How to scrape LinkedIn data in 2024

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May 22, 2024
Chang Chen
Chang Chen
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With over 900 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, recruiting, or a job seeker, LinkedIn has the data you’re looking for. Unfortunately, exporting data off the platform to use in a larger context is not straightforward.

This is where Bardeen comes in! It scrapes the data for you, organizes it in your preferred spreadsheet, database, or CRM, and provides many export options. In this article, we’ll show you how to scrape data from LinkedIn using Bardeen safely and reliably, and also introduce you to many other exciting LinkedIn automations!

Bardeen LinkedIn data scraper with AI is an AIworkflow automation Chrome extension. Bardeen is integrated with LinkedIn, providing ready-to-use LinkedIn data scrapers that can be activated with a single click.

Using these scrapers, Bardeen can scrape data from a webpage and export it in an organized format. To give you a better idea of this feature, let’s try out an automation. First, install Bardeen in your browser.

The following pre-built automation will scrape data from a LinkedIn profile (name, location, headline, about, current position, current company, and more) and save it to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

To use this automation (once you’ve installed Bardeen), follow these steps. First, create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to save this data. Once done, open the LinkedIn profile you want to scrape data from and press Option + B on Mac or ALT + B on PC  to wake up Bardeen and activate the automation.

You’ll need to set up the Google Sheets integration and specify the spreadsheet. Using this automation, you can skip a lot of copy-pasting!

Learn more about Bardeen AI data scraper and web data scraping in general. You can also build your own automations, but we’ll talk more about that feature later. For now, let’s explore some more time-saving automations!

Here are some automations that can let you scrape valuable data from LinkedIn, like profile data, company data, groups, and job posts.

1. How to scrape LinkedIn profile data?

Bardeen's ready to use automation playbooks make it easy to scrape LinkedIn profile data. You can also connect your favorite data apps with the LinkedIn profile data scraper to further streamline your workflow. No need to copy and paste data.

Please be aware that the excessive or abusive use of extensions, bots, or automation tools on some websites can lead to penalties, including temporary or even permanent restrictions on your account. We recommend you read and adhere to the specific terms of the websites you are visiting and using to avoid any disruptions or issues. We do not assume any responsibility for the consequences of abuse.

This automation is also available for Pipedrive, Airtable, ClickUp, Notion, and Coda. If you want to copy data from all profiles in a search, use this automation instead.

If you are looking to scrape a list of LinkedIn profiles, this automation is for you.

2. How to scrape LinkedIn post data?

3. How to scrape LinkedIn job data?

This automation is also available for Notion, Coda, and Airtable. If you want to copy a list of job posts, use this automation instead.

4. How does the LinkedIn company data scraper work? 

This automation is also available for Airtable, Notion, Pipedrive, and Coda.

Scale your operation by scrape LinkedIn company data at scale.

These automations make it easy to scrape and save the data you want from LinkedIn and export it further to other platforms. Now, let’s discuss some automations that make it easy to use this data.

Automate your LinkedIn workflows with AI-written personalized emails

Beyond just scraping valuable data from LinkedIn, Bardeen also goes the extra mile. Here are some automations to help you connect with people in your industry and develop professional relationships.

Most of these automations are powered by AI. Bardeen is about to launch more AI automations, and you can learn more about them here. Take a look at some more generative AI tools.

This automation is also available for Coda and ClickUp.

We hope you liked this list of automations, and tried out a few of them! You can also check out more LinkedIn automations.

How to create your own LinkedIn automations with Bardeen?

Aside from the pre-built automations we just discussed, Bardeen also allows you to unleash your creativity and create your own automations. In addition to LinkedIn, Bardeen also has integrations with Notion, Coda, Airtable, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, ClickUp, and other apps.

Using the Builder, you can develop any automation you want. Feel free to click on these links to learn more about the Builder, scraper, and how to create your own right-click automations.

Can I scrape data from LinkedIn website? Is it legal to do LinkedIn scraping?

LinkedIn has a strict policy against data scraping and has even taken legal action to fight it. However, the recent ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has stated that scraping public data from websites is not prohibited by any federal law.

So, currently, LinkedIn data scraping is legal, but it's still not encouraged by the platform. In fact, LinkedIn uses algorithms to detect unauthorized scraping by monitoring activities that don't seem natural. For example, browsing loads of profiles in a short span of time may set off LinkedIn's automation detection alarm bells.

That being said, there are safe "rate limits" for scraping data on LinkedIn, and it's important to stay within these limits to avoid LinkedIn's algorithm. Here are the current rate limits that trigger how many profiles you can view:

  • Up to 80 profiles a day if you have a free account on LinkedIn.
  • Up to 150 profiles a day if you have a premium or Sales Navigator account.
  • Up to 100 page or post extractions per day.

It's important to abide by these rate limits and also avoid any unethical scraping. Please never scrape data to invade people's privacy or facilitate malicious activities. Always ensure that the scraping tools you use are committed to ethical standards.

Are there any risks associated with scraping LinkedIn?

Like all major social media platforms, LinkedIn discourages data scraping. You can go through their user agreement, but here’s the gist of it: as long as you scrape data reasonably (less than 80 profiles a day) and be respectful of the privacy of other users, you should be fine.

Since Bardeen is a browser-based scraper, it uses your computer’s IP address to scrape data from LinkedIn, not a cloud server. This makes it relatively safe, but you still need to be careful to not set off LinkedIn’s algorithms. Read these articles to learn about other web scraping tools and extensions.

Can you scrape data from any website using Bardeen?

Yes, you can scrape data from any website in general, even one that is not integrated with Bardeen. You need to create a web data scraper model (or use a pre-built web data scraper) which can extract the data you want and export it in the desired format. This is a visual tool, so no coding required! Explore more no code website data scrapers.

In addition to this, you can also scrape data from other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and it’s just as simple as LinkedIn! Here are a few automations to scrape data from Instagram and Facebook.

This automation is also available for ClickUp and Notion.

Check out these articles to learn more about how to scrape data from Facebook and Instagram using Bardeen!


All in all, Bardeen provides a great way for you to scrape data from LinkedIn safely and reliably. As long as you scrape a reasonable quantity and be respectful of the privacy of other users, your account won’t be affected.

If you haven’t yet, try out one of the above Bardeen automations for scraping data from LinkedIn. You can also explore more LinkedIn to Clickup automations, integrate LinkedIn with Notion ,integrate LinkedIn with Google-Sheets.

One of the biggest reasons most people scrape LinkedIn data is to search for job opportunities. We have an article that contains a treasure trove of advice for how to succeed on LinkedIn!

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