Building lists in minutes

Instead of copy-pasting or hiring virtual assistants, you can get structured information extracted from websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Try these playbooks to power your sales and marketing.

Extracted tweets in Google Sheets
A list of links in the Bardeen automation builder side bar

Get data from a list of links

You might have a list of links with the data you need. The problem is that you need to visit every link, wait until the data loads, and copy some of the info back into your spreadsheet. Manual and ineffective! Bardeen allows you to get all the data from a list of links extracted in the background and added to your spreadsheet.

Build workflows with data from the currently opened tab

Some outreach workflows are entirely manual when they don’t need to be. Imagine you are contacting property owners on Zillow. When you find the property you like, you need to copy the owner and property info to your outreach template. Our scraper can do this for you. Now, outreach takes a single shortcut, and your output goes 5x.

Email template with scraped data from Zillow

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