vs 2024: Best Cold Outreach Tools?

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article aims to compare and, focusing on their cold outreach capabilities to help you choose the best tool for your needs, including a detailed breakdown of features. While both tools offer a range of functionalities, our comparison will focus specifically on their use as cold outreach tools. Our analysis is based on hands-on testing and research, providing you with insights from an expert perspective.
Campaign Creation Linear, basic sequences. Easy setup. Multi-channel communication. Flexible creation. Personalization.
Deliverability Unlimited email warming. Spam avoidance. Email safety settings. Rate limits. Needs extra warming service.
Personalization Template variety. Variable placeholders. AI assistance. Pre-made templates. Rich content.
AI No AI writing features or lead signal utilization. Jason AI for personalized sequences. Multichannel outreach.
Native Enrichment Data enrichment from various sources. Built-in database. Regular updates. Data credits.
Social Automation No direct LinkedIn automation. External tools required. Multi-channel tasks. Personalization. Task flexibility.

Campaign Creation - Tailoring Multi-Channel Outreach stands out with its multi-channel communication options and customizable sequences using templates, scratch, or AI assistance.'s interface for creating multi-channel sequences

Its use of conditional variables allows for a tailored approach to each lead. In contrast, provides a more straightforward, linear sequence structure which is ideal for simple outreach campaigns without the need for forking or conditional logic.

For those who require basic email sequences without complexity,'s tool may be sufficient. However, if you're looking to enrich your leads with additional information for more personalized outreach, consider using Bardeen's AI Agent alongside these tools to improve open and response rates. may be better suited for sales teams needing more sophisticated sequence customization and multi-channel outreach capabilities.

Simple email sequence setup in Campaign Creation. Sequences feature provides a straightforward way to set up linear email sequences for your sales campaigns. This feature is perfect for simple outreach campaigns where complex conditions and branching are not required.

  • Linear sequences: Set up one-step-after-another campaigns without complications.
  • Basic sequences: Focus on sending emails without needing to deal with forks or branches.
  • Easy setup: Add new steps to your campaign with a single click.

Starting a new sequence in with a simple interface.'s Sequences feature offers a robust platform for engaging sales leads through various communication channels. The ability to send emails, LinkedIn messages, SMS, and WhatsApp messages from one place makes multi-channel outreach more manageable. Plus, the use of conditional variables allows for personalization at scale.

Key aspects of the Sequences feature:

  • Multi-channel Communication: Engage with leads using email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Flexible Sequence Creation: Start from a template, scratch, or with AI assistance.
  • Conditional Variables: Customize messages based on lead behavior or profile data.
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Deliverability - Boosting Email Open Rates stands out with its integrated email warming service included even in the most basic package, offering unlimited use and simulating email opens and reads.

Integrated email warming feature in, while offering multiple mailboxes and manual blacklist inputs, falls short without a native email warming feature, suggesting a need for additional services to maintain deliverability. For users looking to enhance open and response rates and avoid being flagged as spam, Bardeen can complement these tools by improving sending reputation over time.

Considering the full-featured, built-in email warming capabilities of, it's a superior choice for users prioritizing deliverability without the need for extra tools or subscriptions.

Email warming and settings for multiple accounts in Deliverability.'s Sequences feature tackles deliverability issues head-on by offering unlimited email warming even in the most basic package. This integrated service is designed to simulate email opens and reads, boosting your sender reputation and helping you avoid the spam folder. It's a full-featured solution that supports multiple mailboxes and adheres to rate limits to maintain compliance and effectiveness.

  • Email Warming: Unlimited warming to improve deliverability.
  • Spam Avoidance: Simulates opens and reads to prevent emails from landing in spam.
  • Rate Limits: Ensures compliance with sending rate limits.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Manages several email accounts for a broader reach.

Despite these features, user experiences are varied, and some issues have been reported regarding deliverability, especially with certain email domains.

😐 "Been doing the warm up for almost 2 months now and still even basic messages going to spam" - r/Emailmarketing

Email Safety settings in to manage deliverability.'s approach to deliverability includes basic features that help you maintain a good sender reputation and avoid spam filters. As an expert in sales tools, I've found these features useful in managing email campaigns effectively.

  • Email Safety: Set up time delays before sending the first email to protect your reputation.
  • Rate Limits: Control the maximum number of emails sent per day to prevent spamming.
  • Multiple Inboxes: Manage several email accounts, but send campaigns from one inbox at a time.
  • Blacklists: Manually input domains to avoid sending unwanted emails.

To improve deliverability further, consider using an additional email warming service alongside This can help ensure your emails reach the inbox and not the spam folder.

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Personalization - Tailoring Emails for Greater Engagement stands out with its use of AI, including GPT-3, for crafting or enhancing emails, providing a significant edge in personalization.

AI-driven personalization in allows for tailored email creation also offers robust personalization features, including a wide variety of customizable templates and easy-to-use placeholders for variables.

For those looking to automate and enrich lead data, Bardeen can complement either platform by providing additional information through integrations with Apollo, Clearbit, Snov, and scraping tools for LinkedIn and Indeed. This extra data, coupled with Bardeen's OpenAI integration, can significantly improve the customization of outreach messages.

While both platforms deliver on personalization,'s integration with advanced AI tools may offer more sophisticated options for users looking to automate and elevate their email customization efforts.

Email personalization with variable placeholders in Sequences.

Email personalization stands out as a key feature in's Sequences. It allows you to tailor your emails to each lead, which can help increase engagement and response rates. You can start with pre-designed templates or create your own, then customize them using a variety of personalization options.

  • Template variety: Choose from a range of pre-made templates or create a custom one.
  • Variable placeholders: Insert personalized elements like names or company details using {{ }} brackets.
  • Preview function: Check how your email looks with the preview button before sending.
  • Richer content options: Enhance your emails with links, emoticons, and images.
  • Advanced features: Utilize email tracking and set daily limits for email sends.

Editing an email with personalization options in Sequences.'s Sequences feature provides robust personalization options, making it easier for you to tailor your email campaigns to each recipient's information. With a user-friendly interface, you can import contact details and utilize variables to customize emails effectively. The ability to preview emails ensures that your message looks exactly as intended before sending.

  • Pre-made Templates: Choose from various scenarios or create emails from scratch.
  • AI Assistance: Use AI, including Jason AI and GPT-3, to generate or refine emails.
  • Variable Insertion: Personalize emails by inserting variables using { } brackets.
  • Preview Function: Easily preview your emails with the preview button.
  • Rich Content: Support for adding links, images, videos, and meeting links.
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AI - Crafting Personalized Email Sequences and Strategies stands out with its proprietary AI, Jason AI, which can generate entire sequences including personalized email content and follow-up strategies.'s AI assistant suggests multi-channel outreach strategies

This feature not only writes emails based on prompts but also creates engaging and personalized openings for each lead., on the other hand, lacks these AI capabilities, putting it at a disadvantage for users seeking advanced personalization and automation in their sequences.

For users needing to add depth to their sequences with more context about leads, Bardeen can further augment AI features by incorporating additional lead info such as social activity and company details.

If leveraging AI to create and optimize sales sequences is a priority, is the clear choice.

We've tested's Sequences feature with a focus on its AI capabilities. Despite the promise suggested by the name, we found that the tool does not include AI features for crafting sales sequences. If you're seeking a tool that can write entire sentences with AI or that allows for leveraging custom signals on each lead, you may need to look elsewhere.

Key aspects:

  • No AI writing features: The tool lacks the ability to generate sentences using AI.
  • Limited lead signal utilization: Custom signals for leads are not leveraged in the tool.

It's important to consider these limitations when deciding if fits your sales engagement needs. There are no relevant Reddit reviews to add further context to this feature.

Jason AI composing personalized email sequences in's Sequences feature boasts a unique AI, named Jason AI, which crafts entire sequences including initial emails, follow-ups, and social touches. By leveraging Jason AI, you can generate personalized content at scale while exploring various channels to connect with prospects efficiently.

  • Jason AI: Generates full sequences with AI-driven personalization.
  • Prompt-based Email Creation: Writes emails using prompts you provide for targeted communication.
  • Social Media Data Enrichment: Utilizes social media data for crafting one-liners and introductions.
  • Multichannel Outreach: Suggests various channels for reaching out to leads.
  • Editing Assistance: Offers help with editing texts for better engagement.
  • Language Support: Provides writing and translation support in over 100 languages.
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Native Enrichment - Amplifying Lead Insights seems to edge out in terms of native enrichment capability, providing users with a built-in database that keeps essential contact information up to date.'s enrichment workflow offers options for standard and extended data fields can enrich lists of leads, but it lacks a comprehensive enrichment database, potentially limiting its usefulness for users who require deep lead insights.

While both offer enrichment features,'s data credits system for contact enrichment ensures you only use what you need, making it more flexible for businesses of varying sizes.

If you're seeking to enhance your lead data further, consider using Bardeen to integrate with additional sales intelligence platforms and automate the manual gathering of information from sources like LinkedIn or company websites.

Lead Finder interface showing detailed filters for precise lead selection.

In our experience with's Sequences feature, specifically the Native Enrichment sub-feature, we found that it effectively utilizes buyer signals and data from various sources to give more depth to your lead information. However, it's worth mentioning that the tool does not provide a native enrichment database. Instead, it enriches a list of leads that you've added, ensuring that the data you have is more complete and useful for your sales strategies.

  • Buyer Signals: Uses data to give insights on leads.
  • Data Enrichment: Adds more info from different sources to your lead data.
  • List Enrichment: You can enrich your own list of leads; no built-in database.

Reddit comments indicate a positive reception for's lead verification and enrichment capabilities, contrasting it with other platforms.

👍 "Try — it’s the best for leads and verification" - r/LeadGeneration

Workflow options for enriching contact data in's Native Enrichment feature within Sequences offers a powerful way to gain deeper insights into your leads. It uses buyer signals and additional data to provide a comprehensive view of each contact or account.

  • Essential Information: Access to email addresses, phone numbers, and details like department and company address.
  • Regular Updates: Data accuracy and currency are maintained with frequent updates.
  • Enrichment Methods: Several options to add more relevant details to your contacts or accounts.
  • Data Credits: Enrichment costs are transparent, with one data credit per contact.
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Social Automation - Diversifying Communication Channels stands out with its ability to automate not just emails but also LinkedIn connections, SMS, and WhatsApp messages.'s automation covers a broad range of communication channels, on the other hand, lacks native social platform automation capabilities, requiring users to integrate with other platforms like Dripify or Hey Alfred for such features.

When considering social automation, provides a comprehensive solution that could reduce the need for additional tools. However, for users seeking to enrich social platform data or explore new automation capabilities in beta, Bardeen may provide the necessary functionality.

If your workflow demands robust multi-channel outreach, including social media platforms, is the clear choice for a more unified and efficient experience.

When it comes to automating social engagement, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn,'s Sequences feature does not offer direct automation capabilities. For users looking to integrate social automation into their sales process, external tools such as Bardeen, Dripify or Hey Alfred would be necessary to fill this gap. This could be a significant consideration for those who prioritize social selling and want a comprehensive tool that includes this functionality.

  • Limited social automation: No direct LinkedIn automation in Sequences.
  • External tools required: Need to use platforms like Bardeen for social engagement.

Task creation for multiple communication channels in Sequences.

In the realm of social automation,'s Sequences feature stands out by offering a diverse range of task types across multiple communication channels. The ease of crafting personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, SMS, and WhatsApp messages all from a single platform brings significant convenience to sales and marketing professionals.

  • Multi-channel tasks: Email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Personalization: AI-powered suggestions for tailoring messages
  • Task flexibility: Options for both automated and manual tasks
  • Centralized platform: Manage all tasks from one interface
  • Efficient workflow: Save time with streamlined task creation
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Which is Best for Sales Outreach Automation? and cater to different aspects of sales outreach automation. provides a straightforward setup for simple, linear email sequences, making it ideal for basic outreach campaigns without the need for complex logic. It shines in scenarios where simplicity and quick setup are paramount.

On the other hand, offers a more robust platform with multi-channel communication options, including emails, LinkedIn messages, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. Its use of conditional variables for personalization at scale and the ability to start sequences from templates or scratch with AI assistance makes it suitable for more sophisticated, personalized outreach strategies. is the go-to for sales teams needing a comprehensive tool for multi-channel outreach with advanced customization.

In summary, for straightforward email sequences, is an efficient choice. However, for a multi-faceted approach that requires engaging leads across various platforms with a high degree of personalization, stands out as the superior option.