Create a Jira issue

This playbook will create a Jira issue in a project with a name, a description, an issue type and an assignee.

Time saving:
3 min

Create Jira issues from anywhere on your computer, including from this very page 😉. 

Launch Bardeen with the Option + B shortcut and run this playbook. 

Then input a name, a description, and other details.

And boom! You can keep browsing the web without opening new browser tabs. 

Fun fact: creating issues with Bardeen is faster than creating issues on Jira itself! 💪 Which means even more time saved for you!

Pro Tip: set up a global shortcut to launch Bardeen from anywhere (including your code editor). 


How to integrate Notion

Before you can start using playbooks for Notion you have to set up Notion and the databases you want to use.
Learn how to integrate Notion

Launch Bardeen

Launch Bardeen with the shortcut (OPT+B) or by clicking the Bardeen icon in the Chrome extension bar.

Pick & run the playbook

Click on the highlighted card or type the playbook title in the search bar and press enter to execute.
Create a Jira issue
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Launch Bardeen
Click on the extension icon or press OPT+B.
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