Creating Autobooks

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An Autobook is what we call an automation with a trigger. Unlike Playbooks that you need to initiate manually, Autobooks run “when something happens.”

Autobooks consist of triggers and actions, and are created in the Builder.

For example, when an email arrives (trigger), send it to Slack (action). When it’s 6am on Monday (trigger), send my call agenda for the week (action).

It’s best to create Autobooks for the processes that run in a predictable way and do not need your judgement/input.

Set it and forget it!

Trigger types

Bardeen has two types of triggers: scheduled and when something happens. 

Scheduled triggers

The scheduled trigger fires on a schedule. To set up this trigger, configure the following variables: 

  • Starting date
  • Frequency
  • Day of the week
  • When to stop (never, on a date, after several runs)

Scheduled triggers are often used for repetitive tasks such as sending reports. Marketers may send screenshots of their Google Analytics to Slack. And salespeople may email a spreadsheet of their scheduled calls for the week to their supervisor. 

Event-based triggers

The second trigger type fires when something happens in your web apps. This allows your apps to talk to each other without you being the middleman copy-pasting data between them.

For example, when there is a new Jira issue assigned to me (event trigger), send me a browser notification (action).

Each app that we integrate with has at least one trigger. Browse through triggers for your favorite apps from the Builder to get automation ideas.

And as always, the best way to start is to try one of the pre-built Autobooks from our catalog.

Enabling and disabling Autobooks

Autobooks can be temporarily disabled. Navigate to the “My Autobooks” tab in the extension popup. There you will see the ON / OFF switch.

Checking the trigger history

To get trigger history, click on this icon inside the Autobook card:

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