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How A Moving Company Saves 5 Hours Per Week Automating Lead Gen

About the company:
Ez Breezy Moves
Real Estate
Company Size:
I was skeptical how AI and automation could make my business better (being in the moving industry), but after Dan used Bardeen to automate finding new moving leads, I've seen a 27% increase in new customers, especially real estate agents which is huge for us!
Owner at EZ Breezy Moves
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In this article, we explore how Dan Fernandez, an AI real estate consultant at SolutionLab.ai, helps Micah at EZ Breezy Moves, a moving company, generate more leads every month using Bardeen while saving 5 hours every week.

Micah Mitlyng, Owner at EZ Breezy Moves


In today's competitive real estate market, finding effective ways to generate leads is essential for success. Real estate companies spend a significant amount of time manually collecting property info for lead gen and sales outreach.

Can you give us an overview of what your day-to-day workflow is like?

"Everyday I wake up to check my emails and look at the schedule of what moves had to happen for the day. Then, I work with our scheduler to get the proper people on the moves. Once that's done, I update QuickBooks and start checking Google, NextDoor, and Facebook ads for upcoming properties. I block time to respond to sales emails and manage customer support related questions around issues with moves (ex: if workers didn't show up, etc..)" - Micah, EZ Breezy Moves

How and why is collecting property listings important to your workflow?

"Getting info from various real estate websites is another avenue to generate leads from. I tried doing it in the past but it took so much time copy-pasting and I didn't want to pay to developer or freelancer to build a web scraper." - Micah, EZ Breezy Moves

Before using Bardeen, how many properties were you able to process?

Before Bardeen, I was able to manually copy-paste 3-4 addresses per minute with virtual assistant. - Micah, EZ Breezy Moves

After using Bardeen, how many properties are you able to process?

Now, I am able to get about 1,000 listings and enrich that list with property record info 10 minutes! - Micah, EZ Breezy Moves

How has life improved after using Bardeen?

For me, Bardeen is the Rosetta Stone to making AI more useful.  AI is amazing when you have data to give it, but without that it's cool but not revolutionary.  With Bardeen we can copy-paste data without needing to build a server farm which gives us all the data we need to feed into something like ChatGPT, Bard, etc... From there we can be more productive and leverage AI to get more leads or just be more efficient. - Dan Fernandez, AI Solution Lab

Bardeen's Solution

First, for lead generation: Dan uses Bardeen to scrape multiple sites for lead generation. He focuses on the real estate industry and works with a moving company in Boise. He wants to reach out to homeowners who have a property listed as "Coming Soon" to offer moving services– this information can be easily collected using Bardeen.


Dan starts his lead generation process on platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com. He filters homes based on specific criteria, with the address being the most important factor. Then, he builds a custom web scraper using Bardeen to get that information and store it inside a Google Sheet.

After obtaining the addresses, Dan has an Excel document that contains a list of addresses. He parses the addresses into separate fields, including Address, City, State, Zip Code, Filter 1, and Filter 2.

Then, Dan uses Bardeen to enrich his Google Sheet with information from FastPeopleSearch which has information on property owner records. This allows him to retrieve names, ages, and phone numbers of individuals associated with the addresses -- which make his leads worth much more to his clients.

Dan's next objective is to search for each person's LinkedIn profile so that his clients can send messages on LinkedIn and an outreach email to establish connections and warm up leads. Then, he wants to using ChatGPT to find common interests between himself and prospects, which can be used to create personalized outreach strategies. This is all possible using Bardeen.

Used automation(s)

How it works

  1. Utilize the Bardeen Zillow scraper to retrieve addresses from job listings.
  2. Apply regex to parse out the address, city, state, and zip code, placing each in separate columns.
  3. Utilize other search engines to find the residents associated with each address for potential contact.
  4. Conduct a manual search in the desired area to identify "coming soon" listings.
  5. Initiate the scraper to gather relevant information from the identified listings.
  6. To prevent duplicate results, limit the search to a maximum of 1,000 to 2,000 results at a time.
  7. Note that the playbook is designed to work specifically with home addresses and does not include apartments or condos due to the regex address format requirements.
  8. When performing a search on Zillow, make sure to filter out apartments and condos to focus solely on home listings.

Results & Benefits

Enhanced Lead Generation
Bardeen enables Dan to scrape multiple sites, such as Zillow and Realtor.com, to collect valuable lead information. By filtering homes based on specific criteria, particularly the address, he can identify properties listed as "Coming Soon" and target homeowners for potential moving services. This expanded lead pool increases the chances of finding interested prospects.
Enriched Lead Profiles
Using Bardeen's ability to copy-paste info from FastPeopleSearch, Dan can enrich his Google Sheet with property owner records. This enrichment provides him with valuable details such as names, ages, and phone numbers associated with each address. Having this enriched data significantly increases the quality and value of his leads, making his leads more qualified.Bardeen empowers Dan to generate a larger pool of leads, efficiently organize data, enrich lead profiles, and create personalized outreach strategies. These results lead to improved lead quality, increased client satisfaction, and ultimately, greater business success for Dan and the moving company he works with.
Streamlined Data Organization
With Bardeen's custom web scraper, Dan efficiently gathers and stores address data in a Google Sheet. By parsing the addresses into separate fields like Address, City, State, Zip Code, Filter 1, and Filter 2, he can easily manage and analyze the information for further lead nurturing.

Final Thoughts

Bardeen empowers real estate companies and consultants to generate a larger pool of leads, efficiently organize data, enrich lead profiles, and create personalized outreach strategies. These results lead to improved lead quality, increased client satisfaction, and ultimately, greater business success for people like Dan and EZ Breezy Moves.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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