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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Lists in HubSpot

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Creating lists in HubSpot involves segmenting contacts, companies, deals, or custom objects for targeted marketing and more. HubSpot offers two types of lists: active and static.

  • To create a static list, navigate to Contacts > Lists, click "Create list", choose "Static list", set your criteria, and save.
  • For an active list, follow the same steps but select "Active list" to have it update automatically.
  • Mailing lists for email marketing can be either static or active, based on your campaign's needs.

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How to Create a List in HubSpot

Creating lists in HubSpot allows you to segment your contacts, companies, deals, or custom objects based on specific criteria. These lists can be used for targeted marketing emails, workflow enrollment, creating custom reports, and more. HubSpot offers two main types of lists: active lists, which automatically update based on criteria, and static lists, which do not update automatically.

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How to Create a Static List in HubSpot

To create a static list, navigate to Contacts > Lists in your HubSpot account and click "Create list". Choose "Static list" and enter the list's details including name and description. Next, set your criteria by selecting "Add filter" and choosing the property or activity to filter by. You can add multiple filters to refine your list. Once done, click "Save list". Static lists are ideal for one-time email blasts or grouping records without shared criteria.

How to Create a Smart List in HubSpot

For a smart list, follow the same initial steps as creating a static list. However, select "Active list" when specifying the type. Active lists update automatically as contacts meet the set criteria. These lists are useful for managing dynamic groups such as regular newsletter subscribers or contacts at a specific lifecycle stage.

How to Create a Mailing List in HubSpot

Creating a mailing list for email marketing involves selecting contacts based on specific criteria like engagement level, lifecycle stage, or past interactions. After navigating to Contacts > Lists and clicking "Create list", choose whether your mailing list will be static or active. Set your criteria based on the email marketing campaign's target audience. For example, you can filter contacts who have opened previous emails or attended a specific event. Save your list and use it to send targeted marketing emails.

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Remember, the effectiveness of your mailing list depends on the relevance of the criteria used to segment your contacts. Regularly update and refine your lists to ensure your email marketing efforts reach the right audience.

Automate Your HubSpot Tasks with Bardeen

Creating and managing lists in HubSpot can significantly enhance your marketing and sales efforts. While the manual process is straightforward, automating these tasks can save time and increase efficiency. Using Bardeen, you can automate various HubSpot related tasks, streamlining your workflow and ensuring your marketing efforts are more targeted and effective.

  1. Generate a list of tasks from a HubSpot ticket using OpenAI and save them to Asana as new tasks: This automation simplifies task management by generating tasks from HubSpot tickets using OpenAI, and saving them directly to Asana. It's ideal for ensuring that important action items are captured and assigned promptly, enhancing project management and customer service workflows.
  2. Add a new row to Airtable, when HubSpot contact is created: Automatically sync new HubSpot contacts to an Airtable base. This playbook is perfect for sales and marketing professionals looking to maintain organized and up-to-date records of their contacts, allowing for easy segmentation and personalized outreach.
  3. Add new row to Airtable, when HubSpot deal is created: Seamlessly update your Airtable base whenever a new deal is created in HubSpot. This automation supports sales teams by ensuring that deal information is accurately recorded and accessible, facilitating better sales tracking and forecasting.

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