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Automate Sales Prospecting

By the Bardeen Solutions Engineering Team
Last Updated: May 12, 2024

We're Bardeen, we build an AI Agent that does your repetitive work tasks. Companies like Honk Mobile and Casafari, use Bardeen to build more sales pipeline. We share some of these automation templates, called playbooks, with you in this article below.

Not all leads are made equal. Since your time is limited, you'll want to spend it with the right prospects.

The more narrow your target account list, the sharper your messaging can speak to their specific pains. Say your company provides web design services to software companies.

You'll want to know if your prospect just raised capital, launched in a new market, or posted a job ad on Upwork for a web developer. Each represents a different pain with web design - imagine if you reached out speaking to that pain!

Researching a new lead... does this look familiar? Here's a playbook that automates research

Like others, you can start with a sales intelligence tool like Apollo or Zoominfo. These platforms won't have all the info you'll need and they are notorious for having out-of-date information.

So, where you'll get the most return is going further than your competitors to find details they'll miss. This is incredibly manual, so lets take a look at how AI and automation can help you.

Here's your toolkit to automate prospecting

Did you know a third of sales people say social media offers the best leads? That's great, except social media platforms aren't built to be you personal lead bank.

So, they're cumbersome to use as sales channels. The tools and tactics we cover below make it easy.

Build your leadlist

Most lead lists start with a search. These automations make it simple to import the leads you find into your CRM, outreach tool, or spreadsheet.

This automation from Bardeen loads leads from a LinkedIn search into a Google Sheet.

And while you're at it, why not also enrich these leads too? These automations can help you quickly build a list of leads from any source.

Being opportunistic with "in-flow" automations

Context switching is the bane of productivity. It's not efficient to move between tools, that's why most sales activities are done in batches.

This automation from Bardeen saves post commenters into a Google Sheet.

That shouldn't be the case with finding leads.

These automations give you a 1-click way to perform common workflows across multiple apps. See a lead you like on LinkedIn? Find their email, store them in your CRM, enrich the profile, then add them to an outreach sequence with 1 click.

What's next?

With your leadlist loaded, you'll want to find more information before sending your first email.

This is done to qualify if they are truly fit to be a customer, and to ensure you can write the most personalized email possible.

Head on to Enrich & Qualify next.

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