Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing: Is it possible to upgrade a Business account to purchase additional credits for the team?

Yes, users can upgrade their Business account to buy additional credits for the team. The cost per credit is the same as on the individual plan.

Pricing: What are the rules for downgrading the team plan?

You can downgrade your plan at any time, but Team Spaces have a minimum credit requirement of 500 to stay active. Any additional credits you purchase can’t be refunded if you choose to downgrade your plan.

Pricing: What happens if a team member leaves the team?

If a team member leaves, the system subtracts the $10 cost and 500 credits from the team account. If this occurs within the first 5 users, only the 500 credits are subtracted.

Pricing: How does credit sharing work across the team?

Credits are shared across the team, and there are plans to introduce budget controls (e.g., set budgets per user) in the future.

Pricing: Are all prices considered for the monthly subscription, and is there an annual payment option?

Yes, all prices are for the monthly subscription. Upgrade to an annual plan for a 33% discount.

Pricing: Can users purchase more credits to scale the credits for the entire team workspace?

Yes, users can buy additional credits to scale the credits for the entire team workspace.

Pricing: How does the pricing structure work for Team accounts?

Team accounts have a flat price for up to 5 users, with an additional charge for each user beyond this threshold. The first 5 users on the Business plan are available for a flat fee, and additional credits are provided.

Account: Does everyone on the team have to have the same account type (Free/Premium)?

In a team, either everyone is a free user, or everyone is a premium user, drawing from the same credit bucket.

Account: How does the Bardeen Credit Account work for users in a team?

All users within a team share the same Bardeen Credit Account, along with an associated billing account.

Account: What defines a user account in this system?

A user account, identified by their email, can be either an individual account or part of a team.

Google Sheet: Can Bardeen add a dynamic column to the data with a timestamp?

You can retrieve the timestamp and input it directly into your Google Sheet.

Scraper: Is it possible to personalize the banner of a PDF with the URL of the company logo that I would have scraped via Bardeen?

Personalizing PDF banners isn't possible with Bardeen, but you can scrape the URLs and use other tools like for automatic PDF or image creation.

Bardeen - Playbook / Autobooks: Is it possible to create a Playbook that scrapes data from a website and sends it as an email attachment?

You can create a Bardeen Playbook to scrape data from a website and then send that data as an email attachment.

Pipedrive: Can I field map data into custom properties in Pipedrive?

Yes, Pipedrive integration now supports field mapping for custom properties, allowing more personalized CRM data management.

Builder & Automation: How do I use dynamic inputs in Bardeen's scrapers?

To use this feature, create a scraper model and click over the input field

Scraper: How can I separate the first name and last name when scraping a name?

Bardeen has a "Split person name" command, which extracts a first and last name from a full name.

Apollo: How does the Apollo integration work?

The Apollo integration allows you to look up contact info from LinkedIn profiles and other data sources, and add contacts directly to your email campaigns.

Smartsuite: What fields can you access and create in SmartSuite with the integration?

Currently, Bardeen facilitates access to various field types in SmartSuite.

Bardeen AI: How can I use Bardeen's AI classification tool?

Bardeen's AI classification tool allows you to create custom classifiers for automating data categorization, like classifying emails or leads.

Bardeen AI: How can I create my own classifier?

You can find a "Bardeen AI" tab in your App, where you can create your first classifier by going through this flow

Builder & Automation: What are “always-on” triggers on automations?

"Always-On" triggers allow autobooks to run in the cloud, ensuring continuous operation even when your computer is off.

Builder & Automation: What are dynamic inputs in Bardeen's scrapers?

Dynamic inputs allow you to fill forms or inputs with varying values, enhancing flexibility and control over your scraping activities.

Builder & Automation: Why does the “open browser notification” show up on my browser?

You may have disabled notifications on your computer.

Smartsuite: How do I integrate Bardeen with Smartsuite?

Smartsuite integration, unlike other integrations, requires your input to set it up

Text Messaging: How can I use the "Send Text Message" feature on Bardeen?

To use the "Send Text Message" feature on Bardeen, you need to input the phone number you're sending to in the E.164 format

Pricing: How can I purchase more credits in bulk on Bardeen?

To buy more credits in bulk on Bardeen, follow these steps:

Combining Strings: How can I combine or merge two or more strings of text into one using the "Merge Texts" action on Bardeen?

To combine or merge two or more strings of text into one using the "Merge Texts" action on Bardeen, you simply need to input the texts you want to merge, either fixed or dynamic fields (from previous actions).

Updating Bardeen: When can I expect updated versions of Bardeen and how can I check for them?

You can expect updated versions of Bardeen every Wednesday.

Remove Bardeen Branding: How can I remove the "Created with by" or "Sent via" branding from my automated messages and pages?

If you're a paid user of Bardeen, you have the option to turn off the "Created with by" or "Sent via" branding from your automated messages and pages.

Sharing: How can I share an updated Autobook or Playbook on Bardeen?

To share an updated version of your Auto/Playbook on Bardeen, follow these steps

Scraper: How can I separate the first name and last name when scraping data from LinkedIn profiles to Google Sheets?

You can separate the first name and last name from LinkedIn profiles in two ways

Youtube: Can I download a Youtube video to my computer using Bardeen?

Unfortunately, Bardeen is not able to download videos to your computer.

Scraper: How can I change or modify an existing data scraper in Bardeen?

To modify an existing data scraper in Bardeen, first, check out the available scrapers

OpenAI: What model is Bardeen using for the OpenAI integration?

Bardeen’s default OpenAI model is the text-davinci-003 model from OpenAI.

Google Sheets: What is the best way to export data to Google Sheets?

Exporting data (ex: scraped data or app data) from Bardeen to Google Sheets is possible with our action to “Add Rows to Google Sheets”.

Scraper: Why is the playbook only scraping the first page of a website?

This issue appears in multiple cases, like scraping LinkedIn search, where pagination doesn’t work by default

Airtable: Any tips for deleting all data in an Airtable table before running a scraper?

Consider using Bardeen’s “Delete Airtable Rows” command to remove the data on your table before running the scraper.

API: Is there a Bardeen API?

Bardeen doesn't have an API at the moment.

Scraper: I just created a Scraping template. How do I export the scraping info to Airtable?

After you create a scraper, you can store the gathered data in Airtable using the "add data to Airtable" feature.

Airtable: Can Bardeen to go through row by row and take an action on an Airtable/Google table?

Yes, you can do this using Bardeen.

Meetings: Is there a playbook to record and summarize meetings?

There isn't a specific AI use case available for automatically recording and summarizing meetings at the moment

Notion: I am having issues with my Notion connection. What can I do?

Here are a few steps to try and fix this

Airtable: What are the known limitations with scraping data from an Airtable database?

There have been a few issues reported.

Account Management: How can I find the settings page on Bardeen?

Go to the top right of Bardeen → click on the menu icon → Settings.

Scraper: Why won't the scraper model let me select an element on the website?

Some websites are harder to scrape then others. It might be that your case requires the scraper to be edited with custom CSS selectors.

Scraper: Can I scrape a list of URLs that were extracted with Bardeen?

This process is called deep scraping.

Bardeen: I’m new to Bardeen, where should I get started?

If you're new to Bardeen, start by downloading the Chrome Extension.

Account Management: How can I update Bardeen to the latest version?

Here are the steps on how to update Bardeen to the last version.

Snov: Do I need to pay premium to find emails with Snov?

Yes, Snov integration is among our premium integrations, which means it’ll consume Bardeen credits when consumed.

Snov: Will I spend Bardeen credits if Snov doesn’t find the emails?

No, these integrations will only consume Bardeen credits when an email is found.

Playbooks/Autobooks: How do I edit an action in a Playbook or Autobook?

Please follow the following steps to edit an action in a Playbook or Autobook.

Notion: Can I create Notion pages with text inside the page?

Bardeen doesn't have this particular feature available a the moment.

Scraper: How can I get data from multiple sections of a profile (Eg: getting the experience section on a linkedin profile)?

Cases like this require you to scrape the links to the sections and use the background scraper to get details from every section.

Connecting Apps: To connect to an app (eg. Google Drive) do I have to give Bardeen full access to my account?

Yes, that's correct. We (like any other automation platform) need these permissions to trigger and run automations for you.

Pricing: How does the credit system work?

Only "premium" playbooks require credits to run, different actions require different credits. You will be reminded by email when you've reached 70% and 90% of your limit.

Notion: Can I add more than 1 label to the notion page being created?

Yes, you can use "merge text" and separate labels by comas, so multiple labels are added into the “Multi -select” property at Notion.

Pricing: Can I use an automation that has a premium tag on it?

You can still use it, but it'll now consume credits when you run it.‍ The "Premium" label shows that it's an Playbook that contains premium actions, which consume Bardeen credits.‍

Scraper: Can I insert a date and time (timestamp) of when an item was extracted?

Yes, you can find this feature inside Bardeen's scraper. When you're building a scraper click on "add special fields", then select the "Timestamp".

Pricing: How does the 14-day trial work? How many credits do I have for the trial?

The free tier includes a 14-day trial period during which you can use 250 credits for free. You'll be able to enjoy unlimited access to non-premium automations on this plan and only premium automations will require credits.‍In case you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan, the credits you purchase will be replenished every month and allotted accordingly.‍

Pricing: How much does Bardeen cost?

We want to bring automation to everyone, no matter if you use Bardeen once or a million times – and we will keep offering a powerful unlimited free plan to help make this possible. ‍If you want your automations to run 24/7 through the cloud service "always on", leverage AI to enhance your automation, or utilize one of the many premium integrations, you can upgrade to a paid plan to do so.‍

Account Management: Is my data secure?

Bardeen extension runs locally in your browser, so all your data stays with you. ‍You can choose to run the automations on the cloud if you prefer the automations to run even when your local device is off. ‍To learn more about Bardeen's security, visit

Getting Started: How to get started with Bardeen?

Click on the "Get Extension" button located at the top right corner. This will redirect you to the Bardeen Chrome Extension page. You can create a free account without providing your credit card information.‍Type in what you want to achieve, and Magic Box will generate the entire automation from scratch. You can then easily review and customize any workflow that we build.

Account Management: What will happen to my premium automations if I downgrade my plan?

If you choose to stay with the free plan, you will not be able to run premium automations. To do so, you can upgrade to a paid plan by visiting the pricing page.

Scraper: Can I still do deep scraping?

Deep scraping will be premium. If you choose to stay with the free plan, you will not be able to perform deep scraping

Account Management: Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. To change your plan, navigate to "Settings" in your Bardeen account.

Pricing: What if I exceed my plan’s credit limit?

If you exceed your credit limit during the billing period, your premium automations will temporarily pause until the credit resets at the start of the next billing period. There will be no overage fees.

Pricing: How many credits do I need?

The number of credits you require depends on the number of automations you have running and their frequency

Pricing: What’s a credit? What can I do with credits?

Credits are the currency that equates to different premium actions and outcomes. Only premium playbook runs will consume credits. All non-premium playbooks remain available for unlimited usage, free of charge.

Pricing: What is the difference between a premium Playbook/Autobook and a non-premium one?

The playbooks or integrations that you can only use in the paid plans are premium playbooks.

Pricing: What happens after my free trial ends?

After the trial, you’ll automatically be downgraded to our free plan if you do nothing. If you chose to keep your paid plan, you will need to enter your payment details and confirm.

Pricing: Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

No, you do not need to enter your credit card details to sign up and use

Pricing: Is there a free version of

Yes, you can always use for free. You can run unlimited non-premium automations and share them with an unlimited number of teammates with the free plan.

Shortcut: Bardeen shortcut is not working

The keyboard shortcut (Option ⌥ + B) might no longer be working by default due to the recent update in the Chrome extension platform.‍‍ This should only affect users who installed the Chrome extension before November, 2022.‍ You can always create (or customize) a shortcut to launch Bardeen in the extensions settings.‍‍ Copy this link into your browser:‍ chrome://extensions/shortcuts‍‍

Account Management: Can I change my account email and keep my automations?

It's not possible right now to change your email or transfer your Playbooks in bulk, but it is possible to transfer them one by one. There are 2 ways. 1) Share the Playbooks to the other account. You can do this by having 2 chrome profiles. 2) Or export/import the playbooks from the Settings page‍. The limitation is you won't be able to edit the scraper templates from shared playbooks.‍

Scraper: Can I get a specific range of my scraper's results?

Yes. You can do this by using the "Get slice of array" action.‍ By using the "Get slice from array" action, you can specify which rows you want to get from a Scraper's column.‍ If you need to do this for multiple columns, the current work arround would be to use a "Get slice" action for every column, and do field mapping when saving the data to your database.

Scraper: Are there any risks to scraping LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn can detect irregular behavior and warn you (or suspend your account) for inappropriately using certain automations. You might get a warning like this at first (image). To avoid this, we don't recommend using large lists in short amounts of time.‍You can modify your playbooks/autobooks to add delays when every page is opened, to minimize this from happening.

Playbooks: My shared playbook is not updating, how can I share an updated version?

For your shared playbook to be updated, you need to unshare your playbook and share it again. This will generate a new link. ‍To do this: ‍1) Edit the playbook. 2) Unshare it (click on share, then the “unshare” button) 3) Share it again

Notion: Is there a way to add only new values into Notion?

You can do this with the "Update or add action", which will check if a page is already created and updates it, or creates a new notion page if not. To use this, you need to use the "Find notion pages" action before, and relate it to the "Update or add" action.

Autobooks: How can I setup an autobook to run "daily on week days"?

You can modify the "When scheduled event occurs" trigger by using commands. One of the suggested options is running it only on week days.

Tables: Is it possible to save data from a Table to a CSV file?

This is possible! Edit your automation and add the "Convert table to CSV" action on the end.‍‍ You should get the CSV once you run the playbook.

Scrape: I have a single page scraper, how can I make it scrape through a list?

If you have a single page scraper (like scraping a Linkedin profile) and run it on a list of profiles, you can do this by using the "Scrape data in the background" action.‍

Scraper: If I scrape LinkedIn profiles, will they see me checking their profile?

Yes. Since Bardeen lives on your browser, Playbooks like "Enrich Linkedin links from a Google Sheet" open the Linkedin profiles in the background and scrape their information. This happens from your currently opened Linkedin account, so people can see you've visited their profile.

Playbooks: How can I modify a Playbook from the catalog for my own use-case?

You can re-use any playbook that's on Bardeen by‍ 1) Opening it on the Builder and editing it, or 2) Importing the playbook to the builder.‍

Scraper: My scraper template (Ex: Facebook pages) is getting mixed results for some fields, what causes this?

Pages like Facebook are highly dinámic, so some fields (like getting the phone from a Facebook page) can be located differently from page to page. That's why even if you selected a field, it might be getting mixed results.‍ In this case, we advise checking the existing playbooks if there’s one that’s already built to scrape that page. If that's not case, you need to build a scraper template with advanced CSS selectors to reliably get the fields every time.

Notion: How can I append two fields from a database into a single field on another database?

On the field mapping, try selecting one field, then appending with a comma "," and clicking the input again to select the second field. You can also use the "Merge text" action to append the fields you need, and then link those results in the database action.

Scraper: Can you scrape Opensea?

Yes, it's possible to build a model to scrape OpenSea.‍ Yet, scraping OpenSea collections unfortunately is difficult right now, as their website implements dynamic changes on scroll, to avoid scraping.‍ This causes unexpected behaviors that limit the number of results with Bardeen's scraper.

Messaging: Is it possible to set up a custom message every time I run a Playbook? How about Autobooks?

Yes, you can use the "Ask me every time" command to customize a message every time you run a Playbook.‍

Playbooks: Can I copy actions from one playbook to another?

We don't have that feature available.‍ A common workaround is duplicating a playbook, with all its actions, and editing the new playbook from there.

Autobooks: How can I set up a recurring action (like recurring tasks on Noiton) for a particular days of the week?

You can do this by editing the trigger "When schedule event happens", so it starts on a particular day.

Images: Can I save a screenshot (image or pdf) to a field on a database?

You can only send URL type of files (like image URLs) to these databases fields, we do not support sending screenshot files yet.‍ A workaround in these cases is to add the screenshot file to google drive and add that file's URL into your database.

Pricing: Why is Bardeen free? Do you have plans for pricing in the future?

Our goal is to make automation accessible to everyone, and we offer a powerful unlimited free plan. If you want more features, such as 24/7 automation through the cloud, AI enhancements, or premium integrations, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

HTTPS: How can I build the body for an HTTPS Post?

You can build the JSON format using the Merge Texts action this way.

Notion: I am not finding my Notion database, am I missing something?

When you integrated Notion you might have not selected all the pages in your workspace. In this case, check the share button for the database and share the page with Bardeen's integration.

Scraper: How can I do pagination on a page where there’s no next button?

A workaround you can try (which depends on the page) is to build your workflow based on a pattern of the URL's.

Autobooks: How do I make an Autobook that triggers once a day?

Use the "When schedule event ocurrs", so it triggers daily at a specific hour of the day.

Websites: How does the “when website data changes” trigger work?

This trigger will allow you to monitor the data on a URL or a list of URLs.

Autobooks: Is possible to run Bardeen Autobooks "offiline"? Do I need to have my pc online every time?

Running Autobooks via cloud is something that we may support in the future. Currently, Autobooks are only triggered while you are online.

Websites: How to search the same text across multiple websites?

It can be done, mainly thanks the “Open link pattern” action. ‍This video shows an example on how you can search Google, Linkedin and Quora.

Notion: Is it possible to enrich data from a URL inside a database and get the results to the same database?

This is possible on Notion with the following actions. 1) Find a notion database. 2) Scrape data on the background on URLs. 3) Update or add notion page.

Playbooks: My Playbook doesn't run out of the box, is there a guide for it?

Not all Playbooks run out of the box. Some need to be configured with each user's inputs in order to run properly. ‍There's an article for each playbook on the catalog, that guides you though the needed inputs or changes to run it successfully

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