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Welcome to, where automating your daily tasks is just a few clicks away. Whether you're looking to optimize your personal productivity or enhance your team's efficiency, Bardeen's suite of AI-powered tools is designed to streamline your workflows and comes with over 1000 automations. Here are just some of the cool things you can do:

  • Automate tasks on any website with Bardeen's innovative  Browser Agent and organize your leads, emails, and event documents using the Categorizer.  The Browser Agent works in real-time using your browser to complete any task you give it. To do that, it traverses the website, finds the information, and summarizes its reasoning - all you have to do is ask.
  • Train an AI to categorize emails, leads, and even full-page documents. You can also use our Categorizer to qualify sales leads, categorize candidates based on experience, or even filter out those pesky cold outbound emails from your inbox.
  • Use the Email Assistant for LinkedIn messages, timely email follow-ups, or even text messages.
  • Our Report Generator uses AI to craft a report using information from sources like LinkedIn, company websites, and even

Let's dive into how you can harness the power of Bardeen and redefine your approach to productivity.  First, the basics - when you launch Bardeen, you will see pre-built automations under the Discovery section. Playbooks are the automations that you launch manually. Autobooks are the automations that get triggered automatically when something happens. And, the Magic Box allows you to create your own automations. More about them in the next section.


Unlike traditional tools, Bardeen empowers you to actively participate in your automations by triggering them manually and adding fresh information every time you run them.

Using Suggested Playbooks: Begin by exploring the variety of suggested playbooks on Bardeen. After selecting a playbook, execute it to automate your task. You can filter by your favorite apps or use cases that are relevant to you.

Explore our Playbook catalog for a shortcut to your dream automation – it might just be a click away.

Pro tip for Sales and Recruiting

Save profile information from a LinkedIn search to Google Sheets

This automation will scrape each profile from a LinkedIn search and save the information to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.  >>> Try it here  <<<

If you ever need to stop a playbook while it’s running, you can do that here:

Find the playbook, and click the X.


Run Your First Autobook: Say hello to Autobooks – the set-it-and-forget-it solution that makes your processes run like clockwork.  Autobooks run effortlessly "when something happens." Set up your first Autobook to experience continuous, automated task handling.

Just imagine: an email arrives, and it's sent to Slack; it's Monday at 6 am, and your weekly call agenda is sorted. Whether it's scheduled tasks like sharing reports or event-based triggers like getting notified about a new Jira issue, Autobooks has you covered.  Say goodbye to manual hassle and hello to streamlined efficiency!   Here are some ready-to-use autobooks you can start with now.

Upload Zoom cloud recordings to Google Drive, when made available

Send a Slack message, when Zoom meeting has been made available

Enrich and update leads from a Google Sheet, when new row is added

Enrich and update leads from an Airtable, when new row is added

Magic Box

Can’t find a use case or want to build your own automation? Check out our Magic Box, designed to be your trustworthy AI workflow automator!  Simply describe the desired workflow you’re looking for and it will generate your dream automations from scratch.

Your AI Toolbox

Imagine effortlessly generating AI-crafted messages, magically categorizing your data, and compiling research reports with unparalleled ease. Bardeen introduces a revolutionary suite of AI-powered actions, designed to infuse every aspect of your workflow with intelligence and efficiency.

Categorizer - Label, group, and qualify anything

Use Bardeen's categorizer to qualify sales leads, categorize candidates, or even filter out those pesky cold outbound emails from your inbox based on your custom criteria. You can:

📚 Train Bardeen to mirror your or your team's decisions and maximize time saved.

🔍 Filter requests, group emails, and qualify properties—like having a team of assistants.

⚡ Categorize any information that's available to you. The possibilities are endless.Check these out!

Classify and save desired emails to Google Sheets

Qualify leads from LinkedIn search and save to Notion

Qualify properties from Zillow and save to Google Sheets

Email Assistant- Create emails, messages, texts

A message is only as good as the information you use to write it. Increase response rates by leveraging information from different sources and websites. Craft hyper-personalized LinkedIn messages, emails, or even text messages in a fraction of the time. You can:

  • Train your Email Assistant to write like you and multiply your productivity.
  • Optimize messages with relevant information so they're always on point.
  • Trigger your messages based on activity in your favorite apps for perfect timing.

Start sending now!

Create a sales outreach email from the current LinkedIn profile

Create a recruiting email from the current GitHub profile

Create a job application email draft from the currently opened LinkedIn job post using BardeenAI

Report Generator- Multiple sources, one report

Don't spend all day Googling and scouring multiple websites; use Bardeen's Report Generator instead. Quickly scan numerous sources with a click to craft pricing comparison reports, SEO analysis, and even customer feedback reports with data from your spreadsheets.

  • Generate detailed company and prospect reports, increasing outreach efficiency.
  • Produce ready-to-present reports from spreadsheet data without lengthy analysis.
  • Save your mental energy for taking action rather than organizing information.

Let’s start researching!

Generate a company research report in a Google Doc from a company website using BardeenAI

Generate a competitor and SEO analysis report in Google Docs using BardeenAI

Generate a customer feedback report in a Google Doc from Google Sheets using BardeenAI

Browser Agent - Your army of AI teammates

The Browser Agent works in real-time using your browser to complete any task you give it. Gain insights about your prospects in seconds, extract pricing information from hundreds of competitor websites, or conduct deep research in minutes - all you have to do is ask. You can:

  • Retrieve information from websites in real time and automate mundane tasks.
  • Train a browser agent to take over routine tasks like data entry and reclaim your time.
  • Incorporate browser agents in your automations to unlock unmatched productivity.

We’ve got covered with these playbooks:

Get a question answered for websites in Google Sheets using BardeenAI

Get the value proposition for websites in Google Sheets using BardeenAI

Get pricing information for company websites in Google Sheets using BardeenAI

Invite your team!

Just crafted the ultimate playbook for lead generation and personalized outreach? Excited to share it with your team? Well, get ready for a game-changer! Collaborate efficiently by inviting your team members to Bardeen for Business. Shared access to automations and playbooks ensures a standardized, unified, and productive team environment.

Setting up a team is a breeze – just log in to Bardeen, hit the "Create Team" button, and invite your teammates. Once you're in, it's a playground for collaboration. Share Playbooks, brainstorm automation ideas, and supercharge your productivity. Let's turn those workflows into a team effort – because team works makes the dream work!


Credits are like tokens used for special premium features in our service. Regular features are free and unlimited. The number of credits you require depends on the number of automations you have running and their frequency. However, we'll send you friendly email notifications when you're getting close to your monthly limit at 70% and 90% usage, so you can keep track easily.

When you hover over the playbook name , it will show you how many credits it will use per record. One record is equal to one row of scraped data.

The "Premium" label shows that it's a Playbook that contains premium actions, which consumes Bardeen credits. In this example, Bardeen will now consume credits when you run deep scraping workflows using the "Scrape data in the background" action.

Here is an example for autobooks: It runs on time every week and retrieves 10 results from a web page. It costs 1 credit per row processed on scrape data on the background.

For instance:

If the first premium scraper runs over 1 link and scrapes a list of 10 items, that’s 10 credits. Then, if those 10 items go though the second scraper, and the output is 10 results (single page details for instance), then those are another 10 credits. The entire autobook would consume 20 credits per trigger.

You can find a table for calculations at:

Need help getting your automations set up? Our support team is here to help.  Email us at

Prefer live training? Join our live onboarding webinar - register here, where our team will show you how to get your automations up and running.

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