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March 4, 2024
Automating Boring Work
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When the TV was first invented, we had no choice but to change the channel by hand. Then we invented the remote control. Before cars, we rode horses or simply walked (sometimes very, very long distances). The bottom line is always the same – our time is our most precious resource, and together we’re constantly coming up with ways to get time and energy back. The more time we save, the more we can focus on what matters.

Today, we’re spending the majority of our days on computers. And the painful truth is, for millions of people, most of that time is spent on repetitive and tedious tasks – searching, copying, pasting, switching between tabs and apps, and so on. 

It’s often easy to lose track of what our actual jobs are – and for employers, where the company’s time and budgets are actually spent. And doing this type of endless repetitive work is not just boring, annoying, and time-wasting for everyone, but a serious strain on our mental health. 

More and more, we’re realising that if something can be done by computers it should be, so we can focus on the creative and more impactful parts of our work … and find peace of mind in the process.

That’s why we created Bardeen.

Bardeen is a personalised copilot for your work, that helps automate the things you do most. Using our pre-built workflow automations, or personally creating them with our intuitive no-code automation builder, users today can leverage Bardeen to do most of their manual tasks for them. So they can focus on their real job, make work seamless, and stay in the flow. And this is just the starting point, as we continue to build our unique platform that will suggest and self-build the best possible automations for each user.

The average business now has over 110 software programs (!) being used across team functions; most employee workflows require switching context across platforms and tabs, waiting for different UIs to load, and being at the mercy of potential crashes or slip-ups. 

Bardeen serves to thread these tools and functionalities together, with hundreds of ready-to-use automations based on what people are commonly doing in their apps and with their data. And with our easy-to-use builder, users can design unique automations based on their job’s repeatable tasks or customise our existing ones. Integrate all your processes and software tools, and make your entire scope of data accessible, actionable, and automatable. 

Our long-term hope is that the more you work with Bardeen, the more ways it will be able to assist you. Using breakthrough AI, Bardeen will identify your day-to-day routines and suggest new automations. We want Bardeen to be your most trusted digital colleague, with you everywhere you go – the one that makes your full stack work for you, rather than making you work for them. If there's mundane work that machines can be doing, Bardeen instructs them to do it.

Think of it like an executive assistant that lives in your browser – and eventually, across all your platforms. On Day One it’s a blank slate. The more you tell it, and the more it observes your work, the better it will know where to help out and take things off your plate like magic. Bardeen can't make your coffee or put on your clothes for you (not yet, anyway...), but it can alleviate your daily stress, save you countless hours, and unblock your happiest, most creative and focused self. And you can lend the same relief with your entire team and our global user community, by conveniently sharing the Bardeen automations that you love.

Take your time back. Do the work you actually love – and use the skills you were actually hired for. Bardeen makes it possible. Stop switching tabs, and stay switched on.

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