Source and nurture top candidates with AI-powered automation

Tap into non-traditional pools of talent and send hyper-personalized messages to hire the best talent.

The #1 AI Automation extension for Chrome
Extracted user information from Dribbble in Google Sheets

Find passive candidates where others aren't looking

One of the most challenging parts of recruiting is finding great candidates. Extract lists of candidates from sources like GitHub, social platforms, and academic directories at scale.

AI powered web scrapers and agents

Integrations with Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed

personalized messaging

Improve nuture campaigns with hyper-personalized messaging

You can’t reach the best job candidate with canned messages. This is where your excellent communication skills come into play. Use these playbooks to make email discovery, research, and outreach smoother.

Find information on candidates with Browser Bot

Generate emails, LinkedIn messages, and more

Proven message templates powered by AI


Create triggers to time your outreach for maximum engagement

Level up your outreach by sending the right message at the right time. Trigger messages on any platform with social activity and company changes.

Monitor changes on candidate social profiles

Leverage a library of existing triggers

Use AI to build your own intent signals

Enrichment sources

Access the best with one subscription. Get data from the best providers - no account required.

HR Integrations

Connect and automate popular HR tools. Integrate with an increasing list of the best sales tools - from CRMs and productivity tools to messaging platforms.

Browser Bot

Automate your browser with an intelligent AI. Extract and summarize info from any website.

Level up your recruiting process with Bardeen

Message Generator

Craft hyper-personalized messages to improve conversion


Account: What defines a user account in this system?

A user account, identified by their email, can be either an individual account or part of a team.

Bardeen AI: How can I use Bardeen's AI classification tool?

Bardeen's AI classification tool allows you to create custom classifiers for automating data categorization, like classifying emails or leads.

Updating Bardeen: When can I expect updated versions of Bardeen and how can I check for them?

You can expect updated versions of Bardeen every Wednesday.

Remove Bardeen Branding: How can I remove the "Created with by" or "Sent via" branding from my automated messages and pages?

If you're a paid user of Bardeen, you have the option to turn off the "Created with by" or "Sent via" branding from your automated messages and pages.

Account Management: How can I find the settings page on Bardeen?

Go to the top right of Bardeen → click on the menu icon → Settings.

Bardeen: I’m new to Bardeen, where should I get started?

If you're new to Bardeen, start by downloading the Chrome Extension.

Account Management: How can I update Bardeen to the latest version?

Here are the steps on how to update Bardeen to the last version.

Connecting Apps: To connect to an app (eg. Google Drive) do I have to give Bardeen full access to my account?

Yes, that's correct. We (like any other automation platform) need these permissions to trigger and run automations for you.

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