Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more than 1 label to the notion page being created?
Can I use an automation that has a premium tag on it?
Can I insert a date and time (timestamp) of when an item was extracted?
How does the 14-day trial work? How many credits do I have for the trial?
How much does Bardeen cost?
Is my data secure?
How to get started with Bardeen?
What will happen with my automations if they are now premium?
Can I still do deep scraping?
Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan at any time?
What if I exceed my plan’s credit limit?
How many credits do I need?
What’s a credit? What can I do with credits?
What is the difference between a premium Playbook/Autobook and a non-premium one?
What happens after my free trial ends?
Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?
Is there a free version of
Bardeen shortcut is not working
Can I change my account email and keep my automations?
Scraper: Can I get a specific range of my scraper's results?
Scraper: Are there any risks to scraping LinkedIn?
My shared playbook is not updating, how can I share an updated version?
Notion: Is there a way to add only new values into Notion?
Autobooks: How can I setup an autobook to run "daily on week days"?
Is it possible to save data from a Table to a CSV file?
Scraper. I have a single page scraper, how can I make it scrape through a list?
If I scrape LinkedIn profiles, will they see me checking their profile?
How can I modify a Playbook from the catalog for my own use-case?
Scraper: My scraper template (Ex: Facebook pages) is getting mixed results for some fields, what causes this?
How can I append two fields from a database into a single field on another database?
Scraper: Can you scrape Opensea?
Is it possible to set up a custom message every time I run a Playbook? How about Autobooks?
Can I copy actions from one playbook to another?
Autobooks: How can I set up a recurring action (like recurring tasks on Noiton) for a particular days of the week?
Can I save a screenshot (image or pdf) to a field on a database?
Why is Bardeen free? Do you have plans for pricing in the future?
How can I build the body for an HTTPS Post?
Notion: I am not finding my Notion database, am I missing something?
Scraper: Can I fill an input with data from the scraper?
Is it possible to connect with other apps (e.g. Webflow) using Bardeen?
Scraper: How can I do pagination on a page where there’s no next button?
How do I make an Autobook that triggers once a day?
How does the “when website data changes” trigger work?
Is possible to run Bardeen Autobooks "offiline"? Do I need to have my pc online every time?
How to search the same text across multiple websites?
Notion: Is it possible to enrich data from a URL inside a database and get the results to the same database?
My Playbook doesn't run out of the box, is there a guide for it?
Does Bardeen app support conditional scraping?
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