Rocketreach vs SeamlessAI: Sales Tool Comparison 2024

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article compares Rocketreach and SeamlessAI, focusing on their sales intelligence capabilities, aiming to help you select the best tool. It provides a detailed analysis of both tools, although they offer more than just sales intelligence features. Our goal is to save you time on repetitive tasks, and choosing the right tools is key for that. Learn how Bardeen can help.

Available Data PointsProvides unique, comprehensive data setsOffers in-depth contact and buyer intent data
Enrichment IntegrationsStrong CRM and outreach tool integrationsExtensive CRM and sales tool integrations
Data Quality & AccuracyHigh-quality, verified data from diverse sourcesReal-time verification ensures up-to-date data
ProspectingAdvanced search filters for targeted prospectingComprehensive filters for precise lead targeting
PricingMultiple pricing options, no free trialFree trial available, contact sales for paid plans

Available Data Points - Informing Prospects Engagement Strategy

RocketReach provides a stronger offering with its intent data features and diverse data sources, including public filings and social media insights.

RocketReach displays detailed intent data and diverse sourcing

Seamless.AI also offers buyer intent data, but its sources are not as varied, focusing more on direct data points from web interactions.

To further enhance data intelligence, consider using Bardeen to dynamically enrich contact lists from various online sources, ensuring your data is not only comprehensive but also current.

For professionals seeking detailed insights including buyer intentions and behaviors, RocketReach’s broader data acquisition capabilities make it a more robust choice.


RocketReach provides intent data from various sources to help GTM teams.

RocketReach offers a comprehensive set of data points to help sales and marketing teams gain insights into their potential leads and customers. In addition to standard information like email, phone number, and job title, RocketReach provides unique data points that can give teams a competitive edge.

  • Intent Data: RocketReach offers intent data to help teams identify leads that are actively researching solutions and are more likely to convert. This data is gathered from various sources, including branded content, websites, newsletters, event attendance, and public filings/PR.
  • Firmographics and Technographics: Teams can access detailed information about a company's industry, size, revenue, and the technologies they use, allowing for more targeted outreach and personalized messaging.
  • Hiring Data: RocketReach provides insights into a company's hiring trends, which can be valuable for identifying potential decision-makers and understanding the company's growth trajectory.
  • Business Card Data: The platform collects data from business cards, providing an additional source of accurate and up-to-date contact information.

By leveraging these unique data points, sales and marketing teams can create more targeted and effective outreach campaigns, ultimately improving lead qualification, personalization, and conversion rates.


Seamless.AI provides in-depth contact information and buyer intent data.

Seamless.AI offers a wide range of data points to help sales teams identify and engage with their ideal prospects. In addition to standard contact information like email addresses and phone numbers, the platform provides valuable insights into buyer intent and behavior.

  • Buyer Intent Data: Seamless.AI goes beyond basic contact information by offering buyer intent data. This includes insights into a prospect's current needs, challenges, and potential interest in your product or service, allowing sales teams to prioritize and personalize their outreach.
  • Org Charts and Company Profiles: The platform provides detailed company profiles and org charts, giving users a comprehensive view of their target accounts. This information helps sales reps identify key decision-makers and tailor their approach accordingly.
  • AI Writer Assistance: Seamless.AI's AI Writer feature assists users in crafting compelling and personalized outreach messages. By leveraging the platform's extensive data and insights, sales teams can create targeted and effective communications that resonate with their prospects.

With its combination of basic contact information, buyer intent data, and AI-powered assistance, Seamless.AI equips sales teams with the intelligence they need to connect with the right prospects at the right time.

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Enrichment Integrations - Simplifying CRM and Outreach Connections

Rocketreach and SeamlessAI both offer strong CRM and outreach tool integration capabilities, but SeamlessAI provides a slightly more extensive range of CRM options, such as the inclusion of Pipedrive and Microsoft Dynamics, which are not as prominently featured in Rocketreach's integrations.

SeamlessAI displays a diverse range of CRM integrations for easy access

Both platforms support major CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot and offer Zapier integrations for customized connectivity. However, SeamlessAI's user interface presents a clear, one-click solution for adding multiple CRMs, which might appeal to users seeking simplicity and variety in their enrichment processes.

To further boost CRM enrichment capabilities, consider using Bardeen’s integration with Salesforce to automate data enrichment and improve operational efficiency without needing to manually enter data. Bardeen's playbooks can also help automate routine tasks between these platforms.

Given its broader range of CRM support and straightforward integration process, SeamlessAI edges out Rocketreach for users who need diverse CRM connectivity and ease of use.


RocketReach integrates natively with multiple CRMs, outreach tools, and Zapier.

RocketReach offers native integrations with a variety of popular CRM and outreach platforms, making it easy to view and use contact data within your existing workflow. The integration process is straightforward, allowing you to connect your RocketReach account with just a few clicks.

  • CRM Integrations: RocketReach integrates with leading CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, enabling you to enrich your existing contact records and add new leads directly to your CRM.
  • Outreach Integrations: With native integrations for tools like Outreach and SalesLoft, you can seamlessly incorporate RocketReach data into your outbound campaigns and personalize your outreach at scale.
  • Zapier Integration: For custom integrations with over 1,000 apps, RocketReach offers a Zapier integration. This allows you to connect RocketReach with your favorite tools and automate data syncing and workflow tasks.
  • Additional Integrations: RocketReach also integrates with Bullhorn, a popular applicant tracking system, further extending its utility across different use cases and industries.


Seamless.AI offers a wide range of native integrations with popular CRM and sales tools.

Seamless.AI provides a comprehensive set of integrations with popular CRM platforms, sales engagement tools, and other essential software to streamline your sales prospecting and enrichment workflows. With a focus on ease of use and efficiency, Seamless.AI enables you to access millions of contacts and import them directly into your CRM with just a few clicks.

  • Native CRM integrations: Seamless.AI offers native integrations with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics, allowing for seamless data synchronization and enrichment.
  • Sales engagement tool integrations: The platform integrates with popular sales engagement tools like Outreach, SalesLoft, and Keap, enabling you to easily import enriched contact data and streamline your outreach efforts.
  • Zapier integration: Seamless.AI's Zapier integration allows you to connect with thousands of other apps and automate your data enrichment workflows, providing flexibility and customization options.
  • Chrome extension: The Seamless.AI Chrome extension enables you to access and enrich contact data directly from your browser, making it convenient to use alongside your existing tools and workflows.
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Data Quality & Accuracy - Ensuring Trusted Contacts and Insights

RocketReach appears to have a broader data collection strategy, pulling from multiple resources like BrandContent, Firmographics, and Technographics, which may offer a more rounded dataset.

Comprehensive data sources featured in RocketReach

SeamlessAI, on the other hand, emphasizes real-time verification of contact data using AI, potentially offering fresher data for immediate use.

Both platforms provide compelling features for data quality and accuracy, with RocketReach focusing on a diverse data range and SeamlessAI on the freshness of data. If your needs lean towards comprehensive insights across various data points, RocketReach might be the better choice. For those requiring up-to-the-minute accuracy, SeamlessAI's real-time data verification could be more beneficial.

For improving your data handling and to enrich contacts efficiently, consider using Bardeen to automate and enhance your workflows with live information updates.


RocketReach gathers Intent Data from various sources to improve lead qualification.

RocketReach prides itself on providing high-quality, accurate data to its users. The company leverages a combination of data mining, artificial intelligence, and proprietary models to deliver clean and organized data into highly useful profiles.

  • Extensive coverage: Access profile and contact data for over 400 million professionals and research coverage for over 20 million companies worldwide.
  • Continuous updates: Over 65 million profiles refreshed every month to ensure data accuracy.
  • Verified data: RocketReach uses 95% of the Fortune 500 companies and 98% deliverability for a grade verified email address.
  • Intent data: Go-to-market teams can gain a competitive edge by utilizing intent data that provides insight into their interests, needs, and purchase intentions. This data is gathered from various sources such as branded content, firmographics, technographics, hiring data, websites, newsletters, and event attendance.

RocketReach is committed to helping users succeed with the best verified data. On average, users experience 85% or higher fill rate for email addresses and a 60% or higher fill rate for direct phone numbers. Verified contact data is determined through multiple tests and is always indicated by a green icon next to the email address or phone number.


Seamless.AI uses AI to verify contact data in real-time for fresh leads.

Seamless.AI stands out from other sales intelligence platforms by leveraging artificial intelligence to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for prospects. While many alternatives rely on stale data, Seamless.AI verifies email addresses, cell phone numbers, and other crucial details in real-time, ensuring that sales teams are equipped with the freshest leads on the market.

Key aspects of Seamless.AI's data quality and accuracy:

  • Real-time verification: AI-powered algorithms continuously validate contact information to maintain data integrity.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Seamless.AI provides accurate data for professionals across various industries and roles.
  • Reduced bounce rates: By providing the most current contact information, Seamless.AI helps minimize email bounces and improve deliverability.
  • Time-saving: Sales teams can focus on engaging with prospects rather than wasting time on outdated or incorrect data.
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Prospecting - Finding Relevant Leads Efficiently

RocketReach and SeamlessAI both offer powerful prospecting features, but their strengths vary slightly depending on user needs.

RocketReach interface showcasing extensive filter options for detailed prospecting.

RocketReach provides a highly detailed filtering system that allows users to search for prospects by various non-standard fields such as intent, skills, and more, which can be crucial for targeting very specific profiles.

SeamlessAI's clean and user-friendly dashboard for efficient lead prospecting.

SeamlessAI, on the other hand, also offers a broad range of filters but places a strong emphasis on buyer intent and industry-specific insights, which might be more beneficial for companies targeting industries or market segments.

For those looking to enrich and refine their prospect lists with the most current data across platforms, Bardeen's automation capabilities can be a valuable addition. For instance, using Bardeen's playbook to search selected text on LinkedIn can enhance your prospecting efforts by ensuring you target the most relevant individuals.

If your priority is highly specific prospect filtering, RocketReach may have a slight edge; however, for industry-focused prospecting with an emphasis on buyer intent, SeamlessAI is exceptionally capable.


RocketReach's advanced search filters for precise prospecting.

RocketReach's prospecting feature empowers users to build targeted lists of leads using a comprehensive set of filters. The intuitive interface allows for quick and efficient searching across a wide range of criteria, ensuring that the resulting lead lists are highly relevant and tailored to specific needs.

  • Extensive filter options: Search by name, location, occupation, role, department, skills, years of experience, employer, company name or domain, intent, employee count, revenue, industry, company lists, contact method, and education.
  • Saved searches: Save frequently used search criteria for quick access in the future, streamlining the prospecting process.
  • Contextual search prompts: Intelligent prompts guide users in constructing effective searches based on their specific prospecting goals.
  • Data export: Easily export lead lists via the provided API, allowing for seamless integration with other tools and workflows.

By leveraging RocketReach's powerful prospecting capabilities, users can efficiently build high-quality lead lists that align with their target audience, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.


Seamless.AI's advanced search filters for precise lead prospecting.

Seamless.AI offers a powerful prospecting tool that enables users to build targeted lists of leads for outreach campaigns. The platform provides an extensive set of filters to narrow down searches and find the most relevant contacts and companies based on specific criteria.

Key features of Seamless.AI's prospecting tool:

  • Multiple lead lists: Create and manage multiple lists for different campaigns or target audiences.
  • Advanced search filters: Refine searches using a wide range of filters, including company, title, seniority, department, location, keywords, industry, employee size, revenue, and technologies used.
  • Targeted prospecting: Use pre-built search templates to find leads matching specific roles, such as VP Marketing at Salesforce or Marketing Managers with "security" in their profile.
  • Export functionality: Easily export lead lists for use in outreach campaigns or integration with other tools.

With its comprehensive filtering options and ability to create multiple targeted lists, Seamless.AI simplifies the process of identifying and organizing the most promising leads for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Pricing Models - Tailoring to User Financial Needs

Rocketreach and SeamlessAI offer distinct approaches to pricing, influencing their appeal depending on user needs.

Rocketreach offers multiple pricing plans but lacks a free trial

Rocketreach provides multiple structured pricing tiers for individuals and teams, offering both monthly and annual payment options, but does not provide a free trial, which could be a hurdle for those looking to test the service before committing financially.

SeamlessAI provides a basic free trial to explore its features

Conversely, SeamlessAI offers a free basic trial, allowing potential customers to explore its features before deciding to upgrade or contact sales for more comprehensive packages, potentially attracting users who prefer to try before they buy.

For users undecided between tools, automating tasks using Bardeen can streamline your decision-making process, especially with their playbooks for sales outreach.

Given the flexibility of a free trial, SeamlessAI may appeal more to users who are cautious about initial financial commitment, making it a potentially more user-friendly option compared to Rocketreach.


Rocketreach pricing plans for individuals and teams, billed monthly or annually.

Rocketreach offers a variety of pricing options for both individuals and teams, with monthly and annual billing cycles available. While they do not provide a free trial, users can choose from three main tiers: Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate.

  • Billing model: Rocketreach charges based on the number of lookups per user, with higher-tier plans offering more lookups at a higher price point.
  • Individual vs. Team plans: Plans are available for both individual users and teams, with team plans likely including additional features and support.
  • Monthly vs. Annual billing: Users can choose between monthly and annual billing, with annual plans offering savings of up to 51%.
  • Feature differences: Higher-tier plans include additional features such as mobile & direct phone numbers, company search, Outreach & Zapier integration, and CRM enrichment.
  • Sales contact: There is no mention of needing to contact a sales representative to sign up for any of the plans listed on the pricing page.


SeamlessAI's pricing plans, including a free trial and options to contact sales for paid plans.

SeamlessAI offers a straightforward pricing model with a free trial and paid plans. The free plan is designed for those looking to try out the platform, while the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans offer progressively more features and credits for a fee.

  • Free plan: Includes 50 credits, email addresses, cell phones, and access to the real-time search engine. Signing up is free.
  • Basic plan: Expands to 250 credits per month, along with premium integrations and a self-serve knowledge base. Requires contacting sales for pricing.
  • Pro plan: Offers daily credit refresh, email addresses, cell phones, real-time search, export, premium integrations, pitch intelligence, a free admin seat, and more. Contact sales for a custom quote.
  • Enterprise plan: Tailored for larger teams, with custom credits, user provisioning, premium integrations, pitch intelligence, admin seats, org management, and more. Requires speaking with sales for pricing.

SeamlessAI's pricing is not publicly listed for the paid plans, requiring potential customers to contact their sales team for a personalized quote based on their needs. The company does not mention any free trials for the paid plans, so interested users would need to discuss this option with a sales representative.

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The Verdict: Which is Best for Data-Driven Sales?

Comparing RocketReach and SeamlessAI reveals key differences in their offerings. RocketReach provides extensive intent data and diverse data sources, making it ideal for teams needing detailed insights into potential leads. SeamlessAI, however, excels in real-time data verification, ensuring the freshness of contact information.

If your focus is on comprehensive data gathering from a variety of sources, RocketReach is the superior choice. For those who value up-to-the-minute accuracy in contact data, SeamlessAI stands out as the go-to option. Both platforms offer significant advantages, but your specific needs will dictate the best fit.