How HubSpot automations can simplify your email marketing and outreach

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May 22, 2024
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar
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Email marketing and outreach are critical components of any successful business strategy. Unfortunately, executing these tasks manually can be time-consuming and repetitive, especially with third-party platforms.

HubSpot automations by Bardeen and other tools can bridge the gap and consolidate your workflow. They can help you create personalized emails, automate replies to tickets, and manage your data across platforms.

With Hubspot Marketing automations you can set your marketing campaigns on autopilot with marketing automation software powered by CRM data.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can implement HubSpot automations in your system.

Benefits of HubSpot automations

Let’s answer this article's primary question: "How can HubSpot automations simplify your email marketing and outreach?”

It’s simple: once you let automations handle the mundane and repetitive aspects of the sales process—sending follow-up emails, organizing contact information, and creating action items—you free up the sales team to focus their efforts on more beneficial endeavors.

A positive side-effect is that you reduce the risk of human error in data entry and other operations. Here’s an example: if you've automated email responses, it eliminates the chance of an employee forgetting to follow up with a lead. This can ensure that no lead falls through the cracks.

Now that you know the benefits of HubSpot automations, let’s show you how to implement this into your business process as effortlessly as possible.

Top HubSpot automations

Excited to automate HubSpot?! Before we go ahead and discuss some automations, you’ll need to get Bardeen to use them, a no-code workflow automation extension in Chrome.

It’s integrated with HubSpot and many other apps. Since it runs locally on your computer, it’s safe and easy to use. Here’s the best part: it’s free to get started.

Now, let’s dive in and discuss some time-saving HubSpot automations.

Generative AI

Since Bardeen is integrated with OpenAI, we offer many prebuilt HubSpot automations that use GPT3. Here are a few such automations.

Twitter is an excellent platform for users to provide feedback on your products and services. With this automation, you can create a HubSpot ticket from a tweet. It will include the issue’s title, summary, and a link to the tweet.

Did you receive an email about a bug or issue you’d like to pass on to a team for further examination? Use this automation to turn that email into a HubSpot ticket with OpenAI.

Responding manually to each HubSpot ticket you receive daily can be tedious. With this automation, OpenAI will analyze the ticket and draft a reply based on your prompt. This can speed up your response time and ensure your customers get quick and accurate information.

HubSpot’s content assistant includes AI email writing software that multiplies your productivity.

As technology advances, AI will change how you manage your business. These automations provide a starting point, but you can also use AI tools for lead management.

Lead management

Lead management is an integral part of any business. Since you might receive multiple leads daily, managing them can be a challenge. Here are some HubSpot automations in Bardeen that can streamline your lead management.

It's always a top priority to resolve issues brought up by your customers. When you receive a HubSpot ticket, use this automation rather than adding it manually to Jira. It analyzes the ticket and generates a summary for a Jira issue. Once done, you can assign it to the relevant team member or department.

Just received an email from a potential customer and want to add them to HubSpot? This automation scans the email and fills in the lead’s name and email address. It uses ClearBit to add more details about the lead.

For more content on this topic, check out our article on how to automate lead management.

Copy data to other platforms

In addition to automating repetitive tasks, you can use Bardeen to copy data from HubSpot (like products, deals, and tickets) to other platforms, skipping all the copy-pasting. Here are a few automations for that.

We have prebuilt automations for all platforms. You can also copy tickets to ClickUp, deals to Notion, products to Airtable, and so on.

Trigger-based automations

Bardeen also offers trigger-based automations, which are called “Autobooks.” With these running in your browser, you can automate an action when something happens. Here are a few Autobooks for HubSpot.

As the names imply, these automations create a new folder, row, or page when an action is performed in HubSpot. These can be useful to keep things under control when you’re working across different platforms. You can also create custom Autobooks using these triggers.

We hope you found some time-saving automations in the above list! Feel free to explore more Playbooks and Autobooks and discover ways to automate repetitive tasks in HubSpot.

Beyond marketing

Bardeen can help you automate tasks outside of marketing and email outreach as well. Here are a few AI-powered automations that can help you streamline your workflow to increase productivity.

When a support ticket is urgent, you want to start working on it without wasting time. Use this automation to generate a list of tasks from a HubSpot ticket and add them to ClickUp as new tasks so that you can get started immediately.

When you finish a meeting, you don’t want to break your workflow by taking time to add the action items manually. This automation generates a summary and action items from your meeting notes and saves them to ClickUp.

With this automation, you can say goodbye to fluff-filled articles and long Wikipedia pages. When looking for something online, use this automation to get a quick webpage summary. You can also save the summary to Notion.

If you see the need for an automation, creating new ones for yourself is easy with Magic Box! You only need to chat with Bardeen, which will generate the automation for you. Read this article for more details.

Create engaging copy for your social media posts in a flash with Hubspot's AI caption generator that does all the heavy lifting.


All in all, using HubSpot automations in Bardeen can streamline and consolidate your email marketing and outreach. It can bridge the gap between third-party platforms and allow you to get more things done without anything falling through the cracks.

Now, what are you waiting for? Install Bardeen and try one of the above prebuilt HubSpot automations.

Since you’ve got the hang of automations, HubSpot CRM integrations can be the next big step. We have an article on the best HubSpot CRM integrations for sales.

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