Sales Development rep edition

Bardeen's Automation
Field Guide

AI is here. Products launch every day promising to replace your job.

We believe AI should make you better at your job instead.

Here's a guide on how to do that.

The old way of selling is cold, manual, and slow

Manual research, copy/pasting, clicking, clicking, clicking...

With AI and automation, that future is already here

You just need the right tools.

Imagine if you could work 10x faster

How much pipeline could you close?

This guide will help you navigate the challenges

We go over concepts, tools, and even automations we've built using Bardeen - take a look.

Let's learn to automate with AI!
Which funnel stage should we start with?

Table of contents


Find the right leads in less time

Your time is limited - spending it on the right leads will give you the highest chance of building more pipeline.

Traditionally, this has been super manual. Google searches, scrolling through LinkedIn, crawling directories, and typing out dozens of emails with the same template.

Automations and AI can help every part of this process.

We’ll cover all the reasons you should automate this, and how you can do it.

What you'll learn

Qualification & Enrichment

Segment, research, prioritize

With your list of leads, you'll need to gather intel on them. At the very least an email or phone number is needed to reach out.

But, generic cold outreach just won't cut it anymore. It could even get your domain in trouble.

To really conduct effective outreach you'll need more info. Their position, recent announcements from their company, and even what they shared last on social media.

Lucky for you now there are scrapers and AI Agents to do research for you.

What you'll learn

Outreach & Followups

More personal, less spammy

You're finally ready to send some emails (or make some calls if you're brave enough). You found leads who will find your product or service valuable, and you're equipped with information so you don't waste their time with irrelevant offers.

If only sending emails was as simple as sending an email...

In this section, we'll cover how you can reach inboxes and optimize response rates.

What you'll learn

Discovery & Demo Calls

Wow leads with preparation

Game time - all your hard work has paid off. Remember, almost no one takes the time to jump on a call unless they have a problem that needs to be solved.

Your goal is to discover the problem - don't shill your product before understanding what your prospect needs.

Being prepared means you won't spend time asking questions you could have found the answer to.

Again, it's time consuming manual work. Lets explore how to automate it.

What you'll learn

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