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How a Sales Executive Automates Her Job Board and Saves 1 Hour Every Week

This playbook saves me 60-90 minutes that I'd spend copy-pasting 20 new jobs details from LinkedIn daily - now it only takes me 5 minutes. Gamechanger!
Sylvia "Rio" Martinez-Mullally
Sales Business Development Rep
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Sylvia "Rio" Martinez-Mullally is a professional sales rep who assists parking operators with digital solutions at HONK. Engaging with parking operators and managers daily, she felt the need to build a job board website to help them find the right talent.

Her platform serves as a useful network for the parking community, allowing them to stay informed about the industry's latest trends. Given that her network actively posts on LinkedIn, she aimed to automate the extraction of job posts from her LinkedIn feed.


Rio aimed to create and consistently update a job board specifically for those in the parking sector. However, extracting logos and job details from LinkedIn became a time-consuming task.

How was she solving this problem before?

She would sift through LinkedIn job postings weekly or upload jobs as they appeared on her feed. Then, she tried copy-pasting the data to Airtable one by one. This manual process was not only tedious but also meant that her job board wasn't updated as frequently as she would have liked.

Bardeen's Solution

Initially, Rio used an automation inside the Bardeen playbook catalog.

However, after speaking with Bardeen's Solutions team, she found more success when she built a handful of custom playbooks and scrapers.

The results?

She managed to save at least 1 hour every week!

This time-saving benefit meant her job board was not only more current, but she also eliminated the need to switch between different screens while managing other tasks.

This is a screenshot of Rio's job board website.

Used automation(s)

Final Thoughts

Rio's journey with Bardeen showcases the power of automation in today's fast-paced world. By leveraging no-code solutions, she transformed a time-consuming task into an efficient process. Her experience underscores the potential of using AI and automation tools in boosting productivity.

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