Lemlist vs Salesforge 2024: Best Outreach Tools

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May 7, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article compares lemlist and Salesforge, focusing specifically on their cold outreach capabilities, to help you choose the best tool for your needs. We provide a detailed comparison of features and benefits, and explore how each tool goes beyond just cold outreach. Our goal is to save you time on repetitive tasks, and selecting the right tools is crucial for this. Learn more about Bardeen, our task copilot that automates actions across your apps to save you time.

Campaign CreationDrag-and-drop, multi-channel, AI-enhancedMulti-language, AI personalization
Deliverabilitylemwarm product, real-time scoring, custom domainsEmail warming, multiple mailboxes
PersonalizationCustom variables, landing pages, liquid syntaxAI email generation, custom variables
AICampaign-level creation, basic personalizationAdvanced tonality, personalization credits
Native EnrichmentBasic contact details, bulk enrichmentRelies on third-party tools
Social AutomationLinkedIn messaging, connection requests, post engagementLinkedIn and website data for emails
PricingStarts at $39/mo, tiered options, 14-day trialStarts at $48/mo, 7-day trial, annual discount

Campaign Creation - Simplifying Complex Sequences and Multichannel Integration

lemlist leads in flexibility for campaign creation with its visual sandbox environment, which simplifies the setup of complex sequences integrating multiple channels.

Visual sequence builder in lemlist showing multi-channel campaign setup

Salesforge, although offering advanced AI-driven features for email personalization and validation, lacks the same level of intuitive visual customization and direct social media integration in its sequence builder.

To further enhance your campaign results, consider using Bardeen to integrate AI-driven insights into your outreach strategies.

For businesses prioritizing a streamlined, visual approach to managing complex, multi-channel sequences, lemlist provides a more user-friendly interface, making it the preferable choice in this aspect.


Lemlist Sequences enable complex multi-step campaigns across email and social channels.

Lemlist's Sequences feature empowers users to create intricate multi-channel campaigns to engage leads effectively. By leveraging a mix of automated steps and manual tasks, sales teams can build personalized sequences that span email, LinkedIn, and other platforms, increasing the chances of connecting with prospects.

Key features of Sequences:

  • Visual Campaign Builder: The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the creation of complex sequences with branching logic and multiple touchpoints.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: Sequences support automated email sends, LinkedIn connection requests, InMails, and profile visits, enabling a comprehensive outreach strategy.
  • Personalization at Scale: Users can incorporate dynamic placeholders to personalize messages for each recipient while maintaining efficiency.
  • Flexible Execution: Sequences accommodate both automated steps and manual tasks, allowing for a tailored approach based on the specific needs of each campaign.
  • AI-Powered Optimization: Lemlist's AI capabilities can generate optimized sequence templates and provide recommendations to improve campaign performance.
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Salesforge's sequence builder allows creating campaigns in multiple languages.

Salesforge is a powerful sales engagement platform that helps streamline and optimize email outreach campaigns. With its advanced AI-driven features, Salesforge enables users to create highly personalized and effective email sequences at scale.

Key features of Salesforge's sequence builder:

  • AI-powered personalization: Salesforge leverages AI to generate personalized email content, ensuring higher engagement rates.
  • Multi-language support: Create sequences in multiple languages to target a global audience effectively.
  • Centralized mailbox management: Manage multiple mailboxes from a single interface for efficient campaign management.
  • Email validation and warm-up: Ensure high deliverability and low bounce rates with built-in email validation and AI-driven warm-up features.
  • Intuitive sequence builder: Easily create and customize email sequences with a user-friendly interface.
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Deliverability - Boosting Email Success Rates

When comparing the email deliverability features of lemlist and Salesforge, lemlist has the upper hand due to its specialized product, lemwarm, which is specifically geared towards improving email deliverability.

lemwarm dashboard showcasing deliverability tools

Salesforge, while offering integrated email warming and validation, does not provide the same depth of functionality or direct integration with its platform's core features as lemlist does with lemwarm.

For users looking to enhance their email campaign's success rates, Bardeen can also be a valuable tool. By automating personalized email creation, you can increase your deliverability and engagement rates significantly. Explore how to draft AI responses to sales lead emails to save time and improve efficacy.

Overall, lemlist's dedicated approach with lemwarm makes it a more attractive choice for users focused on optimizing email deliverability.


Deliverability score and lemwarm tips ensure emails reach the inbox.

lemlist takes email deliverability seriously, providing users with a dedicated product called lemwarm to optimize their email campaigns and avoid spam filters. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure that emails reach the intended recipients' inboxes.

Key features for deliverability:

  • lemwarm: A separate product that focuses on email warming and deliverability
  • Sending limits: Customizable daily sending limits to prevent exceeding email provider thresholds
  • Deliverability score: A real-time score that indicates the health of the user's email account
  • Detailed reports: In-depth analytics to monitor open rates, click rates, and other key metrics
  • Custom tracking domains: Allows users to set up their own tracking domains to improve deliverability
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Salesforge supports multiple mailboxes with email warming to improve deliverability.

Salesforge offers features to help improve email deliverability and avoid spam filters when sending out sequences. This includes support for multiple mailboxes and email warming to establish a positive sending reputation.

  • Multiple mailboxes: Salesforge allows you to connect and send from multiple mailboxes. This can help distribute email volume and avoid triggering spam filters by not sending too many emails from a single mailbox.
  • Email warming: When connecting a new mailbox, Salesforge provides an email warming feature. This gradually increases the sending volume from a new mailbox over time, helping establish a positive reputation with email providers and improving deliverability.
"bought a bunch of domains and mailboxes recently via Salesforge" - r/Entrepreneur
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Personalization - Tailoring Emails for Greater Engagement

Salesforge takes the lead in personalization features due to its use of AI in crafting personalized emails alongside traditional custom variables.

AI-powered email customization in Salesforge

lemlist offers solid personalization options through dynamic variables and liquid syntax for conditionals, but lacks AI-enhanced content generation which can adapt to the unique context of each recipient.

For those looking for deeper customization and automation in their email sequences, Salesforge's AI capabilities provide a significant advantage, particularly in dynamically adjusting messages based on interaction data. Additionally, to further enhance your email personalization strategy, consider integrating Bardeen which can automate the crafting of custom outreach messages using enriched lead data from multiple sources.

Overall, Salesforge's AI features make it a superior choice for businesses aiming to maximize engagement through highly tailored email campaigns.


Customizing emails with variables, landing pages, and liquid syntax in lemlist.

Lemlist provides several options to personalize email campaigns within Sequences, allowing users to create targeted and relevant content for each lead. By leveraging data from lead lists and custom variables, emails can be tailored to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Key personalization features:

  • Custom variables: Insert dynamic fields like first name, last name, company name, etc. to customize email content for each recipient.
  • Liquid syntax: Use conditional logic, pull variables, format dates, and set fallback values using the Liquid templating language.
  • Custom landing pages: Personalize linked content by creating custom landing pages for specific campaigns or segments.
  • Custom images: Upload tailored images to be used in email templates for a more personalized touch.


Salesforge offers AI-powered email generation and custom variables for personalization.

Salesforge provides powerful tools for personalizing emails within sequences, ensuring that each message resonates with the recipient. By leveraging AI and custom variables, users can create highly targeted and relevant content that drives engagement and conversions.

Key features for personalization:

  • AI-powered email generation: Salesforge's AI can automatically generate personalized emails based on lead data, saving time while maintaining a high level of customization.
  • Custom variables: Users can define custom variables for each lead, such as name, company, or specific details, which can then be dynamically inserted into email templates for a personalized touch.
  • Fallback templates: If the AI fails to generate an email or a lead is missing a LinkedIn URL, users can create fallback templates that ensure no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Preview emails: Before sending, users can preview how the personalized email will look to the recipient, allowing for fine-tuning and optimization.
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AI Comparison - Customizing Outreach with Lemlist and Salesforge

Salesforge offers a more robust AI integration for creating email sequences by allowing users to select specific tonalities and manage initial previews, although it limits previews and utilizes personalization credits.

Salesforge's AI allows for diverse tonality selection in emails

In contrast, lemlist provides AI capabilities at the campaign level but lacks the depth in customization and preview capabilities that Salesforge offers.

For users needing detailed control over the tonality and content of AI-generated emails, Salesforge might be the better choice. However, for those looking to quickly deploy AI-driven campaigns without as much granular control, lemlist's simpler interface and campaign-focused AI tools might be sufficient.

For enhancing AI-driven email sequences, consider integrating Bardeen to add more context about leads, like social activity and company info, which could further improve the personalization and effectiveness of your campaigns.


AI-powered campaign creation with personalization options in lemlist.

lemlist offers AI assistance for creating entire email campaigns, making it easier for users to generate personalized content at scale. The tool provides a simple interface for users to input their requirements and preferences, and the AI generates a complete campaign based on that information.

Key features of AI-assisted campaign creation:

  • Campaign-level AI: Generate entire campaigns with a few clicks
  • Personalization options: Tailor the campaign to specific needs and preferences
  • Conversational tone: Ensure that the generated content sounds natural and engaging

While the campaign-level AI is robust, the personalization options for individual emails and messages are more limited. Users can leverage some basic commands and variables to customize their messages, but the tool does not provide extensive customization options at this granular level.

Overall, lemlist's AI capabilities streamline the campaign creation process, allowing users to generate personalized content efficiently. However, users looking for more advanced personalization options for individual messages may need to explore additional features or integrations.


AI-generated email preview in Salesforge with tonality options and personalization credits

Salesforge's AI-powered email generation feature allows users to create personalized emails at scale, tailored to their preferred tonality. By leveraging custom signals for each lead, the AI can generate unique and relevant content, potentially doubling reply rates and minimizing lost emails to spam filters.

Key aspects of the AI email generation feature:

  • Tonality options: Choose from a variety of tones like playful, formal, or appreciative to match your brand voice
  • Personalization credits: Users start with 10 credits, with new preview generation costing credits while regeneration is free
  • Fallback template: Set a default template for the AI to use when generating emails
  • Preview limitations: AI previews are only generated for the first 5 contacts in a sequence, with the rest generated upon sequence start

This AI-assisted email creation tool aims to save time while maintaining a personal touch in outreach campaigns, marrying the efficiency of automation with the effectiveness of customization.

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Native Enrichment - Simplifying Lead Data Collection

When comparing lemlist and Salesforge for native enrichment features, lemlist offers a more integrated solution despite its basic level of detail in lead information.

lemlist Native Enrichment Interface

Salesforge, on the other hand, lacks any built-in enrichment tools, requiring users to rely on third-party tools for lead data enhancement. This could lead to increased costs and complexity in managing multiple software integrations.

If you are looking for a more streamlined solution with built-in capabilities, even if basic, lemlist would be the more efficient choice. However, for those needing more detailed and comprehensive data, integrating sophisticated third-party tools with Salesforge might be necessary.

To further enhance your lead management process, consider using Bardeen to automate the gathering of detailed lead information from platforms like LinkedIn, enabling you to enrich and update your CRM seamlessly with advanced automation workflows.


Lemlist provides basic contact details like job title, company, and LinkedIn URL.

Lemlist's native enrichment feature offers a simple way to gather additional information about your leads directly within the platform. However, compared to dedicated data enrichment tools, the information provided is fairly basic and may not always be up-to-date.

Key aspects of Lemlist's native enrichment:

  • Limited data points: Lemlist primarily provides job title, company name, location, and social media profiles like LinkedIn.
  • Bulk enrichment: Users can enrich leads in bulk by selecting multiple contacts and clicking "Find email & Push to campaign".
  • Buyer signals: The enrichment feature aims to provide insights into a lead's potential interest, but the data is not as comprehensive as dedicated tools.
  • Data freshness: The information pulled by Lemlist's enrichment may not always reflect the most current data about a lead.

While Lemlist's native enrichment can be a useful starting point, users looking for more detailed and up-to-date information may need to rely on additional data enrichment tools to supplement their lead data.


Salesforge relies on third-party tools for lead enrichment.

Salesforge does not offer built-in lead enrichment capabilities, instead relying on integrations with third-party tools to provide additional data and insights on leads. This approach may require users to utilize multiple platforms to gather the necessary information for effective outreach and engagement.

Key aspects of Salesforge's lead enrichment:

  • No native enrichment features: Salesforge does not provide built-in tools for lead enrichment, such as buyer signals or data from other sources.
  • Third-party integrations: Users must rely on integrations with external tools, such as Apollo.io, Findymail, and Launch Gravity, to scrape contacts from LinkedIn and enrich lead data.
  • Additional costs and complexity: Utilizing multiple tools for lead enrichment may result in increased costs and complexity for users, as they need to manage and pay for additional subscriptions.
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Social Automation - Boost LinkedIn Engagement and Outreach

lemlist offers a more robust toolset for LinkedIn automation compared to Salesforge, integrating actions like sending messages, connection requests, and engaging with posts directly through its browser extension.

Comprehensive LinkedIn automation via lemlist

Salesforge, while offering the option to use LinkedIn profiles or websites as sources for generating emails, lacks the direct integration for interactive actions on LinkedIn, which can limit its effectiveness for users focused on active engagement and outreach on the platform.

To maximize your LinkedIn outreach, consider using Bardeen, which can automate not only the retrieval of information from LinkedIn but also streamline tasks across your digital workspace.

For users who prioritize a comprehensive and interactive approach to LinkedIn automation, lemlist's broader range of features clearly provides the better value.


LinkedIn automation steps available in lemlist Sequences, including chat messages and connection invitations.

lemlist's Sequences feature offers robust LinkedIn automation capabilities, allowing users to engage with prospects directly on the platform. By leveraging a browser extension, lemlist can perform actions locally, ensuring a more natural and personalized approach to social outreach.

Key features of LinkedIn automation in lemlist:

  • Chat messages: Send personalized LinkedIn messages to prospects as part of a sequence
  • Connection invitations: Automate the process of sending connection requests to expand your network
  • Post engagement: Interact with prospect's posts to build rapport and increase visibility
  • Browser extension: Perform actions locally for a more organic approach
  • Customizable messaging: Tailor messages to each prospect for maximum impact


Select LinkedIn, website or both as contact information sources

Salesforge's social automation feature allows you to select the source of contact information for AI-generated emails in your sequences. The available options are:

  • LinkedIn profile: Extract information from the prospect's LinkedIn profile
  • Website: Use the prospect's website as the source of information
  • LinkedIn + website: Combine both LinkedIn and the website to generate more comprehensive emails

By choosing the appropriate information source, you can ensure that the AI-generated emails are tailored to each prospect, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your outreach. This feature streamlines the process of creating personalized emails at scale, saving time while maintaining a high level of customization.

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Pricing Models - Comparing lemlist and Salesforge

When comparing the pricing models of lemlist and Salesforge, lemlist provides a more flexible entry point with plans starting at $39 monthly and a 14-day free trial across all plans, which does not require a credit card. Salesforge offers a shorter 7-day trial and its plans start at $48 monthly, but it offers a 2-month free discount on annual commitments.

lemlist offers tiered pricing suitable for various business sizes

lemlist also differentiates itself by including email warming and verification features in higher-tier plans, which are essential for maintaining high deliverability rates. In contrast, Salesforge limits these features in its lower-tier plans, which could impact users needing extensive email capabilities.

For businesses looking for a cost-effective solution with comprehensive features from the start, lemlist offers the better deal due to its lower entry price and richer feature set at initial levels. Additionally, for automating and enhancing email-based outreach, Bardeen can be integrated seamlessly, providing advanced capabilities like converting emails into Salesforce leads or drafting personalized sales emails directly from your browser.


lemlist's pricing page showing four tiers from Email Starter to Outreach Scale.

lemlist offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, from small businesses to larger enterprises. All plans come with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

  • Email Starter ($39/mo per user): Entry-level plan with unlimited campaigns, email finder & verifier, and basic features.
  • Email Pro ($69/mo per user): Includes everything in Email Starter plus advanced features like LinkedIn prospecting, campaign A/B tests, and inbox rotation.
  • Multichannel Expert ($99/mo per user): Adds multichannel capabilities like LinkedIn voice notes, cold calling, and advanced conditions.
  • Outreach Scale ($159/mo per user): Top-tier plan for high-volume outreach, with a dedicated account manager and premium support.

Notable aspects of lemlist's pricing:

  • Unlimited emails on all plans, but email finder credits can be an additional cost.
  • Enterprise pricing available for teams with more than 10 users (requires contacting sales).
  • Advanced features like API access, Zapier integration, and liquid syntax personalization are limited to higher-tier plans.


Salesforge offers two pricing plans with monthly and annual billing.

Salesforge provides two pricing tiers, Growth and Pro, with the option to pay monthly or annually. The Growth plan is priced at $96/month, while the Pro plan is more affordable at $48/month. Both plans are billed monthly.

Key aspects of Salesforge's pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: The Growth plan offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to test the features before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Feature differences: The Growth plan includes more advanced features compared to the Pro plan, such as Overdrive (Advanced AI Model), A/B Testing, ESP Matching, and Personal Onboarding.
  • Usage limits: Both plans have limits on active contacts, emails per month, and email validation credits. The Growth plan offers higher limits in each category.
  • Annual discount: Users can opt for annual billing and receive 2 months free, providing a discount compared to the monthly pricing.

To get started with Salesforge, users can either begin a 7-day free trial of the Growth plan or directly subscribe to the Pro plan. The pricing page does not mention the need to contact a sales representative, suggesting that users can sign up and manage their subscriptions independently.

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Which is Best for Multi-Channel Campaign Management?

Lemlist excels in multi-channel campaign management with its visual campaign builder and AI-powered optimization, making it ideal for teams seeking a versatile tool that integrates email and social media effectively.

Salesforge, while strong in AI-driven email personalization and multi-language support, is better suited for global email campaigns that require high deliverability and detailed analytics.

Use Lemlist when your focus is on crafting intricate, personalized campaigns across multiple platforms. Opt for Salesforge when you need robust email-focused features and are targeting a diverse, international audience.