Sync Google Sheets to Calendar: 3 Easy Methods

Jason Gong
June 6, 2024

Integrate Google Sheets with Google Calendar using Apps Script, add-ons, or automation platforms.

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Converting Google Sheets to Google Calendar

Integrating Google Sheets with Google Calendar can streamline your workflow, whether you're scheduling events, tracking project deadlines, or planning your team's roster. This guide explores various methods to convert Google Sheets into Google Calendar events, including using Google Apps Script, add-ons, and third-party automation platforms like Zapier and Bardeen.

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Using Google Apps Script for Integration

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool to create custom integrations between Google Sheets and Google Calendar. Here's a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Format your spreadsheet dates for easier programming by navigating to Format > Number > Date Time.
  2. Open the Apps Script editor from your Google Sheet by selecting Extensions > Apps Script.
  3. Identify the calendar you want to sync with by retrieving the calendar ID from your Google Calendar settings.
  4. Write a script to select data from your Google Sheet, create calendar events, and make the script shareable. Use the Apps Script API to interact with Google Calendar.

For a detailed guide and script examples, visit the Google Workspace Blog or the Google Developers website.

Using Add-ons for Easy Integration

Add-ons like 'From Sheet to Calendar' offer a simpler way to sync Google Sheets with Google Calendar:

  1. Install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Configure the add-on by selecting the relevant columns for event titles, start/end times, and any additional details.
  3. Use the add-on's interface to import events directly to your Google Calendar.

This method is suitable for users looking for a straightforward solution without coding.

For more insights on enhancing your Google Sheets experience, explore our blog on addons for Google Sheets and how to automate Google Sheets.

Automating with Zapier

Zapier provides a no-code automation platform that connects Google Sheets with Google Calendar:

  1. Create a Zapier account and choose the Google Sheets and Google Calendar integration.
  2. Set up a trigger for new or updated rows in your Google Sheet.
  3. Customize the action to create detailed events in Google Calendar based on the data from your sheet.
  4. Test your Zap to ensure it works correctly, then activate it for automatic syncing.

Zapier's automation can handle bulk event creation and dynamic updates, making it ideal for managing complex schedules.

Each method offers unique advantages, whether you prefer the customization potential of Google Apps Script, the simplicity of add-ons, or the powerful automation capabilities of Zapier. Choose the one that best fits your needs to seamlessly integrate Google Sheets with Google Calendar.

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Automate Google Sheets to Calendar with Bardeen

Converting Google Sheets to Google Calendar can be a manual task that requires significant time and effort, especially when dealing with a large amount of data or frequent updates. However, with Bardeen, this process can be fully automated, saving you time and ensuring your calendar is always up-to-date with your latest schedules and plans. Automating this conversion can be particularly beneficial for event managers, HR professionals planning interviews, or anyone who needs to manage a dynamic schedule.

  1. Copy a list of meetings during a timeframe to a Google Sheet: This playbook automates the process of copying all scheduled Google Calendar meetings within a specified timeframe into a Google Sheet, streamlining time management and planning for professionals.
  2. Copy a newly created Asana task to Google Sheets: For those utilizing Asana for task management, this playbook ensures that newly created tasks are automatically copied to a Google Sheet, enhancing project tracking and collaboration.
  3. Save a list of Meetup events to Google Sheets: This playbook is ideal for professionals looking to automate the collection of event data from Meetup into a Google Sheet, facilitating efficient networking and community engagement planning.

Explore these automations to maximize productivity and ensure your scheduling is always synchronized and up-to-date. Start by downloading the Bardeen app at

Automate Google Sheets to Calendar Sync

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