Best AI automations for HubSpot CRM

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May 22, 2024
Chang Chen
Chang Chen
Chang Chen
Chang Chen

As many know, performing all your tasks manually in HubSpot can be time-consuming and hinder growth. If you haven’t set up any automatons, even regular tasks can take up hours of your precious time.

Fortunately, AI automations exist to streamline your workflow. With these automations, you can leave repetitive tasks behind and embrace a more intuitive workflow. In this article, we'll introduce you to the best AI-powered automations to elevate your HubSpot experience.

Top 3 AI automations for HubSpot

Bardeen is an AI-first workflow automation browser extension. It is integrated with HubSpot (along with over 70 popular apps) and has AI features. Using Bardeen, you can automate tasks in HubSpot and supercharge your workflow with AI. It’s free to get started.

Now, let’s look at three core problems that every B2B sales and marketer faces, which can be solved with our AI automations!

Lead list imports

When you return from a trade show or field event with new leads but don’t want to spend time importing them into HubSpot manually, you can use these automations.

This automation will sync contact data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet with HubSpot contact data. Each time a new contact is added or updated in the Google Sheet, the changes will be saved for that contact in HubSpot.

This Playbook will enrich contacts in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It will then create contacts in HubSpot with the information or update existing contacts with new information.

This Playbook will find social media links and company information of event participants and create HubSpot contacts with the data.

Check this article to learn more about how to import contacts into HubSpot.

Lead routing

Proper lead routing is essential for responsiveness and nurturing. With these automations, you can ensure that your leads are swiftly and accurately directed to the right teams.

This automation will get information from a LinkedIn company’s About page and employee growth insights. It will then save qualified companies to HubSpot based on your criteria.

You can visit this article to learn more about lead routing with Bardeen. Since Bardeen is also integrated with Clearbit, check this article for more Clearbit automations for lead management.

HubSpot also has native lead routing feature. You can set it up in the Workflows tool and base it on revenue, location, use case, or any other kind of criteria. Read this article to learn more about lead routing in HubSpot.

Database cleaning

If your data has inaccuracies or duplicate contacts and companies, it can lead to many errors. These automations ensure your database stays clean to boost effective decision-making and targeted marketing efforts.

If you try to copy a LinkedIn profile manually, you may end up with errors and inaccuracies. Instead, let this Playbook copy LinkedIn profile data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet for you so the data is clean and error-free. Check the Playbook page for more information on how to use this automation.

As mentioned in the above automation, trying to copy details from any website manually can lead to typos. Instead, you can use this automation to do it for you. It’ll extract data from any website you want, create a brief summary, identify keywords, and store the results in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

This automation will monitor a LinkedIn profile for any changes. It will then update a HubSpot contact with any new information if there is a change in the LinkedIn profile. If no contact exists in HubSpot, the automation will first enrich and create a contact using

Create your own HubSpot automations with Bardeen

Everyone uses HubSpot in a unique way and has their own goals and challenges. For this reason, it’s great to create your own automations to suit your workflow. The best part is, creating automations in Bardeen doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

With Magic Box, you can describe the automations in plain language, and Bardeen will create them for you. Check these articles to learn more about Magic Box and other AI features.

If you want to explore more pre-built automations, visit these pages for meeting, marketing, management, product development, and data collection automations.


Adding AI to any workflow can enhance your productivity. In this article, we looked at how you can use Bardeen to add AI automations to HubSpot.

As your next step, be sure to install Bardeen and try one of the above automations in HubSpot.

If you want to learn more about how to take your HubSpot workflow to the next level, check out our article about how HubSpot automations can simplify your email marketing and outreach.

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