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Save labeled emails to Airtable, including attachments stored on Google Drive
Google Drive
Save labeled emails to Airtable, including attachments stored on Google Drive
Save labeled emails to Airtable, including attachments stored on Google Drive
Save labeled emails to Airtable, including attachments stored on Google Drive

Save labeled emails to Airtable, including attachments stored on Google Drive

This Playbook will save emails with a specific label to Airtable, including attachments by uploading files to Google Drive and including the link.

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In today's fast-paced world, emails have become a necessary evil in our daily lives. But with so many messages flooding our inboxes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Luckily, this automation has come to the rescue! This automation saves emails with specific labels to Airtable, along with any attachments. It works by uploading the files to Google Drive and linking them to the Airtable entry. 

The best part? This automation is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, from keeping track of invoices with attachments to saving any interesting emails, like job offers or proposals. By using automation to manage these tasks, businesses can free up more time to focus on the things that really matter. 

Let’s set it up!

Step 1: Create an Airtable.

The first step is to create an Airtable with all the fields you want to save from each email.

Bardeen will extract information from each labeled email and  get the subject line, email body, sender address, attachment links from Google Drive, date the email was sent, and more.

Step 2: Install the extension and run the playbook

You will be redirected to install the browser extension when you run it for the first time. Bardeen will also prompt you to integrate Gmail and Airtable.

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this automation saved to your Playbooks. If it’s your first time using Bardeen, you will be redirected to install the extension.

Click on the playbook card, and the setup flow will start. Bardeen will ask you to specify an Airtable, the label for the emails you want to extract and an optional Google Drive location to store all the email attachments.

After you choose the database, emails and file location, you will get a prompt to map the information to the fields in Airtable.

The left side consists of all the fields Bardeen will scrape for you. On the right side, specify the fields in Airtable that you want to associate with the information on the left. If you don’t want a piece of information, leave that field empty, and it will be skipped. That’s it!

Click on “Save Input” and checkmark Airtable. This will save you time in the future. You can edit Inputs later by hovering over the playbook. 

Step 3: Start saving!

Whenever you want to save all emails with a specific label to Airtable, activate Bardeen (or hit OPTION + B) and run this playbook. It will find all the emails with the specified label, extract information from each email, save all the attachments to Google Drive and create new rows in Airtable with all the information.

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation.

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You can also find more about how to increase your personal productivity and automate your product development process.

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