Streamline your personalized outreach

In outreach, “spray and pray” doesn’t work. A few great emails to the right person will do what no automated outreach will ever be able to. Until today, there used to be just two choices: fully automated or personalized. Bardeen can help you combine automation with personalization.

Bardeen action flow for sending a templated email including scraped website data
Get enriched meeting participants data

Research people and companies faster

Context allows you to understand your potential customers better, increasing your chances of closing a deal. If you have tons of leads (possibly after using these awesome automations), it’s hard to find time between calls to research people and companies. Bardeen helps you to get the info you need with a shortcut.

Increase show-up rates and automate meeting workflows

Meetings are where you make the magic happen. But many things need to align first - you need to send reminders, get the latest notes, and find the meeting link. These automations will run those processes for you in the background.

A list of all meetings from this week

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Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt
Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt