Get all email addresses visible on the current page

This playbook will find and extract all visible email addresses from text on the currently opened web page.

Time saving:
1 min

This playbook will find all visible email addresses that are displayed on a web page.

You no longer need to “Command + F” or manually search for emails on obscure websites. Run this playbook in one click when looking at a Github profile page, contact pages, or any other website.

Run this playbook on the current page to try it. (

You can also add a follow-up command to this playbook. Ex: send a templated email to the email addresses found on the current page.

Use this alternative playbook to discover emails from the HTML of the currently page including hidden emails.


How to integrate Notion

Before you can start using playbooks for Notion you have to set up Notion and the databases you want to use.
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Get all email addresses visible on the current page
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