Bardeen Update - May 2024

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May 22, 2024
Jason Gong
Jason Gong
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We’re always too busy building to publish updates, but it’s never too late to start! Going forward expect a monthly update from us on our progress towards using AI to eliminate your repetitive work.

So, what did we get done in the last few months?

  • 5 new integrations, 20+ new actions
  • 2 major features launched: Teams, Always ON
  • 1 mega feature in closed Beta: Automation Assistant
  • 100+ new playbook templates published

Here are the details.

Business Ready: Teams, Sharing, and Microsoft

Bardeen started as a personal project for personal tasks - with apps like Notion, Google Docs, and Twitter. We quickly realized from our users the bulk of repetitive work happens when you’re at work (duh).

Recently we added a few features and integrations that make using Bardeen at work easier than ever:

  • Full launch of Bardeen for Teams: You can now create teams, share playbooks, and manage users. There’s more to come here like centralized reporting and metrics. This deserves its own post coming soon.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office’s suite of apps
  • Improvements to playbook sharing and management

We also added Cory to our team to lead solution engineering! If you need some help at your company deploying Bardeen, make sure to book some time with him.

“Always ON”: No More Browser Naps

Our goal with Bardeen is to create an AI Agent that can automate all your repetitive tasks. Since you do most of these in your browser, we made Bardeen a browser extension.

Unfortunately, closing the lid to your laptop also stops whatever time-saving automation is running. You won't be able to monitor leads, alert Slack with important events, or trigger workflows when a Zoom recording is available.

With our “Always ON” update, the actions that trigger playbooks and the playbooks themselves run in the cloud instead of on your local machine. This means they’ll always run!

Just replace the trigger action in your playbook with an “Always ON” action to enable it.

Scraping just got easier and more powerful

In May we shipped a few changes that make scraping even more powerful and easy to use:

  • Clean scraped text with Regex: You can now format and clean text you extract with the Scraper. This could mean removing suffixes from prices and numbers, or only extracting a snippet from a larger string of text. This is a bit of a power-user feature, but hey, if you use a spreadsheet, I promise learning regex will be worth your time to learn.
  • Works better in the background: We made scraper more reliable with pages that refuse to load with a minimized browser.

Hot from the press: more content

We realized just building a product isn’t enough to help people automate their work. We should also invest in educational resources and practical guides to empower users to get the most out of our tools.

If you came from the May Newsletter, you’ll have already seen the biggest announcement for content: our Automation Field Guide for SDRs. It includes:

  • 80+ new playbooks
  • 15+ new sales articles and guides
  • New integrations, actions, and functions for sales

Who should we create our next field guide for? Real estate, marketing, founders? Let us know.

What’s next?

This week we're holding our first company offsite of 2024. In the next month expect even more updates. In particular:

  • More integrations, actions, and playbooks
  • AI agents and scrapers

Even more exciting, a huge update is coming for Bardeen that will fundamentally change how you build automations with Bardeen. Stay tuned!

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