Create tasks from anywhere

Bardeen allows you to create tasks in your favorite task management apps like Asana, ClickUp, Notion, and Jira. You can also look up your current tasks without opening new tabs.

Bardeen User Interface for creating a Jira issue
Google Chrome right-click menu including a Bardeen Playbook entry

Personalize your browsing experience

Let your browser adapt to how you work with custom automations. Try the right-click trigger to run your Playbook, like "Search selected text on Linkedin". And explore the contextual automations.

Get all information in one place

The average person uses more than ten apps every day. That’s your task management, analytics, and communication apps. Instead of checking a dozen of apps for updates, use automations that send you notifications in Slack or via email.

Bardeen notifications via Slack, email and Google Chrome browser notifications

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