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May 22, 2024
Automating Boring Work
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Simplifying your daily tasks has always been Bardeen’s driving force. We’re always introducing new integrations with your favorite apps, creating new Playbooks to help automate your tasks, and allowing users to create and customize their own automations with our easy no-code builder. But what if you simply don’t want to spend your time building automations or learning a new platform?

Say no more. Today we’re thrilled to introduce the next leap forward for Bardeen: Magic Box, our next-generation AI tool for workflow automation.

If we can take things off your plate, we want to. And if you’ve got a specific automation in mind that would transform your workday for the better, we want you to have it – and fast. Magic Box is designed to be your trustworthy AI workflow automators; simply describe the desired workflow you’re looking for, and these tools will generate your dream automations from scratch.

Unlock the power of data with Bardeen's Magic Box, your all-in-one solution for seamless data extraction, transformation, and integration. Simplify your workflows and supercharge your productivity today

The world of AI is moving at lightning speed, with more tools and use cases each day. But many require technical experience or a hefty budget that only enterprises can afford. With Magic Box, Bardeen wants to put automation in the hands of everybody – just tell Bardeen what you want it to help with, and you’ll have a custom automation in seconds to review and refine it however you see fit.

Now, anyone can streamline their day-to-day workflows with the power of AI, without needing to get into the weeds of programming or techie jargon. With help from large language model (LLM) technology, Magic Box can rapidly generate the automations you’re looking for, in an interface that’s as user-friendly as possible – as easy as texting your friend how they can help. If there’s manual or boring work that Bardeen can help with, share it with Magic Box and the rest is done for you – so you can automate those tedious tasks and focus on the fun, creative part of any work.

In other words…like magic. :)

Where to access the Magic Box

Magic Box operates inside of the Bardeen extension, when you type into the field “What do you want to do?” and then click “Let our AI assistant build it for you.” You can also access Magic Box features right from your Twitter with our Magic Bot; just tag us (@bardeenai), write your prompt, and then use the hashtag #magicbox. Our software will build the automation template and then reply to your tweet with a link to review and customize. We’re also planning future updates that will support Magic actions from other places you work, such as Slack.

Once your personalized automation templates are created, you can update them any way you’d like – change the tools you’re syncing together, edit the tiny details or inputs, and so on. For instance, if you’re trying to send automated messages to your coworkers based on certain actions, dive into the template and write the message you want shared or the exact time you want to send it. The rest of the workflow is handled for you! Set it up, save it, and get on with your life. With more time to spare.

Staying safe with Bardeen

With the constant advancements of AI, experts are raising some rightful security concerns. The recent surge in LLMs has presented a new set of potential flaws and issues to consider. Unlike some other platforms, our approach with Magic Box is safer and more predictable. We don’t run LLM when you perform automations – only to build your automations. Once you create one with Magic Box, review it to make sure it does what you want, and then it will run deterministically. This requires a bit more work on our end, but well worth it for the safety of our users. 

This all means you can keep streamlining your workflows with peace of mind. Just be sure to safeguard your data and app accounts however you can, with strong authentication for every account and data encryption where you see fit.

If you’ve still got any questions or concerns, we’re happy to answer them. Join our Slack community to have a direct line to support, as well as users like yourself from around the world. The more honest feedback we get, the better we’ll be able to keep shaping and improving Bardeen!

Thanks for being part of the magic with us. We’re so excited to see all the prompt-based automations you come up with – the possibilities are truly endless! Give Magic Box a shot right in your Bardeen extension, or tweet at Magic Bot to take it for a test drive. And be sure to follow Bardeen on Twitter for more exciting innovations and conversations, as we keep pushing things forward and modernizing the way people work. 

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