Waalaxy vs Salesforge 2024: Best Cold Outreach Tools

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May 6, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article compares Waalaxy and Salesforge, focusing on their cold outreach capabilities to help you choose the best tool. We offer a detailed review of each tool's features and performance in cold outreach, though both tools offer more functionalities beyond this scope. Understanding these tools' capabilities in cold outreach is critical for saving time on repetitive tasks, which is why we've included insights on how Bardeen can be part of an effective solution. Waalaxy and Salesforge both provide unique benefits, and our breakdown will guide you in selecting the most suitable one for your needs.

Campaign CreationOffers LinkedIn and email templatesPersonalized email campaigns at scale
DeliverabilitySupports multiple inboxes, email warmingRobust email deliverability management
PersonalizationUser-friendly interface for personalizationAI-generated personalized emails
AIStreamlines finding and engaging leadsAI-powered email generation
Native EnrichmentIntegrates data from LinkedInRelies on third-party integrations
Social AutomationIntegrates with multiple CRM platformsSupports LinkedIn profiles, websites
PricingFlexible pricing with free plan availableTwo main plans with a 7-day trial

Campaign Creation - Automating Multi-Channel Outreach

Waalaxy excels for users focusing on LinkedIn-based outreach, offering a strong suite of tools for LinkedIn messaging and connections, complemented by basic email functionalities. It is particularly useful for users looking to automate multi-channel prospecting primarily through LinkedIn.

Waalaxy offers a range of LinkedIn and email sequence templates

Salesforge, however, is geared more towards email-driven campaigns, featuring advanced capabilities like AI email warm-ups, email validation, and multi-language personalization. This platform is ideal for users who require robust, AI-enhanced email outreach capabilities across multiple mailboxes to maintain high deliverability and low bounce rates.

In contexts where LinkedIn is the primary channel of engagement, Waalaxy may be more beneficial. However, for those prioritizing extensive email outreach and management, Salesforge provides more comprehensive features. Additionally, using Bardeen can further enhance your outreach by integrating with tools like Excel to manage your campaign data effectively.


Waalaxy provides a variety of templates for multi-channel campaigns on LinkedIn and email.

Waalaxy's sequence feature allows users to automate their multi-channel prospecting efforts on LinkedIn and email. With a library of pre-filled templates, users can quickly set up campaigns to connect with leads, send invitations, and follow up via email, streamlining the lead generation process.

Key features of Waalaxy's sequences:

  • Multi-channel campaigns: Automate outreach on both LinkedIn and email
  • Pre-filled templates: Quickly set up campaigns using a variety of templates
  • LinkedIn focused: Designed primarily for automating LinkedIn tasks like sending connection requests and messages
  • Email integration: Includes email finder and email sending capabilities to complement LinkedIn outreach
👍 "Effectively learn and apply LinkedIn automation using Waalaxy" - r/Waalaxy


Salesforge's sequence builder for creating personalized email campaigns.

Salesforge is an AI-driven sales engagement platform that empowers users to create and manage personalized email campaigns at scale. With its intuitive sequence builder, users can craft tailored outreach sequences to engage prospects and drive conversions effectively.

Key features of Salesforge's sequence builder:

  • AI-powered personalization: Leverage AI to generate highly personalized emails that resonate with each prospect.
  • Multi-language support: Send localized emails in multiple languages to engage a global audience.
  • Advanced email validation: Ensure high deliverability and low bounce rates with built-in email validation.
  • Centralized mailbox management: Manage multiple mailboxes from a single interface for streamlined outreach.
  • AI email warm-up: Automatically warm up your email accounts to improve deliverability and avoid spam filters.
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Deliverability - Optimizing Email Reach and Anti-Spam Measures

Comparing Waalaxy and Salesforge on the aspect of email deliverability, Waalaxy stands out for its comprehensive feature set that supports multiple inboxes, email warming, and rate limits to optimize deliverability and minimize spam issues.

Waalaxy's deliverability dashboard offering an overview of daily quotas and credits

Salesforge, on the other hand, provides essential functions like email warmup and validation, which are crucial for maintaining good deliverability but lacks the integrated approach seen in Waalaxy.

For users looking to enhance their email campaign effectiveness, using Bardeen can further improve open and response rates by automating personalized outreach emails, thus reducing the chances of being flagged as spam and enhancing your sending reputation over time. Check out this workflow for automating personalized sales outreach emails using LinkedIn insights.

For businesses requiring robust deliverability management across multiple channels, Waalaxy’s integrated features provide a more comprehensive solution than Salesforge.


Waalaxy's dashboard shows credits, quotas, and rate limits to manage deliverability.

Waalaxy takes a proactive approach to ensure high deliverability and avoid spam issues when sending campaigns through their platform. By supporting multiple inboxes and employing techniques such as email warming and rate limiting, Waalaxy helps users maintain a positive sender reputation and reach their target audience effectively.

  • Credits system: Waalaxy uses a credit-based system, where credits are removed every month and shared across team members. This helps prevent overuse and potential spam flagging.
  • Daily quotas: The platform sets daily quotas on actions like LinkedIn invitations and messages to stay within acceptable usage limits and maintain a good standing.
  • Profile visits tracking: Waalaxy also tracks profile visits, which can be an indicator of engagement and help users gauge the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.


Salesforge's email warmup feature with multiple mailboxes.

Salesforge's Sequences feature offers robust email deliverability management to help get emails into prospects' inboxes. The platform supports email warming and validation to improve deliverability rates and avoid spam filters.

  • Multiple mailboxes: Salesforge allows connecting and managing multiple mailboxes within the platform. This helps distribute email sending across different accounts to minimize spam risk.
  • Email warmup: The email warmup feature gradually increases the volume of emails sent from a new mailbox over time. This establishes a positive sending reputation and improves long-term deliverability.
  • Sending limits: Salesforge enforces daily sending limits on each mailbox to prevent exceeding the thresholds set by email providers. Staying within these rate limits reduces the chances of emails being flagged as spam.

Reddit users highlight Salesforge's effective approach to email deliverability:

👍 "I bought a bunch of domains and mailboxes recently via Salesforge and I sequence in the same platform for my clients as an agency." - r/Entrepreneur
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Personalization - Tailoring Emails to Enhance Engagement

Salesforge takes the lead in personalization capabilities by integrating AI to generate personalized email content alongside using custom variables.

Salesforge's AI generates contextually relevant emails

This method not only simplifies the content creation process but also enhances the relevance of each communication. Waalaxy, although robust with its use of custom variables for personalization, lacks the AI-driven content generation that Salesforge offers.

If you're looking to further enhance your email customization, consider using Bardeen's AI-driven workflows to craft highly effective and personalized outreach emails.

Businesses that require deep, data-driven personalization in their email campaigns would benefit significantly from Salesforge's advanced AI capabilities.


Waalaxy's email editor with personalization variables for customizing messages.

Waalaxy provides a user-friendly interface for personalizing emails within sequences, enabling users to create targeted and engaging messages for their leads. By utilizing custom variables, emails can be tailored to include specific details about the recipient, enhancing the chances of a positive response.

Key personalization features:

  • Custom variables: Easily insert variables like first name, last name, and company to dynamically populate emails with lead-specific information.
  • Intuitive editor: The email editor provides a clear view of the message, with simple controls for adding variables and customizing content.
  • Templates: Users can create and save templates with personalization variables to streamline the email creation process for future campaigns.


Personalization options in Salesforge, including AI-generated emails and custom variables.

Salesforge offers robust personalization features to tailor your email campaigns to each lead, helping you create more engaging and effective outreach.

Key personalization features:

  • AI-generated emails: Salesforge can generate personalized email content using AI, saving time while still delivering customized messages.
  • Custom variables: Easily insert custom variables like {firstName} or {companyName} to automatically populate lead-specific information in your emails.
  • Fallback templates: Create fallback email templates to use when AI fails to generate content or when a lead is missing a LinkedIn URL.
  • Preview emails: Send test emails to preview how your personalized content will appear to recipients before launching your campaign.
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AI in Action - Automating and Personalizing Sales Efforts

Waalaxy and Salesforge both leverage AI in their sequence tools, but they do so in notably different ways that may affect a user's choice based on their specific needs.

Waalaxy AI Prospect Finder highlights automation in lead management

Waalaxy focuses on automating the prospecting process through AI by finding and categorizing leads, which streamlines the initial stages of a campaign. This is particularly useful for users who need to automate their lead generation and initial contact processes.

Salesforge, on the other hand, offers a more customized approach to email creation, allowing users to choose the tonality of the emails and requiring a fallback template. This feature is beneficial for users who prioritize email personalization and have specific requirements for tone and style in their outreach.

For those looking to enhance their productivity further, Bardeen's AI can augment these features by adding more context about leads, like social activity and company info, which can be integrated into the email sequences for more personalized communications.

Choosing between Waalaxy and Salesforge may depend on whether a user values automated lead discovery or personalized email creation more highly. Waalaxy is ideal for users needing robust lead automation, while Salesforge suits those who want detailed control over their email interactions.


Waalaxy's AI Prospect Finder feature for lead generation.

Waalaxy's AI capabilities streamline the process of finding and engaging with leads, making it a powerful tool for sales teams looking to optimize their outreach efforts.

Key features of Waalaxy's AI:

  • AI Prospect Finder: Automatically identifies and imports relevant leads based on custom criteria, saving time and effort in lead generation.
  • Personalized messaging: Utilizes AI to create targeted, personalized messaging for each lead, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • Campaign optimization: Leverages AI insights to continually refine and optimize campaign strategies for maximum effectiveness.


AI-generated email preview in Salesforge Sequences with personalization options.

Salesforge's AI-powered email generation feature within Sequences allows users to create personalized emails at scale, saving time and effort while maintaining a human touch. By selecting a desired tonality and leveraging custom signals for each lead, the AI can generate unique, tailored email content.

Key aspects of the AI email generation feature:

  • Tonality options: Choose from a variety of tones like playful, formal, or urgent to match your brand voice and target audience.
  • Fallback template: Set a default template to ensure consistency and quality across all generated emails.
  • Preview generation: AI generates previews for the first 5 contacts in a sequence, with the rest generated once the sequence is started.
  • Personalization credits: Users start with 10 credits, with new preview generation costing credits while regeneration is free.

This AI-assisted email creation tool helps sales teams efficiently engage leads with personalized, contextually relevant messages, potentially improving response rates and conversion.

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Native Enrichment - Integrating Insights for Better Lead Understanding

Waalaxy stands out with its built-in feature for integrating buyer signals and LinkedIn data to enrich lead information, providing significant value for users seeking streamlined prospecting workflows.

Waalaxy's AI Prospect Finder feature enhances lead data directly through the platform

In contrast, Salesforge does not offer native lead enrichment, requiring users to rely on external tools for data enrichment. This could increase the complexity and cost of operations for Salesforge users.

For those who prioritize efficiency and a more integrated toolset, Waalaxy provides a clear advantage with its native enrichment capabilities. Moreover, to further enhance the potential of such features, you might consider leveraging Bardeen to automate manual information gathering workflows and integrate additional sales intelligence platforms.


Lead enrichment integrates LinkedIn data for buyer signals.

Waalaxy's native enrichment feature dynamically integrates data from LinkedIn to provide valuable insights on your leads, helping you make more informed decisions in your outreach campaigns.

  • Buyer signals: Waalaxy pulls in relevant data points from LinkedIn, such as job title, company, and location, to give you a better understanding of your prospects and their potential interest in your product or service.
  • Dynamic updates: As your leads' LinkedIn profiles change, Waalaxy automatically updates the information in your prospect lists, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data.
  • Personalization: With enriched lead data, you can create more personalized outreach campaigns that resonate with your prospects, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.


Salesforge relies on third-party integrations for lead enrichment.

Salesforge does not offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its platform. Instead, it relies on integrations with third-party tools to provide additional data and insights about leads and contacts.

Key aspects of Salesforge's approach to lead enrichment:

  • No built-in enrichment: Salesforge does not have native features for enriching lead data.
  • Third-party integrations: Users must connect Salesforge with external tools like Apollo.io, Findymail, or Builtwith to access enriched data.
  • Manual data import: Enriched data from third-party sources must be manually imported into Salesforge.

While Salesforge's lack of native lead enrichment may be a drawback for some users, the platform's ability to integrate with popular data providers offers flexibility in choosing the best enrichment solution for their needs. However, this approach may require additional steps and costs compared to platforms with built-in enrichment capabilities.

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Social Automation - Integrating CRM and social data for outreach

Waalaxy clearly takes the lead for those needing robust social automation integrated with multiple CRM platforms.

Connect Waalaxy to multiple CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce

It supports direct sync capabilities with a variety of CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and more through Zapier, enhancing the workflow flexibility. Salesforge, while supporting sourcing from LinkedIn and websites, restricts its automation capabilities to fewer CRM options, limiting its utility for diverse CRM environments.

For users needing to automate the transfer of social data to CRM systems, Waalaxy's broader integration capabilities provide a significant advantage.


Connect Waalaxy to CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more.

Waalaxy's Sequences feature allows users to leverage social automations by sourcing leads directly from LinkedIn. This integration streamlines the process of building targeted prospect lists for outreach campaigns.

Key aspects of Waalaxy's social automation capabilities:

  • LinkedIn lead generation: Easily import leads from LinkedIn into Waalaxy for outreach
  • CRM integrations: Sync prospect data with popular CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho
  • Data enrichment: Enhance lead data with additional information from sources like noCRM.io and Google Sheets
  • Webhooks: Set up custom integrations using Waalaxy's webhook functionality


Salesforge's social automation supports LinkedIn profiles, websites, or a combination of both.

Salesforge's Sequences feature includes social automation capabilities, allowing users to engage with prospects across multiple platforms. The tool can pull contact information from LinkedIn profiles, websites, or a combination of the two, providing flexibility in sourcing data for automated outreach.

  • LinkedIn profile: Salesforge can extract contact details from LinkedIn profiles to populate prospect lists for sequences.
  • Website: The tool can also gather contact information from websites, expanding the potential pool of prospects.
  • LinkedIn + website: Users have the option to combine data from both LinkedIn profiles and websites, creating a more comprehensive list of contacts for their sequences.

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Pricing Options - Financial Flexibility for Various Needs

Waalaxy offers a more flexible pricing structure with a free plan and two paid options, making it accessible for users with varying budgets and needs.

Waalaxy pricing tiers clearly displayed in Euros

Salesforge, on the other hand, provides a 7-day trial but only for its Growth plans, which can be limiting for users looking to test drive more basic features or different plans. Salesforge's structure includes four plans with monthly and annual billing options, offering two months free on annual commitments.

If you're looking for an option to test out features without financial commitment, Waalaxy’s free plan could be appealing. However, for businesses ready to commit long-term and seeking depth in features like unlimited email warm-up and advanced AI, Salesforge's annual plans might offer better value.

For streamlining your email outreach efforts, consider automating your tasks with Bardeen, which can personalize sales outreach emails directly from LinkedIn to save time and increase efficiency.


Waalaxy pricing plans with monthly billing options in Euros.

Waalaxy offers a flexible pricing model with a free plan and two paid tiers to cater to different user needs. All prices are displayed in Euros, with options for monthly or annual billing.

  • Free plan: The free tier includes basic LinkedIn features, 80 invitations per month, and pre-filled message templates.
  • Advanced plan: Priced at €112/month, this plan adds CRM synchronization, auto-imports of prospects, 25 email finder credits, live chat support, and cold emailing automations.
  • Business plan: The highest tier costs €160/month and includes all Advanced features plus 500 email finder credits per month.

In addition to the main plans, Waalaxy provides optional add-ons:

  • Inbox: A dedicated inbox for an additional monthly fee
  • Email finder credits: Extra credits can be purchased as needed

Users can get started with Waalaxy immediately by selecting a plan, without needing to contact a sales representative.


Salesforge offers two pricing tiers, billed monthly or annually.

Salesforge offers straightforward pricing with two main plans: Growth at $96/month and Pro at $48/month, billed monthly. Annual billing is available for both plans to get 2 months free. The key differences between the plans are:

  • Active Contacts: Growth supports 10,000 vs Pro's 1,000
  • Emails/Month: 50,000 for Growth and 5,000 for Pro
  • Email Personalization Credits: Growth gets 1,000/month while Pro gets 100/month
  • Users: Growth has unlimited users, Pro is limited to 1 user

Both plans include core features like unlimited mailboxes, Primebox, unlimited email warm up, smart inbox rotation, and dynamic IPs. The Growth plan adds some advanced capabilities:

  • A/B Testing (Coming Soon)
  • ESP Matching (Coming Soon)
  • Personal Onboarding
  • Advanced Settings
  • Priority Support

A 7-day free trial is available for the Growth plan, though it appears to have some limitations compared to the full plan. There is no mention of having to contact sales, so plans seem to be available for self-service purchase and setup.

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Which is Best for Streamlined Outreach Efforts?

Waalaxy and Salesforge cater to different aspects of sales outreach, each with unique strengths. For LinkedIn-focused outreach, Waalaxy is superior, offering robust tools tailored for this platform, making it ideal for businesses leveraging LinkedIn as their primary outreach channel. Salesforge excels in comprehensive email campaign management, equipped with advanced features like AI-driven personalization and multi-mailbox management, suitable for extensive, email-centric outreach strategies.

If your priority is a LinkedIn-centered approach, Waalaxy is the clear choice. However, if your campaigns rely heavily on sophisticated email strategies, Salesforge provides powerful tools that could better serve your needs.