Bardeen Action

Gather Sales Intelligence with Bardeen Enrichment

Access up-to-date company and contact information from top providers using social links, email addresses, or names. Reduce research time and boost response rates with better personalization.

SMBs and Enterprises trust Bardeen to automate repetitive work.

Save time on research and get actionable Insights Instantly

Gathering information on leads and prospects can be a major time sink. Clicking on websites, scanning through endless text to find crucial information, and flipping through LinkedIn profiles—it all adds up.

With Bardeen Enrichment, get up-to-date information in just a few clicks and scale your research efforts.

Keep your CRM up to date with data from the best providers

Send personalized messages at scale with increased response rates

Save time and effort by automating your LinkedIn data scraping.

How Bardeen Enrichment Works

Find up-to-date info on any contact or company, and keep your CRMs and spreadsheets updated.

Enrich contacts

Access fresh contact information by providing an email address or social link. From current company information to location and social profiles, Bardeen maximizes coverage by checking multiple sources.

Get company data

Discover recent funding rounds and qualify companies based on their tech stack, revenue, or employee count. Just enter the company's URL into Bardeen's Enrichment action and watch the magic happen.

Automate Your Browser

Bardeen's Browser Agent can research the web for you, gathering information such as recent company or contact announcements, product pricing, and remote work policies. All it takes is a simple prompt.


Enrich and save leads to multiple CRMs with a click

Bardeen is an AI Agent for repetitive tasks. Here are a few pre-built automations that use the Bardeen Enrichment action to save you time and increase productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bardeen a Chrome Extension?

Bardeen aims to automate both apps and websites. To do this it leverages traditional methods like connecting APIs together, but also new techniques like Browser Agents, which directly use your browser to interact with your webpages. As a Chrome Extension Bardeen is capable of automation much more for you.

Is the data from Bardeen Enrichment up-to-date?

Yes. Bardeen integrates with multiple data providers, like Clearbit and Apollo, to find the most up-to-date information on contacts and companies. This way, you always have access to accurate and current data for your outreach and research needs.

Is my data secure?

Bardeen prioritizes robust security measures, ensuring your data is protected with industry-leading encryption and compliance standards. We employ continuous monitoring and regular updates to safeguard against evolving threats, keeping your information secure and your peace of mind intact.

Do I need to purchase my own plans with data providers?

No! Bardeen includes built-in enrichment APIs, so you don't need to purchase separate, often expensive, plans with each provider. We handle all the heavy lifting on the backend, saving you time and money.

What apps does Bardeen support?

Bardeen supports over 70 of the most popular apps used for work and personal productivity. We are constantly developing additional integrations, so let us know here if there’s an integration we should prioritize.

How much does Bardeen cost?

Bardeen is free to use for most personal use cases. We believe in making automation accessible to everyone. For more complex automations that leverage our integrations with AI partners and enterprise apps you use at work, we charge an usage based model that only bills you for what you use.

As a new user, you will also get a free trial for all of Bardeen's features.Read more about Bardeen paid plan and the premium features on our Pricing page.

Can I collaborate with my team?

Yes! You can sign up for a Business plan with Bardeen. Bardeen for Business is a feature that allows users to share, create, standardize and execute Playbooks and Autobooks within a shared workspace with centralized billing managed by the Team Administrator(s). Team Administrators own the team and are responsible for billing, adding, and removing team members. Learn more here.

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