Bardeen Automation Field Guide

Automate Outreach & Follow Ups

By the Bardeen Solutions Engineering Team
Last Updated: May 12, 2024

Let’s face it; talking to leads and customers takes up a ton of time. You’re free to spend as much time as you want on it, but we’re free to make it easier.

Armed with your list of contacts, you’ll want to make each message count. But turning a list of qualified leads into 15 personalized emails takes time.

The personalization doesn’t need automation, but every other step - creating a template, exporting contact information - is the same thing, repeatedly. 

So most people use copy-pasting.

If your task list is filled with "write custom intro", you need AI.

You know those LinkedIn posts where the CEO says “Look at this salesperson, they forgot to replace <NAME> in their message with my name. What an idiot.”

Yeah, those are hilarious, until it happens to you. 

Let’s see how AI and automation can help.

Here’s your toolkit to automate outreach and follow ups

Cold outreach doesn’t work anymore if the message isn’t personal. You’ll need to adapt and adjust your strategy.

Here’s a few tools you can use to help.

What's next?

With well-written, personalized, and targeted emails humming along, it's time to prepare for  Discovery & Demo Calls.


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Outreach & Follow Ups 🚀

Discovery & Demo Calls

Lead to Close

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