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Are you tired of dealing with a cluttered and overwhelming email inbox? Keeping your inbox clean and organized is a huge challenge these days. Even if you manage to bring it down to zero, new emails keep piling up.

The solution may lie in the power of AI. There are many new AI email assistants that can categorize, summarize, and draft replies to your emails. These can make email management far easier for you.

By implementing the AI tools discussed in this article, you can ensure proper communication, reply to important messages on time, and retrieve emails when needed. If you're ready to take control of your inbox, keep reading!

Top AI tools for email workflow

Many new AI email management tools have sprung up with the development of language models like GPT-4. Here is our list of the best ones available in 2023.


Have you ever wished you could automate tasks within your browser? is am AI-powered workflow automation extension in Chrome. It works locally on your computer and performs pre-built, triggered, and custom automations. The best part is that you don't need to build automations, you can just chat with and we'll do the heavy listing. The automation is now is as easy as texting your friend.

It is integrated with popular apps like ClearBit, HubSpot, and Gmail. The OpenAI integration also gives it AI capability. You can use Bardeen to scan emails and draft replies with OpenAI’s GPT-3 based on your prompt. Get your personal ai email writer with

You can also translate your email with one click.

Bardeen can also perform other tasks, like generate an AI email response to a HubSpot ticket and generating a list of tasks from an email. You can also use Bardeen’s Magic Box to create automations using natural language. It’s a great way to save time by leveraging AI. We’ll talk more about Bardeen in the next section.


  • Includes AI-powered features like Magic Box, ai email writer and translator features
  • Ready to use playbooks and integrations, and AI automation creation capability so you don't need to spend time building automations.
  • Integrated with popular CRM and email apps
  • Capable of custom and triggered automations


  • Only available on Chrome

2. Shortwave

Founded by former Google employees, Shortwave is an AI email assistant app built on top of Gmail. Available for desktop, iOS, and Android, it summarizes your emails, drafts replies, and groups threads into bundles. You can also get quick access to important contacts and receive emails at fixed times.

The Standard plan offers unlimited searchable email history at $9 per month, but the free plan limits it to 90 days. So, if you’re enthusiastic about leveraging AI to save time, Shortwave is worth trying out.


  • Elegant and futuristic UI
  • Syncs with Gmail
  • Based on the Shortwave Method for inbox management by David Allen


  • The free plan limits search history to 90 days

3. Flowrite

If you need a minimalistic AI-powered email writer, Flowrite is for you. It works in three simple steps: type a prompt, generate a message, and edit or send it. Based on the context of the email, you can also choose from templates for sales, customer support, and recruiting.

The best part: Flowrite is integrated with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Slack, Intercom, and many more apps! Beyond the 14-day trial, you can choose from monthly plans ranging from €4 to €24. Overall, if you find most AI email apps overwhelming, Flowrite is an excellent place to get started.


  • Minimalistic and easy-to-use UI
  • Offers templates for faster communication
  • Integrates into your Gmail inbox


  • No free plan available

4. Clean Email

Clean Email is an email inbox cleaner app. Using AI, it helps you delete unwanted emails and automate email cleaning tasks.

You can delete or archive emails in bulk, unsubscribe from newsletters, and add emails to the “Read Later” folder. It also adds predefined filters (or “Smart Views”) to your inbox to make it more organized.

Aside from the web app, it is also available on iOS, macOS, and Android. Since Clean Email works with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook, it’s possible to stick with your current email client. You can get started for $9.99 per month.


  • Automates cleaning features to ensure your inbox stays organized
  • Supports all major email providers
  • Designed with privacy and security in mind


  • Client not available for Windows


Who says you need an AI email management tool to clean your inbox? You can also use a general-purpose AI writer like to reply to and generate emails based on prompts.

Once you’ve specified that you want to create an email, you need to input the points you wish to cover in the email and the preferred tone. Based on this, will generate several drafts of the email. You can sift through them, find the one you like best, and use the AI editor to sharpen it further.

There’s a free plan available, but it’s limited to only 2000 words. If you want to generate more words (and get access to 29+ languages), the Pro plan costs $36 per month. has a steep price tag compared to other options, but it could be worth it if you need an all-in-one  AI writer for blog posts and other content pieces. For alternatives, you can check out Jasper, Rytr, and Writesonic.


  • Not limited to emails, it can also generate blog posts and sales copy
  • Includes an AI editor
  • Provides many versions of the draft


  • Expensive compared to other options

We hope you’re excited to try out these AI email management tools. Non-AI tools like (unsubscribe from spam emails) and Mailstrom (delete related emails in bulk) which are also worth trying out.

Declutter your inbox using Bardeen automations

As discussed above, you can use many AI tools to clean and organize your inbox. However, Bardeen’s versatility makes it the best overall option for most people. It’s free to get started.

Now, let’s go through a few pre-built Bardeen automations you can use to declutter your inbox.

Use this automation whenever you want to reply to an email but are too busy to type it up. It’ll scan the email and draft a reply using OpenAI based on your prompt. From there, you can edit the draft if required and send it.

When you come across a promising lead on LinkedIn, use this automation. It scrapes data from the LinkedIn profile and uses OpenAI to generate a personalized outreach email. You can also specify the email tone if you want.

If you often receive an email about a particular subject, you can use this automation to detect it and automatically send an AI-composed rejection email. Watch this video for more details on how to get it running.

Impressed by how much time and effort you saved for email management with Bardeen? You’ll be happy to know you can use it to automate other tasks too. Feel free to check out more automations for productivity, marketing, and sales.


Try to answer this question: What’s your motivation behind organizing your inbox? It could be to streamline communication, lower stress, or eliminate distractions. No matter your goal, these AI tools can add value.

Although all these tools have pros and cons, the best overall option is Bardeen. It can help you declutter your inbox and also automate other repetitive tasks. As a next step, install Bardeen and try an automation.

Did you know that AI is not only limited to text? It can also generate images, videos, and music! To learn more, check out our article about generative AI tools.

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