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How This Founder Built A Talent Marketplace Using AI and Automations

About the company:
Company Size:
Facing the Chicken-Egg Problem in marketplaces often meant a massive financial outlay. Before Bardeen, generating our talent profiles could have cost us over $1M. But with Bardeen AI, we slashed profile creation expenses by over 98%, seeding our supply efficiently and propelling early revenue. Bardeen was a game-changer for GitFlash!
Chris Strobl
CEO of GitFlash
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Chris Strobl is the CEO and Co-Founder of GitFlash - a talent marketplace startup connecting elite developers and Silicon Valley based product managers to enterprise clients.


Building and maintaining a talent marketplace involves many moving parts.

Chris’s team struggled with prospecting, interviewing, contracting, onboarding, and integrating talent profiles into their platform. The cost of generating profiles is expensive and creating detailed profiles isn’t cheap.

Manual profile building is tedious and pricey, costing up to $1000 per profile. Chris’ team estimates that it takes 20 hours per profile at $50/hour for a supply side specialist to do the job.

This image is from the GitFlash app

Bardeen's Solution

Bardeen's automations enabled GitFlash to programmatically create 1000+ user profiles from their database for less than $20k. Chris says that Bardeen allowed GitFlash to copy-paste hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and use their AI commands to reduce profile enrichment costs by over 98% – compared to manual methods.

Bardeen presented a two-pronged approach to tackle this issue.

First, by using the LinkedIn scraper, GitFlash could copy-paste pertinent information about hundreds of prospects directly from LinkedIn.

This information was taken from hundreds of LinkedIn profiles

Then, this data is used to create a prompt handled by OpenAI, which seamlessly transforms a LinkedIn profile into a detailed and engaging profile within the GitFlash platform.

This combination turned what used to be hours of manual labor into an efficient and largely automated process.

The cost of generating each profile plummeted from $1000 to $20.

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Efficiency and Time Savings:
Reduced profile creation costs from $1000+ to under $10 per profile
Enhanced Launch Liquidity
Automation allowed launching with 1000+ supplier profiles
New Business Model
Lower costs enabled a lean marketplace model without reliance on VC funding

Final Thoughts

Generating profiles is just one chapter in GitFlash's journey using automation. Given the flexibility of Bardeen’s platform to automate manual tasks, GitFlash is actively evaluating other operational areas where Bardeen can be leveraged for cost savings while building a world-class marketplace.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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