or in our user community.

Customizing “ask me every time” arguments

With Bardeen, you can participate in an automation. Imagine you are looking at candidates for hiring (like us 😉️) on LinkedIn and want to save them to Notion and add a personal note.

In this case, you have to decide a) whom you want to save and b) what the note should say. No software can make this decision for you. But you can automate this otherwise very manual process with Bardeen.

In this release, we’ve added the ability to name user inputs and make inputs optional.

To build an automation to be configured every time you trigger a Playbook, select the “ask me every time” argument and give it a name. It will show up when you run the Playbook in the popup window. 

Previously, you were required to fill out all fields to run the automation. 

With this update, you can make some fields optional and run your Playbook without filling them out. Click on the “advanced options” next to the argument and check the “optional” box.

New actions to refine data

Remove duplicates

This action allows you to remove duplicate items (objects) from a list (array). In practical terms, if you want to save contacts from a Gmail thread to Notion, Bardeen will remove the repeating contacts in the tread and only add the uniques.

You can also remove duplicates from tables. 

Get rows of a table

This command will split a table with multiple rows into multiple tables with one row. This allows you to use individual rows in the follow-up actions and transform each row inside a table. 

Merge all tables

This command combines multiple tables into one. It works well with the previous action if you want to create a new table and use it as a single unit later. For example, if you send a table in Slack, instead of sending 100 messages, there will be one message sent with 100 entries in it. 

Fixed 🐛

  • Save Playbooks right from the search. Video demo.
  • Made field selection in the scraper more reliable. LinkedIn extraction works without a hitch. 
  • Fixed the bug that prevented saving active Autobooks.
  • Fixed “failed to fetch range” issue on Google Sheets. Canny post.
  • Fixed “screenshot snippet” action.
  • Capped Clearbit commands usage.

Update April 26, 2022


During the last month, we focused on performance improvements, bug fixes, and polishing the UI after the big Bardeen 2.0 launch. We’ve also made the app faster and improved Coda, Notion, and Gmail apps.

Here is what we’ve worked on. 

💡 Pro Tip: you can get a real-time view of all in-progress tickets in our feedback platform here or ask us for details in our user community.

Launched The Notion Automation Hub

We partnered up with the top Notion creators to build the go-to resource for everything Notion Automations. Most people will spend more time automating stuff than they will ever claim back from those automations.

Building automations is relatively straightforward and requires some skill, but figuring out WHAT to automate is the hardest part.

The hub consists of the 50+ most useful pre-built automations for Notion, 16 database templates, and learning resources. There are also 7 use cases that cover automations for specific job roles like sales or project management.

The Notion Automation Hub has become #2 product of the week and product of the day on Product Hunt.

Here is an example of how Notion creators use Bardeen: 

New Coda Actions

We’ve added two actions to our Coda integration. You can now retrieve data using the “get rows from Coda table” action. 

And we’ve added the “delete records from Coda table” action. It is excellent for deduplication flows and data refinement processes. 

If you haven’t tried Coda yet, you have to give it a try! Find Bardeen < > Coda Playbooks here to get started. 

Gmail Improvement

Since day one, Gmail has been one of our top 5 most used integrations. We’ve re-written the integration with Gmail from the ground up to make it faster and more reliable.

Now emails get indexed better, and the triggers are more reliable.

New: Advanced Scraper Pagination

When you need to extract large amounts of data from the web, you need to configure pagination. It loads more data either with infinite scroll or click-pagination. 

But some websites are harder to scrape than others. This is why we’ve added the ability to customize the click pagination action if the default point-and-click interface fails.

You can now specify the exact location of the “next” button using XPath or CSS selectors.

Speed Improvements 

We are in the business of saving your precious time. So making Bardeen feel snappy has been the priority since day one!


During this sprint, we’ve made the Bardeen engine load faster, so that you can enjoy the experience of saving time every step of the way. 


Fixed 🐛

  • Improved search. Playbook and action search outputs better results.
  • Improved field mapping. Related data objects can now be processed more accurately.
  • Improved handling of multiple objects in the “merge text using texts" action. 
  • Made Notion integration better.
  • Fixed OpenAI loading issue.
  • Made action names more intuitive. 
  • Added tooltip on hover with action explanations in the builder.
  • Fixed issues with opening shared Playbooks.
  • Added the “reset search” button (video).

Update March 15, 2022


This version of Bardeen consists mainly of bug fixes and some UI improvements. To get a more detailed view of what we are working on at the moment, visit our feedback platform here.

New: synchronizing Autobooks across multiple devices ✨

If you use Bardeen on multiple devices (or browsers), Autobooks will not sync across devices.

New: math actions 🧮

We’ve added math actions to help you do more inside Bardeen without having to output data into a spreadsheet. 

The new math actions:

  • Get average of numbers
  • Get sum of numbers
  • Get numbers divided
  • Get numbers multiplied

Fixed 🐞

  • Frequent refreshes causing login issues. Partly fixed, not fully.
  • Getting logged out of Google Services.
  • Disabling Autobooks now works correctly. Previously, failed due to state sync issues. 
  • Updating triggers in Autobook couldn’t be saved. Fixed.
  • Background scraping getting stuck on invalid or unreachable URLs. Now it skips broken links or triggers an error.
  • “Convert a table column into an array” action previously couldn’t be configured. Fixed.
  • UI fixes.

Updates March 3, 2022


A few days ago, Bardeen became “Product of the month” on Product Hunt

Since we’ve launched 2.0, we’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of feedback, a few bug reports, and many fascinating use-cases that our users can now automate with Bardeen.

For the last two weeks, we’ve focused on performance improvements and polishing the UI. The following are the release notes for version 2.0.2.


New Feedback Platform

We’ve just started using a new feedback system that will help you give feedback, track it in real-time, and vote on tickets.

The new feedback tool complements great conversations in our user Slack. We want to make sure nothing gets lost, and the most important things get the attention they deserve. We will prioritize tickets with the most upvotes and engagement.

Now, you can also track the status of tickets in real-time, instead of following up with us! All issues in Canny (the feedback platform) are synced with our project management tool (Jira) and will update automatically. 

Check out this tutorial about creating feedback posts.

New action: Update or add a Notion page

We’ve added a new Notion action - “Update or add Notion page to database.”

The action creates a new page in the database if it doesn’t exist or update the data if it does. 

You should use this action in combination with the “find Notion page action.”

Here is a demo from Artem (our CTO):

New capabilities in the scraper

We’ve added the ability to extract audio and video files from most websites using our scraper.


Additionally, we’ve added the ability to paste data from your clipboard. You can find it when clicking on “get more fields.” 

Finally, the scraper now has the “delay” action. It is handy to avoid scraper detection and handle use cases where data loads dynamically. 

Improvements 👌

  • Better error messaging
  • Faster Notion page search 
  • Polished the design of the main app window
  • Improved element selection in the scraper (affecting apollo.com)

Fixed 🐛

  • Launching Bardeen sometimes opened a new tab instead of appearing on the currently opened website. Fixed.
  • Opening calendar widget.
  • Field mapping rendering.
  • Errors with the table scraper: render failing and referencing output in Builder.
  • Infinite scroll pagination used to get only a few list items in the scraper.
  • Scraper failing when combined with opening new tab actions.

Updates February, 2022


Welcome Bardeen 2.0!

We’ve rethought the automation experience from scratch. Our mission has always been to help you win back at least an hour per day from doing manual work.

With these updates, saving time with automation has just become much easier! 

The new Builder allows you to create Playbooks visually with just a few clicks. We’ve also introduced Autobooks: They run in the background, either triggered by some event or on a schedule!
And our AI-based suggestions have improved to deliver you even better playbooks at the right moment.

We launched Bardeen 2.0 on Product Hunt and became the product of the week. 😻🎉  

ProductHunt covered our launch in their Weekly Digest newsletter here

The Playbook Builder

The new Builder allows you to create and edit Playbooks with a few clicks. 

The previous version of Bardeen used natural language with “commands” to create Playbooks. It came with speed but made complex automations hard to create. You can still access Classic by hitting Option + O.

The Builder has simplified the experience. You can browse through apps and actions and put them on a canvas to create an automation. Mapping data between actions is also intuitive.

To learn more about getting started with the new interface, explore this tutorial.


Welcome “Autobooks” to the family!

An Autobook is what we call an automation with a trigger. Unlike Playbooks that are you can initiate manually, Autobooks run “when something happens” (either on a schedule or based on some trigger event).

Autobooks run in the background, unlocking new opportunities to automate workflows that don’t need you in the mix. You can browse through triggers for your favorite apps in the Builder.

Learn more about Autobooks in this tutorial.

Conditional blocks

The conditional filters allow for a new level of complexity in your automations. You can build branches based on keywords, true/false conditions, dates, and much more.

Check out this tutorial to start using conditionals in your Playbooks. 

Improved Smart Suggestions

The hardest part of workflow optimization is figuring out what to automate. Bardeen flips the script, where automations come to you. It will show you the right automation in the perfect moment. 

We’ve improved our suggestions algorithms to deliver even better Playbooks to you when it matters the most.

Updates December, 2021


In the last few sprints, the majority of our efforts went into building Bardeen 2.0 with a brand new playbook builder interface. We are planning to release it very soon, so stay tuned!

As we are building 2.0, the current version has gotten some performance improvements, bug fixes, and we’ve added two new integrations - Coda and WebEx.

Being the cornerstone of proactive automations, the scraper has also gotten performance and UX improvements.

Here are the detailed release notes.

New Integration: Coda

Coda is a tool that combines text, data, and automations in one interface built for collaboration.

The Coda < > Bardeen integration empowers you to automate even more. Our scraper will save website data directly to Coda, bridging the gap between web and Coda databases.

New Integration: WebEx

Many of our enterprise users requested integration with WebEx. And it’s finally live!

You can now create WebEx meetings on the go and much more.

Action Verbs

We started Bardeen with three main commands DO, GET, WHEN. These commands were mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive (along with define), and you can automate pretty much anything. 

The DO command performs an action. The GET command pulls up data from your web apps. And the WHEN command is a listener that triggers a workflow when something happens in a web app or on your screen. 

After tons of user research, we’ve learned that many people want to have more flexibility in language. “Do create new Google Sheet” is probably not the first thing that would come to mind. 

We are now classifying all Bardeen commands into groups of more descriptive “action verbs” such as Create and Add

Improved Playbook Suggestions (Beta)

Automations traditionally take too much time to set up. And most of the time, it’s easier to do something manually at the moment than to build an automation for the process.

The result? Most people keep clicking around and staying stuck with manual workflows.

That’s where context comes into play again. Bardeen suggests you pre-built automations based on the page that you are currently on.

We’ve improved our playbooks suggestions engine. 

👉 Enable the playbook suggestion feature to discover new ways to save time and automate your manual workflows passively.

Tab Management

We’ve added new actions to manipulate your browser tabs.

You can now save the currently opened tab to Notion, Google Sheets or Coda. Or you can save your entire browser session and reopen all tabs later. 

Try these playbooks in action. 👇🏽️

Improvements 👌

  • Added support to set a number of list items to scrape (previously, you needed to specify the number of pages/scrolls)  
  • Scraper’s infinite scroll pagination is more reliable
  • Pick elements behind absolute-positioned elements
  • Improved error messages to help you troubleshoot your automations
  • And tons more!

Fixed 🐛

  • Time variables in WHEN commands
  • Infinite scroll scraper getting stuck at the end of the list
  • Running shared playbooks from our website
  • Image scraper flickering


We’ve discovered that analysts waste hours every day by bringing all relevant information in one place. As a result, we’ve built many great playbooks for their most popular use cases, and we are working on making data enrichment easier than ever before.

Have you ever tried to read an article only to find out that it’s locked behind a paywall? Welcome, our new most popular playbook that removes a paywall with a shortcut. (Tip: try it on the Economist or NYT). 

Want to stay on top of new playbooks and ways to save you time? We’ve launched a TikTok account with bite-sized content. So check it out and follow us there.

As always, big thanks for all the support and feedback.

Updates October, 2021


Welcome one of our most exciting releases yet!

We are thrilled to introduce two game-changing features and a new integration.

Bardeen has also become much more reliable, and your favorite scraper feature has been getting a lot of love from our engineering and UI teams. 

Here are the juicy details about this release!

New integration: ClickUp 😍

ClickUp has officially joined our integration family! ClickUp is a cutting-edge all-in-one workspace focused on getting things done.

Now, you can streamline your manual workflows and get even more out of ClickUp. 

If you use ClickUp as a CRM, you can add people to your contacts list from LinkedIn, Twitter, or Gmail. As always, one click only!

If you do sales, you can create deals out of UpWork job posts.

And pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Try out the pre-built ClickUp playbooks:

Widgets (beta)

Since the very beginning, our goal has been to make information across your web tools more accessible.

We are thrilled to announce the Widgets (currently in beta)!

Widgets bring data across your web apps to one place without opening new tabs. 

When is your next meeting? What’s in your Jira sprint? Got any unread emails in your inbox? Want to check out the social profiles of your next meeting participants?

That’s where widgets come in! Open Bardeen with a shortcut (Option + B), and the information is already there waiting for you.

To create a widget, hover over a playbook and click on “render as widget.”

Playbooks sharing 🍕

Everything is better when shared.

Share custom playbooks with your friends and colleagues in seconds.

Hover over a playbook and click “share playbook.” A popup will open, where you can customize your playbook page.

Copy the link into the clipboard or share it anywhere you want. 

User Community on Slack

Our goal is to help you discover use cases that will save you time and empower you to do more of what you love.

So we’ve launched our user community on Slack.

The community is the space to meet fellow automation hackers, share productivity tips and tricks, and get recommendations on how to streamline your work.

You’ll be the first to learn about the latest features we are building, and your integrations and commands requests will be prioritized.

Improvements 👌

  • List scraper is more accurate
  • Increased the number of data fields the scraper can extract 
  • The scraper interface is improving gradually
  • Improved the preview table rendering in the scraper 
  • Minor UI improvements 
  • Support for “Files & Media” data type in Notion
  • Automatically fetching shared databases in Notion
  • Exporting Google Sheets in new formats: PDF, MS Excel, CSV, and Open Office

Fixed 🐛

  • Background scraper
  • Errors with activating Zoom and Google
  • Error handling and false positives when playbooks return no data
  • Popup overlay issues on some websites like YouTube, Google Docs, and Twitter
  • Fixed broken commands
  • Overloading issues when scraping too many images


If you have Bardeen already installed, finding and launching playbooks has become much easier. Pick a playbook from our playbooks catalog and click on “try it.” The playbook will run automatically right from the website.

Try this one!

Many of you have been asking about the Pipedrive integration that we had announced earlier. We are inches away from getting it approved on Piperdrive’s Marketplace 🌴 so that you can finally start using it! 

Want to learn about how we build playbooks and no code automations for your use cases?

We’ve just started our new Live Build video series, where we show you the process from start to finish.

And finally, we’ve just released playbooks to take screenshots of websites automatically

What’s the use case?

Automating marketing reports and increasing the visibility of your metrics!

Updates September, 2021


The month of August was devoted to performance improvements. We are working hard to make the engine faster and suggestions more relevant.

We’ve added Pipedrive to the integrations family and introduced the Playbooks Suggestions widget.

The UI team did a major overhaul of the Scraper interface and the playbook builder.

Here are the latest release notes!

The Pipedrive integration

We are excited to introduce our first CRM integration. Pipedrive has been ahead of the game with its native workflow automations. And today, it has become more powerful than ever!

With Bardeen, you can create a Pipedrive contact right from LinkedIn, associate external emails with deals, and create notes on the fly. All without opening new tabs or copy-pasting. 

If you are a pipedriver yourself, check out our latest post about getting leverage with Pipedrive automations.

Playbook suggestions 👌

When we surveyed hundreds of knowledge workers, we discovered a crucial insight. Very few people are actually aware of the manual, repetitive tasks they do on their computers daily. 

At Bardeen, we want to take an active role in helping you reclaim your time and focus. And discovering automation opportunities is the way to get you there!

Welcome the Playbook Suggestions!

Based on your browsing behavior, a popup will appear with the related playbooks.

For example, when you visit a Zoom cloud recordings page, Bardeen will suggest you these playbooks:

You might not have even realized that these automations are possible. Going forward, you can use these playbooks instead of doing the tasks manually like you are used to.

As time passes, this feature will help you automate the majority of your repetitive tasks.

Our vision for the future is to leverage artificial intelligence not just to suggest but to generate personalized playbooks based on your behavior.

Improvements 💫

During the last few sprints, we’ve focused on making Bardeen snappier and loading suggestions faster. Every second that we save you is a big win for us.

To make the experience even smoother, we are doing a major overhaul of our suggestions engine. The new engine will leverage command annotations and your context (such as previous commands run and installed apps).

But snappier experience has another essential component: you!  To help you find what you are looking for at a glance, we’ve renamed many of our playbooks and given them more informative descriptions.

The last significant improvement we started working on is the new success blocks. They are the results that you see after you run a playbook. 

Instead of showing you all information as a list, the success blocks will display data in a cleaner way. For example, playbooks that return emails will show a “reply” button and the elements like subject line, body, and recipients. Playbooks that return events, on the other hand, will display the “join” and “view event” buttons.

Fixed 🐛

  • The WHEN commands are now more stable (triggers)
  • Fixed playbooks catalog bugs
  • Fixed broken icons
  • Setting scraper models with many fields doesn’t crush the extension
  • Forwarded emails preserve original styling
  • Fixed UI when saving playbooks
  • Bugs 

What’s coming 🔨

We are developing a visual playbook builder. The playbook builder will allow beginners to create custom playbooks without learning our commands. Additionally, the new builder will support conditional logic (If, then, filter, etc.) to build more complex workflows.

We also are making the Bardeen commands simpler by replacing the DO, GET, and WHEN words. 

Today’s commands have been written based on what we can do with the APIs, such as “Do upload file to Google Drive.” You can click on the entire command and run it.


The commands of tomorrow, however, will be grouped into atomic units such as “upload,” “send,” or “create.”  The new engine will let you compose them step-by-step (Upload... last file...to Dropbox). 

Finally, the Bardeen scraper is both getting a complete interface rebuild. We are also adding a new data extraction framework to increase accuracy.


Updates August, 2021


Asana integration

We’ve added Asana to our integrations list. Asana is our third task management app complementing Jira and Github.

The integration allows users to create tasks on the fly from anywhere on the computer with our global shortcuts, use page context to create more descriptive tasks, and automate task creation.

Explore our pre-build Asana playbooks from the catalogue.

Here are the Asana commands:

We will add even more commands in the next release.

Scraper Improvements 🤖

Web scraping is an immensely powerful feature for human-in-the-loop workflow automations. It eliminates copy-pasting and makes static websites actionable.

We’ve been continuously improving our scraper to make it more accurate and user-friendly.

Scraper data preview 

When building a scraper model, you can now see the captured data in a preview table. As a result, creating and testing scraper models will be much easier and more accurate.

Scraper model testing

We’ve built the testing infrastructure for the most commonly scraped websites such as LinkedIn and Github. Those tests will notify us when websites change their structure so that we can fix scraper models quickly.

As a user, you can expect more accurate results when scraping popular websites.

In the future, we will introduce additional features to heal scraper models dynamically.

Improvements 🏄‍♂️

  • Added playbook warnings to confirm before execution
  • Improved command suggestions
  • Improved command & playbook output UI 
  • Background PDF generator waits until website elements are loaded
  • Improved typography
  • Rendering input suggestions before typing 👇

Fixed 🐞

  • Multiple UI fixes
  • Notion authentication flow 
  • Clearing queue 
  • Capturing space character as the first input character
  • Setting minimum width for the global shortcut popup
  • Exporting pinned playbooks
  • Fixing OpenAI summary commands
  • Many more :) 

What’s Coming?

We got something huge cooking for you 🙌. We are building a revolutionary interface to create playbooks and automations.    

The scraper will get enough improvements on both accuracy and interface to grow into Scraper 2.0!

We are almost done with the playbooks recommendations engine that suggests the most relevant pre-built playbooks based on context. Playbooks will be suggested based on the current web page opened and conditions specific to you, such as your installed apps.

Finally, we are adding our first CRM integration - PipeDrive. This integration will unlock extra productivity for sales and marketing folks when logging, tracking deals and beyond.

Updates July, 2021


In the last couple of months, we made significant strides towards making workflow automation seamless and fun. We’ve added new features, significantly improved the scraper, enhanced the UI, and much more.

Here is the digest.

New results UI

We’ve introduced three additional windows: Results, Queue, and Notifications.

The new Results window stores the history of all success messages when playbooks and commands are run. 

The Queue window shows all in-progress playbooks that are being executed. This window was created for the playbooks that take longer to execute, such as the ones that require transferring large files or extracting data from multiple web pages with our scraper. 

You can run multiple playbooks in parallel without waiting until each playbook is executed.

The Notifications window brings important notifications and error messages from the Settings page to the front of the app so that you can check them effortlessly.

UI reloaded

We’ve moved the main window to the center of the screen and removed the spotlight view. 

Although this may not seem important, this change has massive implications on the UX!  

Previously, when Bardeen was inside the extension window, it was subject to two limitations: 1) fixed window size 2) UI loading speed being throttled, causing an annoying lag when opening Bardeen.

With these limitations removed, you can launch Bardeen with a global shortcut and install playbooks from the website. 

Global shortcuts

You can now launch Bardeen from anywhere on your computer! Yes, you can now schedule a Zoom call or send an email reminder right from your code editor or Photoshop.

You can configure the global shortcut from here: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Launching playbooks from the website

You can install and run playbooks right from our website. Just browse through our playbooks catalog or blog, and install the playbook directly from there—so no need to type the title of a playbook to add it to your favorites anymore.

Soon you will be able to embed Bardeen playbooks to your websites as well. You will be able to share a custom playbook with your colleagues and readers seamlessly. 

New scraper

The scraper has been one of Bardeen’s most beloved features. And we’ve been working relentlessly to make it even better. 

Background scraper

The background scraper allows you to extract data from websites periodically and without opening tabs.

You can run a scraper model on a URL and send the results directly to Google Sheets, Airtable, or Notion.

The background scraper made it possible to track job listings on Indeed, rare products on eBay, or gigs on Upwork.

Try this command:

“Get data using scraper model [model] for URL [url]” 

Deep scraping

You can extract even more information by combining scraper models.


The deep scraper allows you to extract a list using the list scraper and then run an individual scraper model on each list item. Use the output of one scraper model as the input for another.

Taking screenshots in the background

The most important information should be at your fingertips when you need it. With the background scraper, you can send yourself website screenshots via email or Slack automatically.

Think of Google Analytics, Stripe dashboards, stock market charts, and other websites that you check daily. Just set up a WHEN command and pick the frequency of reports.

Try this command: 

“Get page as PDF on URL [url]”

Improved input suggestions

Bardeen now suggests relevant playbook input arguments. For example, when running the “Zoom quick dial a Slack user” playbook, Bardeen will render suggested users and channels before you type anything.

We’ve also made command suggestions more relevant so that you can run nested commands more effortlessly, as we’re working towards our vision of fully proactive workflow automation (magic!).

Fixed 🐞

  • Stability of the WHEN commands
  • Playbook input UI
  • “‘getPlaybook’ of undefined” error
  • Stability of “When Notion page is added to a database” command
  • Stability of “When email is labeled with label” command
  • Stability of the OpenAI integration
  • Displaying playbook and command output
  • Many more :) 

What’s coming?

The advantage of being a browser extension is that we can recommend relevant playbooks at the right moment.

You will be able to discover time-saving playbooks without deliberately searching for them. You can run your workflows regularly, and Bardeen will propose the appropriate playbook for your use case.

For this purpose, we are revamping our in-context widget that will include playbook suggestions. Stay tuned 🚀

Updates May, 2021


The New Input Interface for playbooks

The new input interface allows you to see all arguments inside a playbook. You can hit TAB to go to the next argument and SHIFT + TAB to go back an argument.

Compared to the old interface, you no longer need to delete correct arguments to edit the desired one.

In the future, we will introduce widgets optimized for each input type. For example, when you input dates, you will see a calendar input widget. And when you input text, you will see a rich-text widget. 

The List Scraper

You can now capture list data from websites. The list scraper identifies lists based on similar web page elements and allows you to capture specific elements in that list. 

With this new scraper, you can build outreach lists and collect data for analysis in under a minute. 

We’ve introduced two ways of capturing longer lists: 1) infinite scroll 2) pagination. 

And finally, we added the ability to capture URLs from page elements such as buttons and text elements with a link.  

Streamlining what we do the most: meetings

From over a thousand survey answers, we’ve learned that meetings workflows are by far one of the most frustrating manual tasks knowledge workers have to perform frequently.

We’ve listened and created a meetings-specific automations with lots of new playbooks and tutorials. 


You can explore the top meetings playbooks here

Here are the new pre-built playbooks:

  1. Create a meeting agenda in Google Sheets 
  2. Create new Google Doc for an event
  3. Create and open a new Notion page for the upcoming meeting
  4. Notify participants of current event about you being in the waiting room
  5. Email about running late to next meeting
  6. Google Meet a Slack user
  7. Send reminder email for event
  8. Email or Slack message current event participants
  9. Upload Zoom recording to Dropbox
  10. Upload Zoom recording to Google Drive

Zoom cloud recordings

Zoom cloud storage starts at $40/m, and if you don’t subscribe, you won’t be able to share the recordings.

Now, you can get your Zoom cloud recordings to Drive or Dropbox automatically. Here is the new WHEN command: 

When Zoom cloud recording becomes available [for meeting / with topic matching], then…


  • We went through a thorough 3rd party security audit (mandated by Google and other 3rd party services we integrate with) and are proud to say that we passed their review.
  • The database is running much faster.
  • The progress reporting bar has better accuracy.
  • More relevant time recommendations when creating meetings


  • Context widget stability 
  • Playbook deletion (previously deleted multiple playbooks at once in some cases)
  • “Get attachments from email” is supported for multiple emails
  • Displaying output data stability
  • WHEN triggers stability


As we are working on revolutionizing how people interact with their data, security has been a top priority to us. We’ve just successfully completed a security audit by an independent security auditing firm. You can be even more confident in the safety of your data. See our security page for details.

Remember that your data does not touch our servers and gets requested from your client  (browser) directly.

Additional commands added:

  • Get redirected URL (enables workarounds with .new domains)
  • Get selected text
  • When new file is added, then...

In the pipeline

Background and cloud Automation

With the background automation, you won’t need to have your computer on for the WHEN triggers to fire. You will no longer need to worry about seeing an email from someone important late. 

We’ve recently deployed the infrastructure to make this feature possible and are currently testing it. 


The notifications will bring important messages and error reports right to the extension. So you won’t need to go to the Settings page to get this information. 

Results Visual Blocks

The results visual blocks display the output data in a friendlier format, and you will be able to run quick actions with the output data. For example, if you get data in the table format, the new visual blocks will display the “Import To Sheets” button.

Updates April 2021


What's new?

How about the release notes and this very page?

Now, you can stay up-to-date with our latest features and improvements. We will also announce new integrations, commands, and playbooks released. 

What this means to you is more time-saving automations and 🤯 customizations for your unique workflows.

Updated UI

We’ve tucked away some UI elements to give Bardeen a more minimalist look. Clicking on the input field 🔎 now opens the focused mode to keep you concentrated on the task at hand.

Jira and Dropbox Integrations

You can forget about filling out the same 10 fields eeeeeeevery siiiiingle time you need to create a Jira issue. Create your custom playbook with our Jira integration to create issues quickly from anywhere.

Dropbox 📦. You can now trigger actions in your web apps when a file is added to a Dropbox folder. Or you can simply use Dropbox as a gateway to get your Zoom recordings uploaded to Google Drive automatically. 

Check out the capabilities of Jira and Dropbox in Settings > Commands.

Commands added

  • Get redirected url starting from [url]
  • Get meeting recording file from Zoom event

New Playbooks


  • Search is improved! We’ve added fuzzy matching 🧸 so that you can type what you want more liberally and still find what you are looking for.
  • Connecting integrations that don’t require user authentication will now be automatic when installing playbooks. Examples are SMS, Meeter, and OpenAI.
  • In-context playbooks recommendation is enhanced. Find relevant playbooks based on the current web page easier. 
  • Draggable in-context icon.


  • SMS command is working more reliably.
  • LinkedIn profile scraper captures frields accurately.
  • Referencing the [last object] is working properly. 
  • Creating repeating Google Calendar events no longer requires inputting arguments in a specific order. 
  • Playbooks are now loading right away on the first installation.
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