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Join the meeting from an email
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Join the meeting from an email
Join the meeting from an email
Join the meeting from an email

Join the meeting from an email

This playbook will open a meeting link in an email.

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This playbook will extract meeting links from an email and join them. 

A great use case for this playbook is joining Zoom meetings the moment when the others do! 

Zoom conveniently sends notification emails when someone joins your meetings before you, which makes this hack possible.

So to set up this automation, we are going to trigger this playbook when the email arrives from Zoom.

Go to the Automations tab and write the following command: 

When email arrives with subject matching 'has joined your meeting', then join the meeting from an email [returned email]

💪 Pro Tip: Pair this automation with our other playbooks like Find phone numbers from the current email thread  and Create and open a new Google Doc for the next event including the event details to make your meetings more productive while saving you time!

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