About Bardeen

Our mission is to help people leverage technology to do more of what they love and stay in the flow.

Things that can be done by machines should be done by machines. Life is too short to be switching tabs and copy-pasting text between the apps.

We build software that streamlines your workflow and automates repetitive tasks. We believe that humans should be empowered to do what they are the best at (problem-solving and creativity) by delegating low-level tasks to technology.

We aim to save 100 million human hours every year.

This is equivalent to 144 lifetimes or 11,000 years.

Keeping you in the flow

Focus is the most valuable resource for an information worker. It’s what allows you to write that genius line of code, design a masterpiece, or compose a captivating story. 

Bardeen is designed to minimize interruptions and context switching. You can invoke automation with the "option + ."  keyboard shortcut. No additional tabs opened or countless login forms. 

Control your favorite software tools on your terms at all times.

Making the internet (actually) connected

The internet was meant to be very connected. However, 96% of information is locked behind registration forms and paywalls. This has created information silos, where tens of software tools we use daily are disconnected from one another.

We help you connect your favorite tools and eliminate annoying copy-pasting of information.

Sharing The Best Workflows

Finding the most effective ways to perform tasks takes a lot of time and mental energy. We designed Bardeen to give you pre-built automation that you can leverage in just one click. We call those “playbooks.” You can create your own playbooks and share them with your coworkers and our community. We believe in innovation through collaboration.

Who we are

We are a small group of techies scratching our own itch and aiming to transform the way people interface with technology.

Join us on our quest

Feel connected to our mission or product? Great! We are looking for all-star professionals to join the team.
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