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How Casafari, A Real Estate Company, Saves 13 Hours Every Day Automating Lead Qualification

“Before using Bardeen, I’d spend one month manually qualifying leads. To make things worse, these leads weren’t always trustworthy. Generating leads is easy, but qualifying leads is hard. Thanks to Bardeen, I can qualify leads in 1-2 hours and am confident that these leads are well-qualified.”
Caroline Moura
Business Intelligence Analyst
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Casafari provides accurate real estate data to brokers, developers, and banks. They use Bardeen to save 13 hours per day qualifying 20 leads per day. By saving 66 hours per week, Casafari is able to spend that time focusing on outreach and closing sales.


Casfari spent 13 hours per week manually copy-pasting ~100 un-enriched leads every week. For each lead, their team checked various sources to collect company and employee info. A lack of this information resulted in wasted time and missed opportunities for their Sales Team.

“Our primary focus revolves around enhancing the qualification of our leads through data enrichment and prospecting tools. We’re using Bardeen to automate and complement these tasks.” - Caroline Moura, BI Analyst, Casafari

Bardeen's Solution


First, Casafari uses Bardeen to get data from a list of websites including LinkedIn that enables Casafari to score and qualify a lead. This additional layer of information enriches their raw data in Google Sheets.

Next, Casafari uses Bardeen to copy-paste hundreds of employee LinkedIn profiles to increase the productivity of their Sales Outreach Team.

Finally, Casafari uses Bardeen to search for available email addresses on each company's webpage. Bardeen makes this super simple and can even find email addresses hidden on the website.

Used automation(s)

Results & Benefits


Time Savings

Before Bardeen, Casfari spent 66 hours / week qualifying 100 leads. After Bardeen, Casafari spends 1 day qualifying 100 leads.

Final Thoughts

Casafari transformed their workflow to automatically enrich their raw data with LinkedIn profiles of companies and employees, as well as available email addresses from company websites. This has allowed Casafari to have a deeper understanding of their leads while saving time and precious resources.

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