Smartlead vs Salesforge: Best Cold Outreach Tools 2024

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article aims to compare Smartlead and Salesforge, focusing on their capabilities as cold outreach tools to help you select the best option. We provide a detailed breakdown of both tools, although it's important to note that these platforms offer more than just cold outreach services. Our motivation for this comparison is to assist you in selecting tools that save time on repetitive tasks, a goal aligned with using Bardeen, a task copilot that automates actions to save you time.

Campaign CreationUser-friendly, straightforward campaign setup.Robust, AI-driven campaign features.
DeliverabilityEffective email warmup, unlimited mailbox support.Advanced mailbox management, email warming.
PersonalizationUnlimited custom fields for detailed personalization.AI-driven email content personalization.
AIUses custom column values for personalization.AI-powered email generation with tone customization.
Native EnrichmentIntegration with Clay for data enrichment.Depends on third-party tools for enrichment.
Social AutomationSupports multi-channel outreach (SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp).LinkedIn-focused email generation from profiles.
PricingFlexible pricing with three tiers and a 14-day trial.Two pricing plans, monthly or annual billing.

Campaign Creation - Simplifying Personalized Email Sequences

Salesforge’s advanced features offer a more robust solution for campaign creation in comparison to Smartlead.

Salesforge Sequence Builder: Advanced tools for personalized campaigns

Salesforge supports AI-driven features like email validation and multi-language personalization, which are absent in Smartlead's simpler, linear sequence design. Smartlead provides a straightforward setup with unlimited auto-rotating email accounts, but lacks the sophisticated AI capabilities and personalization that Salesforge offers.

To enhance your campaign creation further, consider using Bardeen to automatically convert emails into Salesforce leads, enriching your lead management process.

For businesses needing deep customization and advanced targeting in their email campaigns, Salesforge’s comprehensive feature set provides a significant advantage over Smartlead’s more basic approach.


Smartlead's straightforward email sequence builder with personalization support.

Smartlead offers a simple, linear approach to building email sequences for sales engagement campaigns. While it may lack some of the more advanced features like conditional branching, it provides a user-friendly interface for creating effective outreach sequences.

Key features of Smartlead's sequence builder:

  • Linear sequence flow: Easily set up a series of automated and manual follow-up steps in a straightforward manner.
  • Personalization variables: Incorporate custom fields like first name and company name to tailor your messages to each recipient.
  • Timing control: Specify wait times between each step to optimize delivery and response rates.
  • Unlimited auto-rotating email accounts: Maintain high deliverability by automatically cycling through multiple email accounts for your campaigns.

Reddit users have shared mixed opinions on Smartlead's features and capabilities:

😐 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Creating a new sequence in Salesforge with options for product, language, and more.

Salesforge is a powerful sales engagement platform designed to enhance email outreach through advanced AI-driven features. With Salesforge, users can create and manage email sequences to reach and close sales leads more effectively.

Key features of Salesforge's sequence builder:

  • Personalization at scale: Send personalized emails in multiple languages to engage with a diverse audience.
  • AI-driven capabilities: Leverage AI for email warm-up, validation, and optimization to improve deliverability and response rates.
  • Multi-mailbox management: Manage multiple mailboxes from a single interface, ensuring high deliverability and low bounce rates.
  • Intuitive sequence creation: Easily create and edit sequences, selecting the desired product, language, and other settings.
  • Comprehensive analytics: Access detailed analytics to track the performance of your sequences and optimize your outreach strategy.
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Deliverability - Boosting Email Reach and Reputation

When comparing Smartlead and Salesforge in terms of email deliverability features, Smartlead takes a more comprehensive approach with unlimited mailbox warmups and auto-adjustment features for email sending ratios.

Smartlead's detailed deliverability settings, including auto-warmup and spam management

Salesforge, while offering warmup and email validation, does not have Smartlead's capability to auto-adjust warmup/sending ratios, which can enhance the adaptability to various campaign needs.

To further reduce the chances of emails being flagged as spam and to bolster sending reputation, consider integrating automated workflows from Bardeen, which can optimize your email strategies.

Overall, Smartlead provides a more robust set of tools for businesses looking to manage deliverability dynamically, making it the preferable choice for users needing advanced control over their email campaigns.


Smartlead's deliverability features include email warming and spam detection.

Smartlead offers a comprehensive set of features to optimize email deliverability and avoid spam filters. By incorporating email warming, rate limits, and support for multiple inboxes, Smartlead helps ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients.

  • Unlimited mailbox warmups: Smartlead allows you to warm up an unlimited number of mailboxes, gradually increasing the volume of emails sent to establish a positive sending reputation.
  • Auto-rotating email accounts: The platform can automatically rotate between multiple email accounts, preventing overuse of a single account and reducing the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Support for multiple inboxes: Smartlead enables you to connect and manage multiple inboxes within the platform, streamlining your email outreach efforts.
  • Automated rate limits: The system enforces rate limits on email warmups to maintain a natural sending pattern and avoid triggering spam filters.

While Smartlead does not currently offer email accuracy checking, its robust set of deliverability features helps ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients and maintain a positive sending reputation.

👍 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesforge supports multiple mailboxes with email warming to improve deliverability.

Salesforge offers features to help users manage and improve their email deliverability:

  • Email Warming: Salesforge provides email warming capabilities to gradually increase the sending volume and build a positive sending reputation, reducing the risk of emails being marked as spam.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Users can set up and manage multiple mailboxes within Salesforge, allowing them to distribute their email sending across different accounts and domains to avoid triggering spam filters.
👍 "bought a bunch of domains and mailboxes recently via Salesforge" - r/Entrepreneur
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Personalization - Tailoring Campaigns for Effective Engagement

Smartlead and Salesforge both offer robust personalization features for email campaigns, but Salesforge has a slight edge due to its integration of AI in generating personalized content.

Salesforge's AI-driven email customization enhances lead engagement

While Smartlead provides the capability to utilize unlimited custom fields, Salesforge enhances this by not only allowing custom variables but also creating dynamic content based on AI predictions, potentially increasing the relevance and effectiveness of each email sent.

To further enhance your email personalization, consider using Bardeen with its advanced AI-driven personalization tools that can craft unique messages for your leads, ensuring higher engagement rates.

For businesses prioritizing cutting-edge technology and dynamic content customization, Salesforge's AI capabilities provide a competitive advantage in crafting highly targeted email campaigns.


Map unlimited custom fields to lead variables for personalized emails.

Smartlead offers a high degree of personalization for email campaigns through its custom field mapping feature. This allows users to add an unlimited number of custom fields for each lead, ensuring that every email sent is tailored to the recipient.

  • Unlimited custom fields: Add as many custom fields as needed to capture all relevant lead data.
  • Map fields to variables: Easily map CSV columns to the variables you want to use in your campaign.
  • Personalize any aspect of the email: Use custom fields to personalize the email's subject line, body, and signature.
  • Supports various data types: Map fields like name, job description, age, company, gender, and social media profiles.


Salesforge's sequence builder with AI email generation and custom variables.

Salesforge provides robust personalization features within its sequence builder, allowing users to create highly targeted and individualized emails for each lead. The platform leverages AI technology to generate personalized email content and supports the use of custom variables to dynamically insert lead-specific information.

Key personalization features:

  • AI-powered email generation: Salesforge's AI can generate personalized email content based on lead data and context.
  • Custom variables: Users can define and use custom variables to automatically populate emails with lead-specific information, such as name, company, or other relevant details.
  • Fallback templates: Fallback templates can be created to handle cases where AI fails to generate an email or a lead is missing a LinkedIn URL.
  • Preview emails: Users can send preview emails to see how the personalized content will appear to the recipient before launching a sequence.
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AI - Crafting Personalized Emails at Scale

Salesforge provides a more robust AI-driven approach in its sequence tool, allowing users to generate fully-written emails with various tonal choices, enhancing the personalization process.

Salesforge AI Preview showcasing personalized email generation

On the other hand, Smartlead relies on predefined custom column values for personalization, which does not offer the same level of AI sophistication or adaptability as Salesforge.

For users looking to leverage AI for crafting dynamic and contextually rich emails, Salesforge’s solution is superior. To augment this feature, consider using Bardeen’s AI-driven workflows for classifying sales leads and drafting responses, ensuring every interaction is optimized for engagement and conversion.


Smartlead's Sequence feature allows users to personalize emails using custom column values, making it a useful tool for targeted outreach. While it does not have the capability to write entire sentences using AI, it can effectively leverage lead-specific data to create more engaging and relevant email content.

Key aspects of Smartlead's Sequence personalization:

  • Utilizes hard-coded custom column values for personalization
  • Enables targeted outreach based on lead-specific data
  • Lacks AI-powered sentence generation capabilities
👍 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesforge's AI-powered email preview and generation with personalization.

Salesforge's AI-powered email generation offers a unique approach to personalized outreach at scale. With the ability to choose from a variety of tonalities and leverage custom signals for each lead, users can create highly targeted emails that resonate with their audience.

  • Customizable tonality: Choose from a range of tones like playful, hilarious, formal, curious, urgent, and more to match your brand voice and target audience.
  • Fallback template: Set a default template to use when the AI cannot generate a personalized email, ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Preview generation: The AI generates previews for the first 5 contacts in your sequence, with the rest being generated once the sequence starts.
  • Personalization credits: Users start with 10 personalization credits, with new preview generation costing credits while regeneration is free.

By leveraging Salesforge's AI capabilities, users can create compelling, personalized emails at scale while saving time and effort. The customizable tonality and ability to use custom signals for each lead sets Salesforge apart from other sales engagement platforms, making it a powerful tool for sales teams looking to improve their outreach efforts.

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Native Enrichment - Boosting Lead Data Quality and Reach

Smartlead slightly edges out Salesforge in terms of native enrichment capabilities due to its built-in feature for integrating with the Clay tool, offering a streamlined process for lead enrichment.

Smartlead's integration options including Clay for enhanced lead data.

Salesforge, on the other hand, lacks built-in enrichment features, requiring users to rely entirely on third-party tools for lead data enhancement. This could introduce additional steps in the workflow, potentially complicating the lead management process.

For maximizing lead data utility, utilizing Bardeen could significantly complement your lead enrichment efforts by automating information gathering from various platforms like LinkedIn and company websites, effectively filling in the gaps left by Salesforge's limitations.


Smartlead integrates with Clay for personalized outbound campaigns.

While Smartlead does not have a built-in native lead enrichment feature, it offers integration with Clay, a powerful tool for scaling personalized outbound campaigns. This integration allows users to enrich their lead data and create more targeted, effective sequences within Smartlead.

  • Clay integration: Seamlessly connect Clay with Smartlead to access enriched lead data
  • Personalized campaigns: Use Clay's data to create highly personalized sequences in Smartlead
  • Improved efficiency: Scale outbound campaigns quickly by leveraging Clay's capabilities within Smartlead


Salesforge relies on third-party tools for contact enrichment.

Salesforge does not offer built-in lead enrichment capabilities, requiring users to rely on third-party tools and integrations to gather additional data on their leads. This means that users need to use external services like Findymail,, or web scrapers to enrich their contact lists with buyer signals and other relevant information.

Key points about Salesforge's lead enrichment:

  • No native enrichment: Salesforge lacks built-in lead enrichment features
  • Third-party integrations: Users must rely on external tools like Findymail,, and web scrapers
  • Additional costs: Using third-party services for lead enrichment may incur additional costs
  • Manual effort: Without native enrichment, users may need to manually gather and input lead data
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Social Automation - Multi-Platform Outreach versus LinkedIn Focus

For users who prioritize LinkedIn as their primary channel for social outreach, Salesforge provides a significant advantage with its exclusive focus on LinkedIn and website data for generating emails.

Salesforge's AI uses LinkedIn and website data to craft targeted emails

In contrast, Smartlead supports a broader range of platforms including SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp, yet lacks integration with LinkedIn, limiting its utility for those specifically targeting LinkedIn users.

For those seeking to automate and personalize their outreach across multiple platforms, consider using Bardeen to complement your efforts by automating personalized messages based on social media interactions and website visits.

This makes Salesforge the preferred option if LinkedIn is your main outreach platform, but for multi-platform communication strategies, Smartlead's broader support may be more beneficial.


Smartlead offers multi-channel outreach including SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Smartlead's Sequences feature enables users to automate their outreach across multiple social channels, expanding beyond just email. While LinkedIn automation is not currently supported, the platform allows for sending messages via SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp, providing sales reps with a diverse range of communication options to engage with their leads.

  • Multi-channel outreach: Automate messages across SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp, in addition to email
  • Customizable wait times: Set specific wait periods between each step of the sequence
  • Manual steps: Include manual tasks like connection requests or phone calls within the automated sequence


Salesforge offers LinkedIn, website, or combined profile information for AI-generated emails.

Salesforge's Sequences feature includes an AI-powered social automation step that can generate personalized emails based on a prospect's LinkedIn profile, website, or a combination of both. This allows for highly targeted outreach without manual research.

  • LinkedIn profile: AI generates emails based solely on the prospect's LinkedIn profile information
  • Website: AI pulls relevant details from the prospect's website to craft personalized emails
  • LinkedIn + website: AI combines information from both the LinkedIn profile and website for the most comprehensive and tailored email generation
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Pricing Plans - Comparing Cost and Value in Smartlead and Salesforge

Smartlead presents a more flexible pricing model compared to Salesforge, offering three distinct plans ranging from $39 to $94 per month, each inclusive of a 14-day free trial.

Smartlead Pricing Overview with Multiple Plans and Features

Salesforge offers four plans but starts its pricing at $48 per month for its Pro plan, with a shorter 7-day trial period that may not provide enough time for users to thoroughly evaluate the service.

Smartlead also includes unlimited email accounts and dynamic IP addresses across all its plans, which are premium features in Salesforge's higher-priced tiers. For businesses looking for cost-effective solutions with generous trial periods and essential features included in all plans, Smartlead holds the advantage.


Smartlead offers three pricing tiers with varying features and limits.

Smartlead provides three pricing plans to suit different business needs, with prices ranging from $39 to $94 per month. Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

  • Billing Model: Monthly subscription, with prices varying based on the chosen package.
  • Cost per Email: Approximately $0.0065 per email sent in the Basic package.
  • Active Leads: Plans offer between 2000 to 30000 active leads, depending on the tier.
  • Email Limits: Monthly email limits range from 6000 in the Basic plan to 150000 in the Pro plan.
  • Key Features: Higher-tier plans include additional features such as custom CRM, email guide assistance, and active support.
  • Enterprise Solution: Requires a sales call, while other packages can be purchased directly.

Users can easily upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time, ensuring flexibility as their business needs change. The pricing structure is transparent, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.


Salesforge offers two pricing plans, Growth and Pro, with monthly and annual billing options.

Salesforge provides two pricing tiers, Growth and Pro, with the option to pay monthly or annually. The Growth plan is priced at $96/month, while the Pro plan is more affordable at $48/month. Both plans are billed monthly.

Key features of Salesforge pricing:

  • Free trial: The Growth plan offers a 7-day free trial with limited features.
  • Active contacts: The Growth plan includes 10,000 active contacts, while the Pro plan is limited to 1,000.
  • Emails per month: The Growth plan allows for 50,000 emails/month, compared to 5,000 for the Pro plan.
  • Advanced features: The Growth plan includes additional features such as unlimited mailboxes, users, and email warm-up, which are not available in the Pro plan.

To get started with Salesforge, users can either begin a 7-day free trial of the Growth plan or sign up directly for the Pro plan. The pricing page does not mention the need to contact a sales representative, suggesting that the signup process is self-serve.

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The Verdict: Which is Best for Advanced Email Campaigns?

Smartlead and Salesforge offer distinct approaches to email campaign management. Smartlead shines with its straightforward interface and unlimited auto-rotating email accounts, ideal for businesses seeking simplicity and high deliverability. Salesforge, however, excels with its AI-driven features and extensive personalization options, suited for users needing advanced targeting and analytics.

If you require a user-friendly tool with essential features, Smartlead is a solid choice. For more complex needs like AI customization and multilingual support, Salesforge is the superior option. Both tools have their strengths, making them valuable depending on your specific campaign requirements.