Actions & Triggers

Bardeen provides two types of automations called Playbooks and Autobooks.

Playbooks are automations that you launch manually. And Autobooks are the automations that get triggered automatically when something happens or on a specific date / time.

All automations are just a series of actions connected to each other.
Triggers tell the automation when it has to start the series of actions.

Automate Tasks with Salesforce-Slack Integration

Enhance team collaboration by integrating Salesforce and Slack with Bardeen. Automate the creation and updates of leads, opportunities, and contacts directly from Slack, ensuring real-time sales tracking and seamless communication. Experience a customized workflow that aligns with your business processes and drives productivity.

Why automate Salesforce and Slack workflows?

how does bardeen work?

Your proactive teammate — doing the busywork to save you time

Integrate your apps and websites

Use data and events in one app to automate another. Bardeen supports an increasing library of powerful integrations.

Perform tasks & actions

Bardeen completes tasks in apps and websites you use for work, so you don't have to - filling forms, sending messages, or even crafting detailed reports.

Combine it all to create workflows

Workflows are a series of actions triggered by you or a change in a connected app. They automate repetitive tasks you normally perform manually - saving you time.

Available actions & triggers

App Name Icon
App Name Icon
Find Slack channels
Create Salesforce contact
Update Salesforce contact
Create Salesforce opportunity
Get Salesforce contact
Get Salesforce opportunity


How does Bardeen integrate Salesforce with Slack?

Bardeen integrates Salesforce and Slack via their APIs, enabling automated tasks and messages based on changes in Salesforce. This seamless integration ensures efficient communication and data transfer between these platforms.

What can Bardeen’s automations do with Salesforce and Slack?

Bardeen integrates Salesforce with Slack for optimal business productivity. You can create Salesforce accounts from LinkedIn profiles and send Slack messages, send Salesforce contact info, or share Salesforce opportunity details via Slack to keep your team updated.

Why should I automate my tasks in Salesforce?

Automating your tasks in Salesforce can be a game-changer, allowing you to save precious time and exponentially increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts. For sales teams, it means automating repetitive tasks like data entry, follow-ups, and report generation, thus allowing more time for strategy and closing deals. Founders can have a real-time view of business metrics, while market researchers can automate data collection and analysis for better decision making. By automating tasks in Salesforce, you're not merely streamlining a process, but unlocking new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Why should I automate my tasks in Slack?

Automating your tasks in Slack can revolutionize the way you work by saving precious time and amplifying your impact. Whether you're a developer juggling multiple projects or a founder seeking to streamline operations, automation can simplify everything from code deployment notifications to company-wide announcements. It's a lifesaver for sales and recruitment teams, automating lead notifications and candidate updates, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. By reducing manual work, you can focus more on strategic decision-making and creative problem-solving, enhancing overall productivity and success.

What functionalities does Slack provide within Salesforce?

Slack within Salesforce enables real-time collaboration, file sharing, notification updates, task tracking, and direct communication between teams without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Is Salesforce the parent company of Slack?

Yes, Salesforce acquired Slack in December 2020, making Slack a part of the Salesforce family.

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