Platform capabilities

Powerful, flexible, AI-first.

Bardeen automates tasks using a vast catalog of foundational actions. From filling out forms to crafting a hyper personalized messages.

The #1 AI Automation extension for Chrome
MacBook Air

Built from the ground
up to leverage AI.

Access to bleeding edge LLM models

Bardeen grants priority access to the best large language models through our automation platform, like GPT4 Turbo. No account with OpenAI required.

Magic Box

Use natural language to build, edit, and tailor automated workflows. We combine feedback from thousands of existing users with fine-tuning from a team of automation experts to continously improve the performance of generated workflows over time.


Generate concise summaries and extract important information from longer text using state-of-the-art large language models.

Message Generator

Crafts tailored messages for email, social media, and texts, perfect for sales, recruiting, and follow-ups. It uses AI to adapt tone and style for each platform, ensuring context-appropriate communication. Input key details like purpose and audience, and it creates personalized, engaging messages to enhance your outreach.

Smart Categorizer

Automatically categorize emails, leads, and text into defined groups. We employ a novel approach to assist users in constructing the perfect set of instructions for our AI.

Research Bot

Condense large texts, websites, and content from multiple sources into an expertly crafted research report. We employ a multi-pass algorithm that collects information and refines it to your specifications. This results in less hallucinations and more relevant contents that answer your questions.

Image & PDF Extractor (OCR)

Extract text, tables, and content from PDF documents or images. Great for invoices, signed contracts, and other scanned documents.

Web Browser Bot

Bardeen's AI Web Agent extract informations from websites by navigating page by page. It can interact with on page elements, copy data into a temporary buffer, and backtrack when reaching a dead end - all to increase the accuracy of responses.


Bardeen prioritizes robust security measures, ensuring your data is protected with industry-leading encryption and compliance standards. We employ continuous monitoring and regular updates to safeguard against evolving threats, keeping your information secure and your peace of mind intact.

While you work or in the background

Call Bardeen at any time with a global hotkey. Workflows can run in different operating modes - pick the one that works best for you.

Right Click

Launch workflows that use information from the current web page. Like creating a lead in your CRM from a LinkedIn profile.


Run workflows in response to events. Like receiving a new email, or when a new row is added to a Google Sheet.


Start workflows manually when you need them from your library. Bardeen is always 1 click away.


Start workflows on a predefined schedule. Like "Every Monday morning at 8am run this..."

In Browser

Bardeen works in your browser, so you won't need to log into every website all over again. You can even watch Bardeen work in real-time.

Background (Cloud)

For larger time-sensitive workflows, like browsing hundreds of web pages to enrich thousands of leads. Perfect for when you're machine is offline.

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