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Send Whatspp message using Contact from HubSpot

Automatically send WhatsApp messages to contacts from HubSpot for efficient, personalized communication.
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Get HubSpot Contact
Get HubSpot Contact
Send WhatsApp message
Send WhatsApp message

Workflow Overview

Automatically send WhatsApp messages to contacts from HubSpot for efficient, personalized communication.
  • HubSpot Contact ID
  • WhatsApp message text
  • WhatsApp message sent confirmation

This workflow allows you to automatically send a WhatsApp message to a contact's mobile number retrieved from HubSpot. Perfect for personalized marketing campaigns, customer support follow-ups, or appointment reminders.

Firstly, the contact is retrieved from HubSpot using the provided contact ID. Then, a WhatsApp message is sent to the contact's mobile number with the specified message. This process ensures that messages are delivered promptly and to the correct recipient.

Pro Tip: This workflow can be expanded to include automatic follow-ups based on the contact's responses, or to send messages to multiple contacts by looping through a list of HubSpot contact IDs.

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Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, ensure the Bardeen app is installed on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

Open the Bardeen app and go to the Magic Box. Enter the following prompt:

Get mobile number from HubSpot contacts, Send Whatsapp message

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Before running, connect your HubSpot and WhatsApp accounts as integrations within the Bardeen app. This is crucial for accessing contact information and sending messages.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

With everything set up, initiate the workflow. It executes the following actions:

  • Retrieves a contact's mobile number from HubSpot based on the given contact ID.
  • Then, it sends a WhatsApp message to the retrieved mobile number.
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How to Automate WhatsApp Messaging with HubSpot Integration

Unlock Seamless Communication with HubSpot WhatsApp Integration

Integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot opens a new channel for seamless communication with your contacts. By connecting your WhatsApp Business account to HubSpot, you can manage all your WhatsApp messages from a shared inbox, target customers with automated messages, and gain full visibility into customer interactions. This integration not only enhances customer service experiences but also helps in building long-lasting relationships through personalized and timely communication.

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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Directly from HubSpot

Sending WhatsApp messages from HubSpot is straightforward once you have the integration set up. You can start conversations directly from a contact's record or initiate them from associated company, deal, ticket, or custom object records. For business-initiated messages, HubSpot allows you to customize message templates and use them in workflows, ensuring compliance with WhatsApp's opt-in policies. This capability ensures that you can reach out to your contacts in a personalized manner, right at the moment when they are most engaged.

Automating WhatsApp Messages for Enhanced Customer Engagement

With HubSpot's WhatsApp automation, you can send welcome messages, automate abandoned cart texts, and send messages based on purchases. This level of automation and personalization fosters a more human connection with customers at scale. Moreover, managing WhatsApp consent status through workflows, bulk actions, and contact record timelines in HubSpot ensures that you comply with opt-in requirements while maximizing engagement opportunities.

Leverage Bardeen to automate your WhatsApp messaging workflow and enhance your customer engagement strategy.

Maximizing the Potential of HubSpot WhatsApp Integration

By integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot, businesses can streamline communication, automate messaging based on customer actions, and maintain a high level of personalization. This integration is not just about sending messages; it's about creating delightful customer service experiences and building stronger relationships with your audience. Embrace the HubSpot WhatsApp integration to meet your customers where they are and communicate in the most convenient way for them.

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