Bardeen Automation Field Guide

Automate Discovery & Demo Calls

By the Bardeen Solutions Engineering Team
Last Updated: May 12, 2024

We're Bardeen, we build an AI Agent that does your repetitive work tasks. Sales teams at companies like Honk Mobile and Casafari use Bardeen to automate prep work before calls. We share some automation templates, called playbooks, below.

Congrats, you did it. Your leads need help, and you’ve got the solution.

Take a step back here and remember to understand your lead’s unique problem. If you start selling immediately, they won’t feel like you actually care. Your domain authority and knowledge about their problem should sell itself, and show them that your product is the solution. 

Before the meeting, it’s crucial to have the right notes and information ready. You’ll come in with questions prepared, and answers to any concerns they have. Don't be stuck in mad scramble.

The mad scramble before your discovery call for info...

During the meeting, you want to hand off note taking so you can focus on the conversation. Nobody likes someone who is half-listening as they’re trying to type without looking.

After each call, follow-up with action items and next steps.

Don’t worry, AI won’t take over your pitch. But it can help you prepare.

Here’s your toolkit to automate discovery & demos

Prep, meeting notes, reports - these automations all save you time before, during, and after your calls.

Never forget followups after a meeting

No more budgeting an extra hour before the meeting to get all the info together. Oh, and you don’t have to take diligent notes during it either.

Recordings and transcripts, securely stored for attendees.

What's next?

Getting a lead on a call is unfortunately only half the battle. Hunting down decision makers, finding champions, and reviving deals that have gone cold - there's plenty more tasks to automate.

Next up is a guide to automate Lead to Close.


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Lead to Close

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