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Import Web Data to Google Sheets: A Comprehensive Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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Google Sheets
April 15, 2024

Import web data into Google Sheets using built-in functions like IMPORTDATA, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, and IMPORTFEED, Google Sheets add-ons, or third-party ETL tools. These methods cater to different data types and complexities, enhancing productivity and data analysis.

Choose the right tool or function based on your data needs and complexity.

Automate web data import to Google Sheets and focus more on analysis with Bardeen.

How to Import Data from Web to Google Sheets

Importing data from the web into Google Sheets can streamline data analysis and decision-making processes. This guide covers various methods to import web data into Google Sheets, including built-in functions, add-ons, and third-party tools.

Using Built-in IMPORT Functions

Google Sheets offers several built-in functions to import data from web sources directly into your spreadsheet. These functions include IMPORTDATA, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, and IMPORTFEED, each tailored for specific types of data.

  • IMPORTDATA: Use this function to import data from online CSV or TSV files. The syntax is simple: '=IMPORTDATA("URL")'. It fetches and imports data at the given URL into your spreadsheet.
  • IMPORTHTML: This function is designed to import data from tables or lists within HTML pages. The syntax is '=IMPORTHTML("URL", "query_type", index)', where "query_type" can be either "table" or "list", and "index" specifies the position of the table or list on the webpage.
  • IMPORTXML: For importing data from XML, HTML pages, or RSS and ATOM XML feeds, use '=IMPORTXML("URL", "xpath_query")'. This function requires familiarity with XPath queries to specify the data you want to import.
  • IMPORTFEED: To import RSS or ATOM feeds, use '=IMPORTFEED("URL", "query", startRow, numItems)'. This function allows you to specify the feed URL and the range of items to import.
Automate your Google Sheets with Bardeen. Easily save data from Google News to Google Sheets for up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Using Google Sheets Add-Ons

Add-ons extend the functionality of Google Sheets by enabling data import from various sources that require authentication or complex queries. Notable add-ons include:

  • Coefficient: A user-friendly add-on for importing data from business systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics without coding.
  • Simplifies data import into Google Sheets from sources like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Shopify, and allows scheduling automatic imports.
  • Awesome Table: Beyond importing data, this add-on offers data customization and transformation features to enhance data analysis.

These add-ons can be found and installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Discover more about enhancing your productivity with Google Sheets add-ons.

Using Third-Party Tools

For more complex data import needs, third-party ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools like offer advanced features for automating data imports into Google Sheets. These tools support a wide range of data sources and provide options for scheduling imports and transforming data. Learn how to simplify your workflows with Google Sheet automations.

Explore a collection of Google Sheets automations to enhance your data import process.


Whether you're using Google Sheets' built-in functions, add-ons, or third-party tools, importing data from the web into Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity and data analysis capabilities. Choose the method that best fits your needs and the type of data you're working with. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

Automate Your Google Sheets with Bardeen

Manually importing data from the web to Google Sheets can be a time-consuming task, especially if you need to do it regularly. Automating this process with Bardeen not only saves time but also ensures data accuracy and allows for real-time updates. From monitoring news trends to analyzing competitor data, automation can transform how you gather and manage information.

Here are a few examples of what you can automate using Bardeen:

  1. Save data from the Google News page to Google Sheets: Keep your spreadsheet updated with the latest news by automatically importing data from Google News. This is perfect for media monitoring and staying informed about industry trends.
  2. Get data from Crunchbase links and save the results to Google Sheets: Automatically import data from Crunchbase into your spreadsheet. Ideal for market research and tracking startup activity.
  3. Copy all Github issues to Google Sheets: Streamline project management by automatically importing GitHub issues into Google Sheets. This helps in bug tracking and feature request organization.

By leveraging these automations, you can focus more on analysis and less on the manual entry of data. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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