Source candidates without copy-pasting

One of the most challenging parts of recruiting is find great candidates. And when you do, you can’t afford to have anyone fall through the cracks. So tracking is the key, but it often comes with copy-pasting people’s info into spreadsheets. Use the playbooks below to get all the data in one place with one click.

Extracted user information from Dribbble in Google Sheets
Bardeen action flow for sending a templated email including scraped website data

Optimize your outreach workflows

Today, you can’t reach the best job candidate with canned messages. This is where your excellent communication skills come into play. Use these playbooks to make email discovery, research, and outreach smoother.

Get all information right where you need it

What if you could get all of the data to qualify a candidate in one place? You will be able to go through many more candidates without clicking around and opening a million tabs! Give Bardeen a list of profile links from LinkedIn, Github, or any other website, and get all the information you need extracted and saved into a spreadsheet.

Scraped data from Linkedin and Dribble

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