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Save time, scale processes, increase impact with AI Automation

Teams get more done when they create and share automated playbooks. Bardeen's AI Agent for repetitive tasks empowers everyone to automate their work - no code required.

+1 month of automation credits for each team member

Trusted by companies worldwide

Built for teams and enterprises

Share best practices across your team

Ensure adherence to standard workflow templates by giving your entire team easy-to-use, consistent workflow automations.

Collaborate on Automations

Share and access premium Playbooks and Autobooks within your team effortlessly.

Optimized Space Management

Each team enjoys a dedicated space, organized and managed by your Business Administrator.

Full Control

Share Playbooks and Autobooks with ease, retaining ownership and control over your creations.

Privacy First

Your personal workspace stays private, with access strictly controlled by you; other members can't access it without permission.

Priority Support and In-depth Training

Dedicated Customer Success Manager for personalized setup, training, and support.

Centralized Control and Billing

Administrators control billing, adding, or removing team members, ensuring smooth operations.

Eliminate repetitive work,
focus on what matters

Dive into the future of productivity and teamwork with Bardeen Business. Unify your team, share your insights, and transform your workflows today.

2 user minimum
Flexible user administration
Admin analytics dashboard
Teamwide automations
Onboarding & training


For teams with less than 100 teammates who want automation.
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Get a flat fee for teams of 5 or fewer

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Magic Box
Playbook Synthesis
No-code Builder
Premium integrations
Remove Bardeen watermarks
Premium actions
Research Generator
Message Generator
Always-on actions
Personalized AI Actions
Add on
Sharing & Collaboration
Shared playbooks
Collaborative workspace
Workspace users
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Up to 100
Team folders (*coming soon)
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Admin & Security
User administration
Owner access
Account consolidation
Community support
Priority support
Onboarding & training
Customer Success Manager
Fully-managed Service
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Bonus Credits

Get 500 credits (1 month's supply) for every new teammate you add to your team.


What is Bardeen Teams?

Bardeen Teams is a feature that allows users to share, create, standardize and execute playbooks/autobooks within a shared workspace with centralized billing managed by the Team Administrator(s). Team Administrators own the team and are responsible for billing, adding, and removing team members.

Do I have to be a paid user to use Teams?

Teams is accessible for everyone but you and your team mates must be paid users to use and share premium playbooks and autobooks.

How do I sign up for Teams?

You can set up your team on the bottom left of your Bardeen work space under “Create a Team”.  Invite up to 5 users.  There is a minimum requirement of 2 users.  If you are on a free or Pro account, you will need to upgrade to access to a Business account.   Once you upgrade, you will get  500 credits for each accepted invite. Credits are shared amongst the team members.

How does team onboarding work?

During onboarding, team members are invited by email or via an invite link. Existing Bardeen users receive an email notification, while new users get an email with a opt-in to join the team.

Can other team members access my personal work space?

No. Other team members will not be able to access playbooks/autobooks in your personal workspace or any of your connected apps/data.

Why is Bardeen a Chrome Extension?

Bardeen aims to automate both apps and websites. To do this it leverages traditional methods like connecting APIs together, but also new techniques like Browser Agents, which directly use your browser to interact with your webpages. As a Chrome Extension Bardeen is capable of automation much more for you.

Is my data secure?

Bardeen prioritizes robust security measures, ensuring your data is protected with industry-leading encryption and compliance standards. We employ continuous monitoring and regular updates to safeguard against evolving threats, keeping your information secure and your peace of mind intact.

What apps does Bardeen support?

Bardeen supports over 70 of the most popular apps used for work and personal productivity. We are constantly developing additional integrations, so let us know here if there’s an integration we should prioritize.

How is a Space managed in Bardeen Teams?

A Space is created by the team admin, who automatically becomes the space admin. Only one space is permitted per team. Space is named (default is "Team Space"), and admins can rename it later.

How do I become a Team Administrator?

The creator of a team space automatically becomes the Team Administrator. This role is responsible for managing billing, adding or removing team members, and overall space management.

Can a team have more than one Administrator? How can I assign a team admin role to a team member?

Yes, a Team Administrator can promote other team members to be admins as well. This can be done under settings > Teams. Click in the user and change their role from user to admin.

What happens if a Team Administrator leaves the team?

If the Team Administrator leaves, they must transfer their admin rights to another team member. The system will prompt them to do so to ensure continuous team management.

How are playbooks managed in a team? How do I share a playbook with my team?

Playbooks can be shared between personal and team spaces via drag and drop. Users can move or duplicate playbooks. Each playbook has a distinct owner, even in a team space. Team members can execute any playbook available in the team space but can't modify it unless they are the owner.

What’s the difference between moving or duplicating a playbook?

Users can choose between moving the actual playbook (i.e removing it from their personal playbooks) or duplicating a copy of it and then moving the copy to the team space.  If the playbook is duplicated, it will not maintain a reference to the original playbook. In case of duplication, we will maintain a copy of the original playbook in the user’s personal space.

Can users copy playbooks from a team space to a personal space?

No, to maintain the integrity of the team collaboration model, playbooks cannot be dragged from the team space to a personal space.

Can I edit a playbook created by someone else in my team?

No, only the owner of a playbook can edit it. However, you can view and execute any playbook in the team space.

Who owns the playbooks?

Every playbook has a distinct owner, even if it is in a team space.

What happens to the playbooks and resources if a team member leaves?

If a team member leaves or is removed, the playbooks they created in the team space will be transferred to the admin of the space.

Where can I find pricing info?

You can find pricing details on under Business Plan.  You can toggle to see the cost depending on the credits you would need.

What’s a credit? What can I do with credits?

Credits are like tokens used for special premium features in our service. Regular features are free and unlimited. The number of credits you require depends on the number of automations you have running and their frequency. However, we'll send you friendly email notifications when you're getting close to your monthly limit at 70% and 90% usage, so you can keep track easily. You can tell which are premium with the "Premium" tag in your playbooks.

How is billing managed in Bardeen Teams?

The team admin sets up and manages the team account. They can cancel or modify the team account, and all premium automation done by team members is charged to the team account. Team members can join the team plan as soon as they are part of the team. Credits are shared amongst the team members.

If not fully utilized within a month, will the credits be rolled over to the following month?

Credits reset every month (starting from 30 days from the start of their subscription).

In case of an annual subscription, how will we get the credits in our account? Will all the credits be received in bulk, or on a monthly basis?

For annual plans, the credits are provided all upfront.

What happens if our team runs out of credits?

Any user can buy more credits for the whole team.  You can buy more credits inside the app. You pay for the additional credits you purchase and get them all upfront.  You can also increase your monthly credit limit by buying a higher tier of monthly credits on the annual plan. See under Business Plan.

What happens to our data if we cancel our Team account?

If the team account is canceled, the team space will be deactivated, and all playbooks in the space will revert to their respective owners. Unused credits will be lost unless the account is downgraded to premium, in which case the credits are preserved.

What kind of support does Bardeen offer to Team accounts?

Team accounts have access to priority support, onboarding and training.  For any issues or assistance, you can reach out to Bardeen's support at

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