Smartlead vs Best Tool for Cold Outreach? (2024)

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article dives into a detailed comparison between Smartlead and, focusing on their cold outreach capabilities to help you choose the best tool. While both platforms offer a range of features, we narrow down our analysis to their cold outreach effectiveness. Drawing from our extensive experience, we aim to guide you through selecting the most suitable tool for your needs, offering a comprehensive teardown of each. Note: Both tools offer more than cold outreach services, but our comparison will focus solely on this aspect.
Campaign CreationSimple sequence flow, unlimited auto-rotating email accounts.Supports multi-channel, AI-generated sequences, conditional variables.
DeliverabilityUnlimited mailbox warmups, spam avoidance tracking.Basic deliverability tools; recommends external email warming services.
PersonalizationUnlimited custom fields for detailed personalization.AI assistance, rich content support, variable insertion.
AILimited to custom column values, no full sentences.Jason AI for content creation, supports over 100 languages.
Native EnrichmentIntegrates with Clay for lead enrichment.Integrated data enrichment feature, regular updates for accuracy.
Social AutomationSupports SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp; lacks LinkedIn.Comprehensive channel support including LinkedIn.

Campaign Creation - Tailoring Communication for Effective Outreach stands out with its multi-channel communication options and the ability to create sequences using AI, offering a more versatile campaign creation experience. enables multi-channel sequence creation with AI assistance

Smartlead's sequences are simpler and linear with support for unlimited rotating email accounts, which is ideal for straightforward email campaigns. In contrast, provides conditional variables which allow for more dynamic and tailored communication flows.

When it comes to personalizing your outreach, Bardeen can enrich your leads with updated info to improve your open and response rates. For users needing advanced sequence customization and channel diversity, has the upper hand. However, if your focus is primarily on email campaigns with high volume sending, Smartlead's unlimited email accounts could be a significant advantage.


Setting up an email follow-up sequence in Smartlead.

Campaign creation in Smartlead's Sequences feature is straightforward: you can set up email and manual follow-ups, and wait periods. While the tool doesn't offer complex branching or conditional logic, it does excel with its unlimited auto-rotating email accounts, which can improve deliverability and sender reputation.

  • Linear Sequence Design: Smartlead keeps things simple with a straight-line sequence flow.
  • Email Follow-ups: You can create email follow-ups with personalization variables like {{first_name}} and {{company_name}}.
  • Manual Tasks: Set up reminders for manual follow-ups in between automated emails.
  • Wait Periods: Choose how many days to wait before the next step in the sequence.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: Rotate through multiple email accounts to boost engagement.
😐 "So i prefer to instantly. It’s better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing

Starting a new sequence for personalized email campaigns in

When we start using's Sequences to build a campaign, we notice the simplicity and flexibility right away. This tool lets us connect with leads through various communication channels, like email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp, without any hassle. We can also use conditional variables to customize our messaging based on the recipient's actions or characteristics, which is a game-changer for personalized outreach.

  • Multiple communication channels: Engage leads via email, LinkedIn messages, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Easy campaign creation: Choose a template, start from scratch, or let AI help you build your sequence.
  • Conditional variables: Tailor your messaging based on specific conditions to make sure the right message gets to the right person.
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Deliverability - Avoiding Spam Filters and Improving Open Rates

Smartlead seems to take the lead with its comprehensive deliverability features, including unlimited mailbox warmups and the ability to auto-rotate email accounts.

Smartlead's dashboard showing email warming and spam avoidance features offers basic email rate limits and supports multiple inboxes, but lacks the sophisticated email warming and auto-rotation capabilities of Smartlead. While does allow you to manage blacklists manually, it recommends using a separate email warming service.

Given that email deliverability is critical for successful outreach, Smartlead's integrated features provide a significant advantage for users looking to maintain a strong sending reputation. For users seeking an improved open and response rate, Bardeen can be paired with either service to further personalize emails and reduce the likelihood of being marked as spam.

Overall, Smartlead's native capabilities make it a more robust choice for users who need to manage deliverability in-house without the need for additional tools or subscriptions.


Smartlead's email warming feature with inbox vs spam tracking.

Smartlead addresses deliverability issues with practical features designed to improve your email campaign performance. They provide unlimited mailbox warmups and the ability to rotate between different email accounts, which is critical for maintaining a good sender reputation and avoiding spam filters.

  • Unlimited Mailbox Warmups: Activates email accounts to build a sending history.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Use different email accounts to distribute sending volume.
  • Rate Limits: Automatically adjusts sending ratios to protect your sender score.
  • Spam Avoidance: Tracks the percentage of emails landing in the inbox vs. spam.

Reddit users have praised Smartlead for its email warm-up capabilities, highlighting its effectiveness over other platforms.

👍 "smartlead is more user friendly, instantly has a crm." - r/Emailmarketing

Settings for email safety and deliverability in

Dealing with deliverability is crucial in email campaigns to ensure your messages land in the inbox, not the spam folder. offers basic tools to help you manage deliverability, like setting rate limits and using multiple inboxes, but you can't send one campaign from multiple inboxes. Here's what you can do to improve your email deliverability with

  • Email Warming: While doesn't offer built-in email warming, using an external service is recommended to improve your sender reputation.
  • Spam Avoidance: Set a delay before sending the first email to mimic human-like behavior and avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Rate Limits: Control how many emails you send per day to prevent being flagged for spamming.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Manage different email accounts within the platform to target various segments or campaigns.
  • Blacklists: Manually add domains to your blacklist to avoid sending emails to certain domains or addresses.

Remember, these features are only the first step. To really make sure your emails reach the inbox, you should consider additional services for email warming and list cleaning.

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Personalization - Tailoring Emails for Higher Engagement stands out with its AI-powered assistance and a rich set of personalization features for email customization.'s editor with AI personalization prompts and preview functionality

Its intuitive interface allows for the insertion of variables, inclusion of multimedia, and the ability to preview emails with ease. Smartlead, while offering unlimited custom fields, does not provide AI assistance within the platform, requiring users to manually craft their personalized messages or seek external AI tools.

To elevate your email outreach, consider using Bardeen to enrich lead data and craft custom messages using AI, which can work alongside platforms like Smartlead for a more tailored approach.

For those looking for a more automated and guided experience in personalizing emails,, with its AI features, would be a better choice.


Mapping custom fields for personalized email campaigns.

Personalization in email campaigns is a key factor in improving engagement and conversion rates. Smartlead's Sequences feature excels in this area by offering unlimited custom fields for each lead, enabling you to tailor each email to the recipient's specific details.

  • Unlimited custom fields: Add as many custom details as needed for each lead.
  • Easy mapping: Match your CSV data columns to campaign variables effortlessly.
  • Flexible personalization: Use custom fields in emails to address leads directly and make content relevant.

Email editor with personalization options in Sequences.

Personalizing emails in's Sequences is straightforward and flexible, giving you the tools to make each email feel one-of-a-kind. You can customize each message to the recipient's details, ensuring higher engagement rates and a more personal connection with your leads.

  • Pre-made templates: Choose from various situations or start from scratch.
  • AI Assistance: Use Jason AI or GPT-3 for creating or refining emails.
  • Variable Insertion: Easily add variables using { } brackets to make each email unique.
  • Preview Function: Check how your email looks before sending it with the "preview" button.
  • Rich Content Support: Add links, images, videos, and meeting links to enrich your emails.
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Pro Tip:

AI - Personalized Email Creation and Multi-Channel Outreach stands out with Jason AI, offering the ability to write full emails and personalized content, including follow-ups and social touches.

Jason AI generates entire sequences, including email content and social engagement prompts

Smartlead, in contrast, uses hard-coded custom column values for personalization, lacking the advanced AI-generated content capabilities. For users seeking an edge in personalization and efficiency,’s AI feature clearly has the advantage.

When considering AI-driven enhancements in your sequencing tools, Bardeen can be a powerful ally, adding layers of context to your leads to make sequences even smarter and more effective.

For businesses ready to harness AI for crafting personalized sequences that resonate with leads, is the go-to, further complemented by Bardeen's contextual automations.


We've tested the AI sub-feature in Smartlead's Sequences and found that it doesn't write full sentences on its own. Instead, it uses pre-set custom column values to personalize emails. This means you can't rely on the tool to generate content, but you can still make your emails feel more tailored to each lead.

  • Customization: Uses custom column values for personalization.
  • Limited AI capabilities: Does not write full sentences autonomously.
  • Email Personalization: Allows for lead-specific details to be inserted into emails.

Jason AI crafting personalized email content in Sequences.'s Sequences feature, powered by Jason AI, simplifies and improves the way you create and manage email campaigns. Jason AI offers a significant advantage by writing entire sequences, suggesting multi-channel outreach, and crafting personalized email content.

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Jason AI writes full email sequences based on your prompts.
  • Multi-Channel Outreach: Jason AI suggests effective channels to connect with prospects.
  • Personalized Openings: Generates custom email intros for higher engagement.
  • Effortless Editing: Easy text modifications with AI assistance.
  • Language Support: Supports writing and translations in over 100 languages.
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Native Enrichment: Simplifying Contact Data Collection takes the lead with its integrated data enrichment feature, providing essential contact and account information directly within its platform.'s enrichment process ensures your contacts' information is always up-to-date

Smartlead, on the other hand, lacks direct native enrichment but compensates with an integration for Clay, which can broaden the scope of data enrichment. While Smartlead's approach offers flexibility through third-party integrations, it also means an additional step in the workflow, which could become a bottleneck for teams seeking streamlined operations.

If you're looking to automate manual information-gathering workflows or enhance your sales intelligence, Bardeen could be a powerful addition to your tech stack, supplementing both Smartlead's and's native capabilities.

Overall, companies prioritizing immediate access to enriched data without the need for additional tools would benefit more from's built-in enrichment features.


Integration options for lead enrichment in Smartlead.

While Smartlead doesn't offer direct native lead enrichment, it integrates with Clay, an external tool, for a robust solution to enrich lead data. This integration is key for gaining deeper insights into your leads, helping to inform and target your engagement strategies more effectively.

  • Integration with Clay: Connect to Clay to enrich lead data.
  • Buyer Signals: Get valuable insights into lead behavior.
  • Data from Various Sources: Aggregate information to understand your leads better.
  • Enhance Campaigns: Use enriched data to personalize and improve the efficacy of your outreach.

Workflow options for enriching contact data in's Sequences feature includes a Native Enrichment option that provides you with valuable buyer signals and data from various sources to offer more insight into your leads. This feature is particularly useful for sales teams looking to deepen their understanding of potential customers.

  • Standard and Extended Enrichment: Choose between populating standard fields or creating custom fields for more detailed information on contacts.
  • Data Accuracy: Regular updates to ensure the information stays current and reliable.
  • One Credit per Contact: Each enrichment for an individual contact costs one data credit, making it easy to track usage.
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Social Automation - Expanding Reach Across Different Platforms stands out with its comprehensive social automation, which includes LinkedIn, giving it a broader reach for social selling. offers a variety of automated social tasks including LinkedIn

In contrast, Smartlead's social automation does not support LinkedIn, which could be a dealbreaker for users relying on this platform for outreach.

Smartlead supports multiple channels but lacks LinkedIn integration

However, if SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp are primary channels for your outreach, Smartlead could still be a solid choice.

For additional efficiency, you might consider Bardeen, which can automate tasks across various social platforms and help with data enrichment, even though it's currently in beta.

Ultimately, if LinkedIn is a critical part of your sales strategy, has the edge thanks to its broader social automation features.


Social Automation in Smartlead Sequences with multiple communication channels.

Smartlead's Sequences feature has a tailored approach for sales reps to connect with leads through various social platforms. While LinkedIn is not directly supported, the tool compensates with robust SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp messaging capabilities. This allows for diverse outreach strategies beyond traditional email sequences.

  • SMS Messaging: Directly send texts to engage with leads.
  • Twitter Integration: Connect with leads through personalized Tweets or direct messages.
  • WhatsApp Communication: Use the popular messaging app to reach international leads.
  • Wait Steps: Set delays between actions to avoid overwhelming leads.
  • Manual Tasks: Include personal touches with manual connection requests or calls.

Task creation options for multiple channels in Sequences.'s Sequences feature supports a wide array of communication channels, from traditional emails to LinkedIn messages and even WhatsApp, giving users the flexibility to automate their outreach across different platforms. This multi-channel capability allows for a more personalized and effective engagement with sales leads.

  • Versatile Communication Channels: Send emails, LinkedIn connections, SMS, and WhatsApp messages.
  • Task Management: Easily create tasks for phone calls or in-person meetings.
  • Automation: Automate routine outreach tasks to save time.
  • Personalization: Tailor messages for each channel to increase engagement.
  • Integration: Seamlessly connect with various platforms within one sequence.
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Which is Best for Your Outreach? Smartlead or

Between Smartlead and, each tool has its strengths tailored for different scenarios. Smartlead excels in email campaigns with its unlimited rotating email accounts and straightforward sequence design, making it ideal for volume email senders focused on deliverability., on the other hand, stands out for its advanced AI features and multi-channel communication, offering a versatile tool for personalized, dynamic campaigns across email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp.

For those prioritizing email deliverability and simplicity, Smartlead is a solid choice. Its linear sequence design and unlimited email accounts are perfect for users who need to manage high-volume campaigns. is better suited for users looking for rich personalization options and the flexibility to engage leads across various platforms, backed by AI-driven insights and content creation.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific needs: high-volume email campaigns favor Smartlead, while multi-channel, AI-enhanced outreach campaigns will benefit more from