Start by describing the task you want to automate

Bardeen's AI understands what you need to create a multi-step workflow. No coding or technical knowledge is required.

Describe your task with everyday language

Trained on thousands of expert-built automations

Refine, configure, and extend with ease

Magic box is the perfect playground to explore what Bardeen can do. Adjust your workflow to your liking by editing your prompt.

Add or remove commands by modifying the prompt

Optionally use the builder to make detailed edits

Automate & integrate with an ever-growing list of apps and websites.

get bardeen

Don't just connect your apps, automate them.

200,000+ users and counting use Bardeen to eliminate repetitive tasks

Effortless setup
AI powered workflows
Free to use


How do I access Magic Box?

After installing Bardeen, simply type into the text box at the top of the app window. We will intelligently identify pre-built workflows in our catalog to complete your task or use the Magic Box to craft a brand new automation.

What if I’m not sure how to describe my task?

Knowing what to automate can be just as challenging as automating it. Browse our existing catalog of automations, our blog, or follow us on our socials (Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn) for inspiration. We regularly publish content to help you discover new ways to improve your productivity.

What apps does Bardeen support?

Bardeen supports over 70 of the most popular apps used for work and personal productivity. We are constantly developing additional integrations, so let us know here if there’s an integration we should prioritize.

How much does Magic Box cost?

Magic Box is included in all of our usage plans, including the free tier. Our goal is to provide automation for everyone, whether you use Bardeen a lot or just occasionally. Read more about Bardeen paid plan and the premium features on our Pricing page.

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