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Our playbook builder allows anyone to create and customize automations.
Connect your favorite apps, select actions, and get your manual work done for you.

Add actions from your favorite apps

Every workflow consists of actions. Start by adding actions on a canvas from your apps or the Bardeen built-ins. Ready? Click save and run your playbook!

Builder Action Flow

Use conditions to power complex workflows

The conditional filters unlock the new level of complexity in your automations. You can build branches based on keywords, true/false conditions, dates and much more.

Add triggers to move data between apps automatically

Autobooks start with a trigger. There are two types: scheduled and when something happens. Your data can finally move freely between apps and display on your screen.

Autobook trigger cards in Bardeen Builder
Contextual Smart Suggestions on ProductHunt

Leverage the contextual actions

Bardeen operates in your browser, which allows for actions on your screen. The contextual actions can launch your next meeting automatically, display notifications, and even get data from the currently opened page.

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