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Exploring Sidekick by HubSpot: Email & Sales Tool Enhancements

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Sidekick by HubSpot, now integrated into HubSpot Sales Hub, boosts email and sales management through features like email tracking, templates, document management, and more.

  • Offers email tracking, templates, document and call tracking, and contact management.
  • Integrates with Gmail and other email platforms for streamlined management.
  • Includes automation features for follow-up emails and integrates with HubSpot CRM.
  • Alternatives include Salespanel, Yesware, SalesLoft, Docsify, and Mailtrack for different needs.

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What is Sidekick by HubSpot?

Sidekick by HubSpot, now part of HubSpot Sales Hub, is an add-on for the HubSpot CRM platform designed to enhance email and sales management. It offers a suite of tools aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. Features include email tracking, which notifies you when an email has been opened and the time it was opened, email templates for consistent communication, document tracking and management, call tracking and recording, contact management, conversation intelligence, lead management, and performance analytics. These tools are integrated with Gmail and other email platforms, making it easier to manage and monitor email interactions. Additionally, Sidekick offers automation features, such as sending follow-up emails automatically based on recipient actions, and integrates seamlessly with HubSpot's main CRM platform for managing large databases.

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Despite its benefits, some users may find limitations due to its integration within HubSpot's ecosystem, potentially leading to a preference for alternatives that offer more flexibility or different features. Alternatives like Salespanel, Yesware, SalesLoft, Docsify, and Mailtrack provide various functionalities ranging from unified website and email tracking to specific features like PDF interaction tracking, catering to different needs and preferences outside of the HubSpot environment.

Automate Your HubSpot with Bardeen's Powerful Playbooks

While HubSpot provides robust CRM capabilities and Sidekick enhances email and sales management, automating HubSpot can further streamline your sales and marketing operations. With Bardeen, you can automate various tasks within HubSpot, saving time and increasing efficiency. Below are some examples of automations you can implement using Bardeen's playbooks.

  1. Create a HubSpot ticket when an email is forwarded: This automation creates a HubSpot ticket using the content of a forwarded email. Ideal for support teams to improve response times without manual data entry.
  2. Get social profiles and information of all participants of a meeting and save to HubSpot: Enhance your contact records by automatically finding and saving social profiles and company information of meeting participants to HubSpot.
  3. Copy all HubSpot products to Google Sheets: Seamlessly transfer all your HubSpot product data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy reporting and analysis.

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