Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my account email and keep my automations?
Scraper: Can I get a specific range of my scraper's results?
Scraper: Are there any risks to scraping LinkedIn?
My shared playbook is not updating, how can I share an updated version?
Notion: Is there a way to add only new values into Notion?
Autobooks: How can I setup an autobook to run "daily on week days"?
Is it possible to save data from a Table to a CSV file?
Scraper. I have a single page scraper, how can I make it scrape though a list?
If I scrape LinkedIn profiles, will they see me checking their profile?
How can I modify a Playbook from the catalog for my own use-case?
Scraper: My scraper template (Ex: Facebook pages) is getting mixed results for some fields, what causes this?
How can I append two fields from a database into a single field on another database?
Scraper: Can you scrape Opensea?
Is it possible to set up a custom message every time I run a Playbook? How about Autobooks?
Can I copy actions from one playbook to another?
Autobooks: How can I set up a recurring action (like recurring tasks on Noiton) for a particular days of the week?
Can I save a screenshot (image or pdf) to a field on a database?
Why is Bardeen free? Do you have plans for pricing in the future?
How can I build the body for an HTTPS Post?
Notion: I am not finding my Notion database, am I missing something?
Scraper: Can I fill an input with data from the scraper?
Is it possible to connect Notion with other apps (e.g. Webflow) using Bardeen?
Scraper: How can I do pagination on a page where there’s no next button?
How do I make an Autobook that triggers once a day?
How does the “when website data changes” trigger work?
Is possible to run Bardeen Autobooks "offiline"? Do I need to have my pc online every time?
How to search the same text across multiple websites?
Notion: Is it possible to enrich data from a url inside a database and get the results to the same database?
My playbook doesn't run out of the box, is there a guide for it?
Does Bardeen app support conditional scraping?
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Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt
Bardeen - One-click automations for your repetitive tasks | Product Hunt
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