Unlock new possibilities
with data extraction

Scrape any website data directly into your web apps.

Build a scraper template with a few clicks

Creating a scraper template is easy. Just click on the page elements you want to extract. Then save the scraper template and use it as a building block in your automation.

Field-mapping side bar in the Bardeen automation builder

Send data directly to your favorite apps

The scraped data can go directly into Google Sheets, Airtable, Notion, Coda, and other apps. Add an action in the playbook builder and map the data to the relevant field.

Leverage scraper in complex workflows

Think of the scraper as a dedicated app that pulls data from the web. The scraper can extract data on the currently opened page, enrich data from a list of links, or even trigger an automation when a website changes.

Example of Notifying someone about a changed Nasdaq value with Bardeen Autobooks
All features that you need and beyond

Why people love the Bardeen scraper

Scrape different types

You can extract text, links, images, page title, and even click on elements.

Background scraping

Apply your scraper model on a list of links.

Deep scraping

Use multiple scraper models in layers to extract tucked away data

Notify if website changes

Trigger actions if data on a website changes. Receive notifications.


Get longer lists with click pagination and infinite scroll.

No proxies needed

The scraper runs on your local machine and doesn’t trigger CAPTCHA and blockers.

Click actions

Add click actions on website elements to load additional data and popups.

Input action

Fill out forms programmatically and perform searches with the input action.

Try our pre-built automation with the scraper

Explore the most popular scraper playbooks from our community.

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