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Adding Notes in Salesforce Lightning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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May 5, 2024

To add notes in Salesforce Lightning, enable the Notes feature, navigate to the desired record, and use the New Note button or Notes pop-up panel. Customize notes with additional fields by creating custom objects, and attach notes to records for organized access. Attach files to notes for comprehensive information sharing.

This guide simplifies the process of note-taking and customization in Salesforce, enhancing record-keeping and information sharing.

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Adding Notes in Salesforce for Enhanced Productivity

Adding notes in Salesforce is a critical function for keeping track of important information related to various records. Salesforce Lightning Experience offers enhanced capabilities for note-taking, allowing users to create rich-text notes that can be associated with specific records. This guide will walk you through the process of adding notes in Salesforce Lightning, customizing notes with additional fields, attaching notes to records, and including attachments alongside your notes.

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How to Add Notes in Salesforce Lightning

To add notes in Salesforce Lightning, users must first ensure that the Notes feature is enabled and configured correctly. This involves navigating to Setup, selecting Notes Settings, and enabling Notes. After enabling, you can add notes directly from the Notes related list on a record's detail page or through the Notes pop-up panel.

  1. Navigate to the record where you want to add a note.
  2. Access the Notes related list by scrolling down the record's detail page.
  3. Click on the New Note button to create a note directly from the page or select View All to open the Notes pop-up panel.
  4. In the New Note window or pop-up, enter your note's title and content. The note will automatically save as you type.

Salesforce Add Custom Field to Notes

Customizing notes by adding custom fields allows for more detailed and structured information to be captured. However, Salesforce does not directly support adding custom fields to the Notes object. As a workaround, users can create custom objects to serve as extended notes, where custom fields can be added to fit specific informational needs. This custom object can then be related to standard Salesforce objects to keep the extended notes organized and accessible.

Salesforce Notes Add to Records

When creating a note within Salesforce Lightning, the note can be related to one or more records for easy access and organization. This is done through the Related To field within the note creation process.

  1. While creating or editing a note, look for the Add to Records button or the Related To field.
  2. Select the records you wish to associate with the note. This links the note directly to the selected records, making it visible in the Notes related list of each associated record.

This functionality ensures that notes are easily accessible from the records they pertain to, enhancing the organization and retrieval of important information.

How to Add Notes and Attachments Salesforce Lightning

In addition to adding notes, Salesforce Lightning allows users to attach files to notes, providing a comprehensive way to compile and share information. To attach files to a note:

  1. Create or edit a note in the Notes pop-up panel or from the Notes related list on a record's detail page.
  2. Use the Attach File option within the note editor to upload and attach files directly to the note.

This integrated approach of combining notes and attachments ensures that all relevant information, whether textual or in file format, is centrally located and accessible within Salesforce Lightning.

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Automate Salesforce Notes for Efficiency with Bardeen

While the manual process of adding notes in Salesforce is straightforward, automating this task can significantly enhance productivity and ensure consistency across records. Automations can be particularly beneficial for sales teams looking to streamline their workflow and maintain accurate records of interactions and activities in Salesforce. Here are several ways Bardeen can automate the process, making it more efficient and error-free:

  1. Sync HubSpot Deals to Salesforce Notes: This automation ensures that every new deal added in HubSpot is automatically recorded as a note in Salesforce, providing a seamless integration between the two platforms for better sales tracking and collaboration.
  2. Sync Salesforce Notes to Notion Database: Perfect for teams using Notion for project management, this automation transfers Salesforce notes directly into a Notion database, keeping project documentation up-to-date and accessible.
  3. Log Received Text Messages as Salesforce Notes: Automatically log details of received text messages as Salesforce notes, ensuring important communication is captured and easily accessible within your CRM.

By leveraging these automations, sales and project teams can save time, improve accuracy, and enhance collaboration. Start automating your Salesforce workflow today by downloading the Bardeen app.

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