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Our mission is to help people leverage technology to do more of what they love and stay in the flow.

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We are building the future of automation

Things that can be done by machines should be done by machines. Life is too short to be switching tabs and clicking around. 

We believe that humans should be empowered to do what they are the best at (problem-solving and creativity) by delegating low-level tasks to technology.

Today, these repetitive manual tasks consume 80% of our time on the computer. And we aim to change that forever!

1. Getting you in the mix

The majority of the workflow automation tools today focus on fixed processes. You set up a process once and it runs the same way every time. An activity in one app triggers an action in the other. 

Let’s now zoom out to observe what we actually do day-to-day. We communicate. We make decisions. We manage files. We create tasks.

Those are flexible processes that need your judgment and input (known as human-in-the-loop). Until now, you could only do them manually by switching from one app to another and using disconnected interfaces.

2. Bringing context into the equation

Bardeen works where you do. It’s accessible from anywhere on your computer so that you can trigger automations with a shortcut.

But it’s not just about the ability to run an automation from anywhere. It’s about the context of where you run it.

Bardeen extracts data and context from the currently opened web page to power your automation. You can add a LinkedIn profile to your CRM with a click, look up the social profiles of a Github user, or scrape data from a website into Google Sheets. 

We also bring context from other places to you. Bardeen can automatically launch your next meeting, so you never miss one. Widgets bring the data from your web apps to where you are such as Jira issues and your calendar events.

3. Automations that come to you

Automations traditionally take too much time to set up. And most of the time, it’s easier to do something manually at the moment than to build an automation for the process.

The result? Most people keep clicking around and staying stuck with manual workflows.

That’s where context comes into play again. Bardeen suggests you pre-built automations based on the page that you are currently on.

You can just install Bardeen and forget about it. And soon, most of your day-to-day workflows will be completely streamlined as you work the usual way and discover new playbooks.

4. Making tech more connected

Technology is a lot less connected than you think. Your web apps don’t exchange information freely.

Information created in one app exists only in that app. 

We will make it easy to:
    a) transfer all of your data from apps
    b) sync your apps two-ways
    c) build if-this-than-that triggered workflows.

Who we are

We are a small team of 11 people with a strong engineering culture, a passion for automation, and hunger to ship great product. 

The founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record in tech. They’ve scaled companies to over $200m and built cutting-edge AI products.

Among us are some of the world’s best experts in data architecture, web automations, and AI.

Why you should join us

  • You will be building the future of automation and how people interact with technology.
  • You will work in an inspiring world-class team.
  • You will learn a lot, build new skills and stretch your limits.
  • Your work will make a large impact on the development of the company, the product, and the team.
  • We care about the development of your craft.
  • We are a remote team. We believe that to do great work, you do not need to be in the same physical location. So we work remotely and meet every quarter in different locations around the world for company offsites.

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