We are building the future
of automation

Our mission is to help people leverage technology, do more of what they love, and stay in the flow.

Who we are

We are a small team of 25 people with a strong engineering culture, a passion for automation, and hunger to ship great product.

The founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record in tech. They’ve scaled companies and built cutting-edge AI products.

Among us are some of the world’s best experts in data architecture, web automations, and AI.

Bardeen team working
Bardeen team photo
Today, Bardeen is backed by amazing investors, including Insight Partners, FirstMark Capital, and 468 Capital, as well as some of the coolest angel investors!
We have a strong engineering culture, speed, and hunger to ship a great product. Currently, we are a team of 25 people with a deep technical background and a track record of shipping amazing products.
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