Empowering the Modern Workforce:

A New Era with Bardeen

Today, we spend hours copy-pasting data, switching context and draining our energy on mundane tasks.

The cause? The countless browser tabs and ever-increasing number of apps you use for work.The trillion-dollar software industry has unbundled everything into a different app - complicating our lives even though it sought to simplify it.

The sheer volume of tools has become as much of a burden as the tasks themselves.

You may recognize some of them - complicated builders, confusing interfaces, and limited functionality in your most used apps.Sure, they connect your apps to move data from one to another, but they share a common problem. They were built for IT departments, not those who need it most.

Automation tools of the past tried to solve this problem, but they aren’t the future we were promised.

We started Bardeen to build an automation platform for you, those actually doing the work.

We built Bardeen for people who are closing deals, creating opportunities, and directly solving problems for customers. Why? Because you know your processes better than anyone else and need complete control of how they are automated.Building automations need to be effortless - whether you instruct using language or show with your actions.

As you work, Bardeen will learn patterns and suggest automations before you realize you need them.This sounds farfetched, but our small, talented team has already made major strides towards this future.

Better yet, it needs to be proactive - anticipating your needs and finding new ways to free up your time.

The ultimate purpose of AI is to liberate you from monotonous labor.

Enabling you to pursue your passions with greater energy and focus. Automation is a stepping stone toward an AI-driven future that amplifies human potential and serves humanity.

There are massive challenges to solve as we build this future. At Bardeen.ai, we’re committed to enhancing, not replacing, human capability.

The future of AI is uncertain. We pledge to enhance, not replace.

This is an ambitious mission with an uncertain outcome, but we see this as one of the most critical challenges for humanity in this century.

We hope you’ll join us.

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